Landing Fokker 50 in the Icelandic airport Isaferdur BIIS from the cockpit. The airport is located at the end of a narrow fjord and the aircraft makes a sharp turn just before landing.
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Author ubeysya up the wall! Written Isafordyur actually) all a Happy!) Ил-86110, 7 years ago, #
Incidentally, in the port Isafordyura runway slightly curve) Ил-86110, 7 years ago, #
Look at this video and ubeysya myself!​99/eshe-odna-posadka-f50-v-ap-​isafyordur-islandiya-vid-sverk​hu-29726.html?action=viewonlin​e (go to an ophthalmologist, too not interfere) Волча, 7 years ago, #
Lord, just need to write without errors. While on the other hand, in Iceland, such names as the devil himself a leg break. I apologize for the inflection on the basis of pre-New Year hangover) Ил-86110, 7 years ago, #
We drove ... Only band out there right personally seen ... Волча, 7 years ago, #
Hence, Google is lying. Ил-86110, 7 years ago, #
Reckon 4 posts up and read until it reaches ... : O) Волча, 7 years ago, #

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