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    Turkish airlines b738 ngx captain

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    2.5 ghz phenom quad core ,ati hd 4850-1gb, 4gb ddr3,750 hdd,saitek x52 pro,screens 2x17 inch 1x 52 inch primary.

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  1. Люблю Boeing 737 и Chrysler :)

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    2. Rammfan


      Люблю девок, виски, Imprez-у WRX STI, Chrysler и авиацию=/

    3. Silent_V


      А я Шевроле,Airbus и Jack Damiels No. 7 Sour Mash :) И чего?:)

    4. elefantooo


      Искренне свою гребанную четверку, работу и жену. Я белый ворон)).

  2. Вот это вещь,поздравляю!!! SSD-64Гб,На нём и наверное самая ценная вещь будет "FSX ",все остальное на HDD
  3. пассажиры jetblue связали пилота ремнями после того как у пилота сорвало крышу :excl: http://tvzvezda.ru/n...281031-4xym.htm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejYsGudfawQ
  4. уже доступно демо версия x-plane10,весит 3 гб : http://x-plane.com/
  5. i wud like write in russian,but already get 3 дня R/O,and my posts get deleted,because of grammatical mistakes,no more choice for me then english.sorry.
  6. check this out.nice:
  7. yust tried all the same as you stated above,everything seems ok,no problems with inputs cdu not giving anything more or less,yust exactly what i input,except fuel when input 7000kg-it gives 6999kg-i believe that is because apu was running and consuming fuel constantly.payload,pax and zfw-all fine.
  8. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/343817-test-hot-fix-for-those-with-freezes/
  9. for me hotfix resolved two issues firstly no more freezing,tested in free flight,game spy and vatsim via fs inn,and second i had a issue shortly after take off (when in game spy) my flight plan always yust vanish from cdu during climb.after hotfix no more problems at all.(for moment).thanks to pmdg team for quick response.(releasing hotfix).win7. x64 fsx...accel...rex...utx.eu...orbx.aus.
  10. No its really looks little weird i had same while using rex,you may better use gauge recovery tool and get it back to default contrails. http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fsx-utilities-84/gauges-recovery-for-fsx-39772.html?action=download&hl=
  11. вроде неплохо,но койки немного похоже на больничный))
  12. вроде реверсам, а зочем так движки портичь,в цивильной авиации такое строго запрешено!!!
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