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CREW | Rating: 4.9! Simulators

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I do not know where it is ...
I decided to implement ...
The beginning of the movie "CREW" in FS9
→ Filename:
→ Size: 33 707kb
→ Date: 7 years ago (29.11.2009 05:41 MSK)
→ Author: Алексей Волков
→ Uploaded by: Alvol (uploaded 63 files)
→ Approved by moderator: omega
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 3238 time(s)
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1 year ago
 5  Здорово!

1 year ago
 5  Снято и задумано очень здорово!!! Обожаю фильм "Экипаж". Возможно именно он стал началом любви к небу...

6 years ago
 5  Class! Very soulful happened! [+1]

6 years ago
 5  Interesting idea, well done [+1]

6 years ago
 5  Beauty))) We are waiting for more) [+1]

6 years ago
 4  dErizher - killed. The rest - no complaints. [-1]
DirtyBirdy (6 years ago): just wanted to say)))) identically killed me)) The idea, funky, let's continue [+1] *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Wow! Creatively!

6 years ago
 5  Done!

7 years ago
 5  Zhzhosh!

7 years ago
 5  as a balm to the soul

7 years ago
 5  Author - 5! Deserve! Only a small request, can make a video of the cockpit? And what happened would not be bad!

7 years ago
 5  Beautiful, really!

7 years ago
 5  Excellent!

7 years ago
 5  Well things! Handsome! I liked very much!

7 years ago
 5  This entry?)
Alvol (7 years ago): I think over the continuation of ... I think ...))) *(Google translated)
Басорумба (6 years ago): It's just fine) *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Listen, where you can download the full version of the film crew of "Torrent file and no registration (give reference)!
dinsoft (7 years ago): and that both strains to register? )))) *(Google translated)
NeoHack (7 years ago): To Google: Crew to watch online *(Google translated)
Karstar (7 years ago): Here is the link to download health, and even have files for the simulator platniki​nts/7733 [+1] *(Google translated)
RussianPilot (6 years ago): Inappropriate detekted! *(Google translated)
VlaDOS (6 years ago): NO PALEVO! :) *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  like

7 years ago
 5  Current day before on TV looked, and here at you, young man!

7 years ago
 5  is not usually fresh and .......... still waiting !!!!!!!!!!

7 years ago
 5  lad .... pyatorochka!! let the whole film in Shem shoot :))))

7 years ago
Actually, I did not expect such a violent reaction! Five accepted, but not me! "First, the now of the late, wonderful actor Leonid Filatovu.Vechnaya his memory! Another wonderful actor who has played in this movie! As burning played KVSa ..... . Such a life do not see .. Of course, the worker with a capital "Tu-154 B". The main thing NEBU.Ved all of us here, "resident," The Lord gave a common love of the bottomless blue sky, let us fly! !!
Артемий154М (6 years ago): Leonid Filatov played the role of the second pilot Valentine Nenorokova, yes? Is he dead? I know that George Zhzhenov marks 95! *(Google translated)
ROCK_AVIA (6 years ago): Leonid Filatov played the role of a flight engineer - his eternal pamyat.I George Zhzhenov also already no longer with us ... *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  During the next version of Sim such films can be completely withdrawn:)))

7 years ago
 5  Thugs! Let's continue and do not listen "Vasya"-kvekeboom he Nichrome neumeet myself to do anything, that's just learned to put assessment 1. Let's wait continued. [+1]

7 years ago
 5  A-B-A-L-D-E-T-L!

7 years ago
 5  For creative ideas and freshness. Young Man! [+1]

7 years ago
 5  Excellent! We look forward to continuing.

7 years ago
 5  Soul heats) We look forward to continuing

7 years ago
 5  I really liked it!

7 years ago
 5  Be sure to continue. [+1]
daewooo (7 years ago): Yes, you should not stop! especially beginning has been made, and the fragments in this film a lot to impose on him our - Sim !!!))) *(Google translated)
strigino (7 years ago): And the first frame, where the IL-86 was landing, taken from the movie, right? *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Be sure to continue! Who knows, may be old films in a new light - the future of cinema ... [+6]

7 years ago
But where the film!? [-5]

7 years ago
 1  What is the first series, even if a little film was not only repeated landings and takeoffs of aircraft. I think you should not continue. [-24]
@ntuan (7 years ago): This type copy of the movie start, the current performance in the simulator, I advise you to watch a movie, namely "start" where the titles and not do stupid conclusions. [+2] *(Google translated)
ekha (7 years ago): Ha, dude and rides that video is from the simulator. :) [+5] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Over the music of Alfred Schnittke.

7 years ago
 5  idea, in my opinion, wonderful. It will be interesting to see the movie itself:)
Ту154М 85123 (7 years ago): scenes chilavekami will be removed in Sims:-D *(Google translated)
qip88 (7 years ago): xD *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  ...
Misty Ghost

7 years ago
 5  Cool got it! A continuation will be?
Ту154М 85123

7 years ago
 4  vascheto written conductor ... Well, a lot of little things all ... Odminy, remove nafik advertising from online viewing! sickening already! [-7]
@ntuan (7 years ago): First ad I saw only once, and secondly it does not remove one, as it makes me sick because it was not is a help site - earnings. [-1] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Continuation can be to create a scene with Badri dilapidated runway and burning IL-18, and shooting a well-known take-off board with the last plate taxiing ... :) [+1]
strigino (7 years ago): And there does IL-18 was? I thought DC-10 / *(Google translated)
idealist (7 years ago): No, shooting the film used IL-18. Watch a documentary about the filming crew - it Mitta very interesting talks about shooting the film and not only ... *(Google translated)
daewooo (7 years ago): and where it can be seen ????? *(Google translated)
idealist (7 years ago): At the licensed DVD of the movie "The Crew" ... *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Good idea. And the fact that the M-let cc, not in the same essence. [+1]
Артемий154М (7 years ago): Just did Mk suits! [-1] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  I really liked it!, Something new, only the IL-62M (the legend) is not enough! Go!)))

7 years ago
 4  Good, but still somewhere there is a minor defect. A Th Tu-134 without zaklylok flies?
paavo (7 years ago): So on the T134 no zaklylok! :))) [-2] *(Google translated)
qip88 (7 years ago): sure?)) *(Google translated)
@ntuan (7 years ago): Right now I just noticed the postscript to the Crew @ ntuan:) Apparently someone actually make things hot for something, MDA ... Well I'm sorry too, but I do not criticize from the bulldozer, but the experience is more or less of some and not peck to death, and give advice, do not need me so offended - funny) Haha. *(Google translated)
@ntuan (7 years ago): No, I really liked this video more. Very good! But that's evaluation of 5 - no or 4.5 on the 4 from the flap on the Tu-134. *(Google translated)
paavo (7 years ago): 2 qip88 to fortune-tellers do not go! No zaklylok on T34! *(Google translated)
@ntuan (7 years ago): Because the T34 is a tank! That's no .)))) *(Google translated)
qip88 (7 years ago): 2paavo: xDD wrote the same T134 - thought the letter "y" forgot) *(Google translated)
killroy (7 years ago): and zaKLYLKI there. oh where uvazhaemmy Gladkov))) *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  I liked it! That's just not Emka there. She was then on the drawing board, probably only was.
[email protected]

7 years ago
 4  Voobshchem cool .. unusual

7 years ago
 3  3 and no more. not particularly happy when the plane is not all in the frame, but only half of his or nose cut off. Nor Mk there was ... could download the texture on the B-2 85131 ... [-10]
Zikki (6 years ago): voobscheto there was a Tu-154M.eto clearly seen by the end of the clip *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Great!

7 years ago
 5  Positive ...
Владимир Пахомов

7 years ago
 5  Unusual! Cool

7 years ago
 5  Interesting! Here is a fps not flinch ... It's hard to continue, but if you are already ripe thoughts, waiting, sir:)

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