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Тупой движок. | Rating: 5! Cockpit Video

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Normal flight and all of a sudden, the engine stopped, fly farther, brought flew sensitive, stopped again, get on the road to the shop.
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→ Size: 3 307kb
→ Date: 7 years ago (27.04.2009 13:57 MSK)
→ Author: Unknown
→ Uploaded by: @ntuan (uploaded 53 files)
→ Approved by moderator: omega
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
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5 years ago
 5  БУГАГА на верно за пивом летели

5 years ago
Лажа. Два раза движок легко запускали.

5 years ago
 5  hmm .... suspicious. 2 cameras, and oddly free freeway, although heaps of oncoming traffic.
victr3756 (5 years ago): A Th suspicious here? Local Spielberg decided to make a scary movie about the plane, as always with a happy-end ... Not bad ... *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  !

5 years ago
 5  Cheerfully drove to the store))

5 years ago
 5  to lay bricks?
Diezel0407 (5 years ago): pants))) *(Google translated)

6 years ago

6 years ago
Good rejection .. Stopped the engine, just flying - like early yet again, including ... And so three times ... : O) perfect conclusion roller would be on the run include the engine and go to the second round ... O)

6 years ago
suspicion is established by two video cameras:) but still normul:) +5
AFL336 (6 years ago): set estimation, and it does not appear: (what could it be? *(Google translated)
RAID74 (6 years ago): Your number of warnings about violations of more than 60%. You may not offer estimates. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Gy.) Exercise Number 8 in the VLA at PPL - an imitation of non site-selection. Been there, know.

6 years ago
 5  Watch wing! Watch wing! Watch wing!))) [+1]

6 years ago
 5  Thank you very rose mood! Parked more =)

6 years ago
 5  I respect! Although Pindos! [+1]

6 years ago
 5  Good video

6 years ago
 5  atzhoggg

6 years ago
 5  Dude in the yellow headphones all be done, and the pilot stebanul on the road to the store for hotdogs! This video lottery!

6 years ago
 5  For shopping flown ...

7 years ago
 5  Imagine the astonished eyes of the national traffic police inspector, if for him the post of rolled up such a miracle! [+1]

7 years ago
 5  ... himself vasche zhzhzhet ... or rather the ignition ... heroes .. ATP, good video

7 years ago
 5  molecules

7 years ago
 5  Not bad. But it seems that it was planned in advance. And movement blocked. By vstrechke a car ride, but on the strip, which sits even priparkovanyh machines there. Nevertheless, pilots Respect.

7 years ago
 5  Damn, Well done, do not panic, the working environment.

7 years ago
We have it for a week in the section discussing the video. Good morning!

7 years ago
 5  but soon it would be safer on the water left after the first failure.

7 years ago
In general, it looks like a learning process. The same is done on such a plane.
@ntuan (7 years ago): Perhaps, I thought so too, but why sit on the road interesting.)) *(Google translated)
KJC (7 years ago): Hulyugany! *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Well done

7 years ago
 5  RїSЂRyoRєRѕR»SЊRЅR°)))

7 years ago
 5  Well done !!!!!!!!

7 years ago
 5  .

7 years ago
 5  Well ..... pipets is the same !!!!!!!!

7 years ago
 5  say that they specifically tune, that funny vidos in RyoRЅRµS‚Rµ posted, who knows ....... no wonder they removed the fly ....... [+1]
djflight (7 years ago): And please note the two cameras ... *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  They are really lucky .... RµSЃR»RyoR± a stream of cars .... then crash no worse than on the ground ... never bylby independent as it might end quiet, peaceful flight ... NATO and aviation.
@ntuan (7 years ago): At a first-class pilots and to prevent such a situation here.)) There you can see when they podnrnuli above the ground, they just tore down and shows how they R N - smooth driving directions, too. Well that all ended well. *(Google translated)
tserg (7 years ago): Ha, when they are already on the road traveling, you do not see what's there on the cross streets were. And if the truck? Or pridurok for Porsche? *(Google translated)
@ntuan (7 years ago): Whom many in America. What is not watching the video about the accident in America, all the time, surprised the Americans behind the wheel in the nose kovyryayutya that whether or sleep? Here is a sample or an accident on the highway and Zadi rack machines "summer" when there is no ice, they have Zadi like to speed, at which time you can ostanovitsya and cut with the brakes, trying to press on the brake when in the half of the machine, such feeling that they were asleep at the wheel and wake up half meters before the collision in the already created a traffic accident or congestion, I netupye right?)) *(Google translated)
tserg (7 years ago): As one owner of the featured Porsche overtaking Kamaz: "I have a super machine, and I have classes racer, I'll go away." As kamazist said, looking at the heap of scrap metal from the Porsche nameplates: "I am 30 years old at the wheel. I do not go away!". That's me about the likely vehicle from behind:) [+1] *(Google translated)
ridetoglory (7 years ago): @ ntuanmem, yeah stupid, I ugorayu ... And then what Russia? Not all, but still ... In Russia many times more fighting ... *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Smart movie;) [+1]

7 years ago
 5  Men a couple of days ago for the first news channel showed. Thanks for the video!

7 years ago
 5  fig! 0_o That guys Well done, is not lost!
@ntuan (7 years ago): Well, there one matter, apparently thought that the scribe could steal, but could not.)) Yeah, Well done lads. Respect and uvazhuha, as they say. *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Abaldennoe video! Rare stuff.

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