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At echelon | Rating: 5! Documentary Movies

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Our journalists have decided to find out why in fact Russia's airlines refuse to domestic aircraft. Why IL-86, Tu-134 and Tu-154's legendary in many cities joined the so-called "iron series, and some of the planes are in the queue at the crucified? Why is Russia's largest airline refused to comment on this situation, and the pilots organize pickets? Distinguished test pilot, federal officials, engineers, aircraft manufacturers and business people with no known cause destruction of banknotes aviation in Russia. What is the advantage of foreign aircraft, as for them retrain pilots, who offers to recruit foreign pilots, and what will happen to Russia's civil aviation?
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→ Date: 7 years ago (16.12.2009 14:12 MSK)
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3 years ago
 5  Хороший фильм. Ту-154 жалко конечно, но пришло и его время уходить. Такое рано или поздно происходит с любой техникой.

4 years ago
 5  Отличный фильм! Грустно. [+1]

4 years ago
 5  хороший фильм. очень понравился...

5 years ago
 5  Жалко и грустно

5 years ago
 5  А в заставке это сим какой-то или тренажер, я что-то не понял.

А за кино 5 конечно же, хотя грустно до слез. Жалко. И машины и людей очень жалко, но я, черт лысый, все равно верю, что российский авиапром возродится! Надо же, во что-то верить...

Соглашусь с мнением большинства - SSJ-100 не самолет, а... назовем его просто - нечто с крылАми. [+1]
Пузырь (4 years ago): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=X6aRRs87Nig Тут и Колесник (Тендер Кэт и Денокан) Отмечены *(Google translated)

5 years ago
I was hoping a good movie, but here again, this dreary and tedious lament for the scoop shovels and techniques ... [-5]

5 years ago
 5  A wonderful film. [+1]

5 years ago
 5  Now it is clear who is blind pilots eirbasov lasers and Boeing [-1]

5 years ago
 5  Just FIVE, without comments.

5 years ago
 5  A magnificent film.

6 years ago
The plot is very similar to another gear, which looked at Discovery Channel, it is also considered a similar problem and replacing Tu Il on Boeing and Airbus. Also mentioned the reasons for change, rather good flight from Moscow to Volgograd and Tu Elah spend 5.5 tons of kerosene Airbus and Boeing of 3 tons. Crew Domestic 4-5 people, 2-3 people overseas, about the engines too foreign quieter, more economical.

6 years ago
Sabotage at the highest level
AFL336 (6 years ago): tried to look up again, but I do not work out, painful to watch. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
quickly to all of them sawed and factories to produce a starting pots! neumeyut in Raschke make civilian aircraft and it is time to admit it finally [-8]
kiril_85703 (5 years ago): You can then question-what B727 is better than the Tu-154? *(Google translated)
madara-exgta (5 years ago): Russia is nothing but the Tu-154 did not let go, as I understand? [-6] *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Thank you! Ambivalent feelings aroused plot. Initially proud of our fathers and grandfathers, on the other: when at last these krivorukonogomozgo officials will understand the essence of the problem, except for momentary ekAnAmytsEtskYh ACF "Vyigrashey "??????????

6 years ago
 5  Great movie, the soul takes. It's sad to watch as cut planes. Thanks to the author.

6 years ago
 5  Pity. Such people "put out" ... Just my heart bleeds from the frame where the aircraft being destroyed.

6 years ago
 5  All this is sad and sad when your life, your work, all of what you dyshesh and live-your sky, taking away from you, when you break, do not be afraid of this, fine liner and leave you to live out their days staring at the sky .. .. During the testimony, and the movie-thanks
Артемий154М (6 years ago): That such a fate for our aircraft. Offensively *(Google translated)
von_Stierlitz (6 years ago): The fate of our aircraft and pilots who remain neudel for modern aviation business, but not for aircraft. *(Google translated)
citrus-94 (6 years ago): Each aircraft will suffer the same account!))) [+2] *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Thank you, beautiful and sad. But why then downloaded and there is no picture, only sound. Codecs new ones who could tell. Online hard to watch, but I feel that a review of more than once. [+1]

6 years ago
 5  Thanks for the video. I came to the conclusion that after all our aviation industry will sooner or later will come in "feelings", I hope there are people who invest money in the development of domestic aircraft. From staff believe will not have problems, nor can they can not. But still people come on those thank you to OKB Tupolev, thanked AS Shengardta, DS Markov, more than one hundred technicians and designers for such works of genius as the TU-134 and Tu-154. [+2]

6 years ago
 5  23:24 But the Tu-204 for simultora there ... Thanks for the movie! Rage is no limit ... There are some freaks proektiruyut ... A designer aptly said that the landing of Tu-154 just aesthetically flawless looks. [+1]
Артемий154М (6 years ago): And always the Tu-154 comparing with the girl! *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Thanks for the video! In the meantime, officials will krysyatnichat and rowing setbacks, our planes will be cut, and our planes will not be designed. Here's a piece of radio communication with a touch of humor, just about "rats in the flight list"))) http://www.radioscanner.ru/fil​es/aviarecords/file3085/ [+2]

7 years ago
 5  Thank you for the film. Looked with sadness and longing for our aircraft, for its former pride. I really like the Tu-154, but surely, progress is moving irresistibly forward, and must give way to our new, reliable and economical aircraft that fully complies with the requirements of today's time, to require minimum maintenance on the ground and in the air, flying to more and to spend with less fuel. But what is this, I may say so, the name of an aircraft - Sukhoi Super Jet? .. Where is a decent name for a Russian airliner? That "Tu" or "IL" - is Mark! So why do we all become equal to the Americans and to imitate them? Have we forgotten how to think? Which, RЅR°S…SЂRµRЅ, Chinese pilots we need? And why? His kids who dream of "saddle" the sky, little, or what? What do you think, gentlemen officials? Very touching moment that the flight was an extreme - and for the captain Larchenko, and for his plane. The more respect for such old pilots, at least for the calm with which Larchenko welcomes its passengers. Knowing that the longer he will rise into the sky.
Avsimer_Denis (7 years ago): Hm ... in 16 minutes - cut the Tupolev and the background of watermelon sits like a rat last, this mean the officials. Shl: interesting that now, with a board that is on my avatar? *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Rather than drive a huge budget in the "development" AvtoVAZ and convince citizens to buy this g. .. but better to take their place aviation industry ... RETURN TUSHKANOV! [+1]
KirillS (7 years ago): I can only guess what a cat scratched at heart deactivated KVSa (((( *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  There is nothing more beautiful than the Tu-154 ...
Артемий154М (6 years ago): Straight to the point! *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  It is a pity of course the commander and the "bird" - "with you I'll go, Tu hundred and fifty four ..." [+2]

7 years ago
 5  MDA ... : (

7 years ago
 5  Tears in her eyes (

7 years ago
 5  I watched with tears in his eyes!

7 years ago
 5  eh

7 years ago
 5  watched a movie and my heart is very sad ... TU154M is a plane with a soul, airbasy and Boeing just flying scrap ...... We reserve the aircraft design enormous, he let fly fly, and their scrap metal bastards. Kolesnik cool remarked about how committed lands TU154M. TU154M landing as a model on the catwalk, graceful, vlichava, a beautiful spectacle. Boeing and airbasy just as skovordki fall on the strip. I hope that all the same TU154M give a second life. TU154M is easy plane. [+2]
Captain_vip (6 years ago): C'mon! I understand the Tu-154 deserves respect, but why dirty Boeing and Airbus? What do they annoy you? And at the expense of a beautiful landing it depends on more degrees, the pilot! Each aircraft in its beautiful! Eventually, the aircraft is moving forward ... there are more economical and safe liners ... And the fact that our aviation industry is dying, Boeing and Airbus by no means to blame! We must drive on the government! Two 154 can not fly forever, and this will have to accept! [+7] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Pity our highly qualified pilots, sorry for our planes! "When a Tupolev-breakable heart bleeds, I suppose, that by the owners of airlines is simply a betrayal!
q4dez (5 years ago): You're wrong about the owners of airline ... [+1] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Journalists fellows that have tried. But the topic was not disclosed. Again + Tolboev here. Tu-154 I'm not sorry, just a plane is not so relevant. The problem is that after all the heirs are not so suited to the modern world and technology. Superjet - is an attempt to jump so far to these technologies, but we do you see that as long as it vainly. In others, I have no doubt that sooner or later a revolution in the domestic airline business to happen. Another question: what will it cost?
LainerRRW (7 years ago): Never! Russia aviation industry is dead ((If only Russia recovers from the 90th and get up off its knees, what I, personally, deeply somnivayus. IMHO Russia never recovered from 90th, while in power, those same thieves are sitting their 90th ...:( [+3] *(Google translated)
whyayeman (7 years ago): I am not a patriot, but you do not agree. Time - the best medicine. Just in Russia are beginning to work on something when it is placed in extremely critical condition. Do not forget that Aviabusiness - is primarily a business. Western planes today are much more profitable and economical than our own. And the main argument - that the fact that their vehicles today and practical in terms of buying a lease from the standpoint of content. Example simple: the market is constantly changing and the requirements for aircraft, too. Suppose (for example) we have today is a profitable resort destination. The flow of passengers on that pretty good. We fly on the A330. Since coming on the direction of competitors, or passenger traffic falls because of any other reason. And we are no longer profitable to operate A330. Therefore, we are renting it and take another plane with the lowest capacity of. Ie so we can adjust their business with minimal losses, because otherwise the A330 would bring us losses. If we are buying aircraft produced in Russia immediately start trouble. If we consider the situation outlined above, then do nothing with our plane, we do not We can and he will bring losses. + Everything, many of our planes did not meet international requirements. I can give a lot of arguments, but the fact remains. Our planes are not Impingement, not modern, not practical and do not meet the conditions of modern aviation business. (By the way with our automotive industry is exactly the same situation). And the problem is necessary to begin to address above. Need just a revolution in this segment. Flying schools, aviation industry, construction aeroprtov. In short the transport infrastructure of the country. Which is now for herself. [+2] *(Google translated)
LainerRRW (7 years ago): Many bukf (I tell the officials if only to raise the dough. They do not benefit that is reformed, are grandmothers by pocket ... *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  .

7 years ago
 5  So grusno

7 years ago
 5  Pity carcase, for she has potential, if you make a modification of all sides, it is any cheaper cost than purchasing zabugornyh watermelons with Mutt ... But officials do not want to keep the legend, although it is still possible to do it ... [+1]
ILAS (7 years ago): Officials their pockets just to fill more! Somewhere here on avsime in some forum a year ago to remember a quote from a letter from a senior kakogoto Jew (he has a Jewish surname) from our government (of the State Duma, or where there is) to slow down demand, Issue Tu204 for promotion of foreign technology to the domestic market, as something like this was written there. It was in 1996. [+1] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  How would not that I do not like the Soviet equipment, just annoying that cling to antiquity. New no, the old flew away - we can only stick a knife and die. The film is good. [-2]
ILAS (7 years ago): Why cling to antiquity? Just the same Tu154 connected an era and a lot of memories, and the plane vobschem something good, and about the fact that the old flew ..., is it possible to continue production of this model with some improvements, just it will be economically inefficient . The market dictates the terms. *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  spasibo.kapitalizm ...

7 years ago
 5  Thank you, great. It's a shame for our air force ... I'm not saying that it was created, and that now it is happening.

7 years ago
 5  Thank you. We are pleased to look.

7 years ago
 5  Yes ... film is not bad, but in our city TU154 is not sawed, as it is placed on a pedestal in the park, does not fly ... but not dismantled, and very impressive.
ILAS (7 years ago): And in what city? In Moscow, standing - sawed in the last year = ( *(Google translated)
alex19620 (7 years ago): In Kogalym, he flew to the side of Novosibirsk, a revival of the club have done, are not carefully kurochat, is already about 5 years, as new, he would fly so fly .... [+1] *(Google translated)
ILAS (7 years ago): Clearly, I'm on the site aviamonuments.ru pictures Yak40 seen, from which the cafe did ... It's a shame after all, a good aircraft, why refuse them? Well cut up accidents, the more "happy" dives do next, well, what next? There is nothing good in our country remains. *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  For the theme for the execution. Regrets ... It is time, perhaps, learn to weave loincloths and dancing Hawaiian dances - Russia becomes "primitive air" to a country where foreign aircraft and the pilot will be met, falling prostrate "...

7 years ago
 5  Looked with pleasure. The girl said there is something about the iron for kokpitostroiteley interesting to do with it will go aviakomanii owners.
ILAS (7 years ago): Yes, this iron nafig airlines do not have metal and there is 40 cents, will hand out everything for free. Here another question arises - and on what our airlines will fly when they begin to break down all these polls Bobik and watermelons? After buying Dreamliner (as, incidentally, wanted to buy in the remote Siberia in 2006 (I Fileva in "Aviator" saw)) will be very expensive and not all (and even S7) will be able to afford it. This means relatively small and / to begin to flow into larger, capable of exploiting such "liners dreams" and output again we will get one "great and mighty" AEROFLOT. At the same time we must not forget that in our vast country to V787 to date can only Moscow a / p Domodedovo. And about that other airports should be (in this case) "alter" for those here 787, our government has forgotten who successfully collapse all the good that was. Sad .= (Soon, a pancake fly, nobody will (Chinese pilots will be furrowing our sky) and nenachem (REM-100 - do not count, since it's not a plane but a flying piece of composite material on the French dviglah, IMHO) [+3] *(Google translated)
tehnolog (7 years ago): Glider SSJ-100 in 95% of the domestic alyum.splava B95 and 1163. *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  thanks

7 years ago
 5  Ah ... Tupolev, and yet I always had them flying ...

7 years ago
Thank you for the film. With great pleasure and sadness looked

7 years ago
 5  For film thanks! In general, sad

7 years ago
 5  Posh movie! Two times in a row looked with pleasure and sadness.

7 years ago
 5  It's sad to watch, but it is true that specialists and equipment, we do not appreciate, but sorry ...

7 years ago
 5  A year ago, flew to 85770, did not think that so soon he cut it ...
Владимир Пахомов

7 years ago
 5  Yes .. really, shame, and only that all these years stroili.promenyali on officials' pockets, all to the wall [+10]

7 years ago
 5  Ah, stung to the heart. Tu5 - my favorite airplane. ... It's sad all

7 years ago
 5  Very sincerely, a little touching and sad.

7 years ago
 5  A remarkable film, but sad ...
Sergant Serge

7 years ago
 5  Kolesnik boy, a beautiful comparison made at the landing fifty kopeks, and girls entering the water. [+1]

7 years ago
 5  770; (very good movie (video)

7 years ago
 5  Good movie. Thanks

7 years ago
 5  Five guys .... only five!! Always been a fan of grace and elegance Russian sides ... That Khe dry, do not compare with the beauty and grace 154, and youthful "groznostyu" whistle ... shl ... I expressed view while only 34 and 50 ... if you develop a theme .... GЄG G® - all understand me ... [+4]

7 years ago
 5  Thank you that have posted here, I looked and I liked it! But sad as that (

7 years ago
 5  Pity pancake ((((

7 years ago
 5  Beautiful, but sad

7 years ago
 5  I have tons of such transfers recorded disks and sent to his uncles in the government. Yes, and no pleasure from watching, Tonchev from what he saw in the transfer. But in fact, sad and cruel ... [+3]
RA-85770 (7 years ago): I totally agree with you about the government! "But we still know falter if they have the heart of what they would do something about the benefit of our air, and then after that you can just mumbled in his style that type of a crisis-shmizis etc. and nothing will change! *(Google translated)
FireFly (7 years ago): What should change? But sooner or later become the last all feel part of humanity and stop to distinguish between "our-yours". *(Google translated)
Shurik KR (7 years ago): Let's write a letter Prizidentu more .... *(Google translated)
serg09 (7 years ago): We must create something like a community, to collect 100 thousand chelov and you can send a letter prizedentu!) *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Ah ... a sad movie ..

7 years ago
 5  What we all can, just do not want to! Pity carcass and muds, but that podelaesh progress requires sacrifice [+1]
топтыгин (7 years ago): Our people are all ... Yes sir Anglophile does not ... Unfortunately bureaucrat in his pocket is more important than the prestige of the state. *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Good movie, though not without tears look [+5]

7 years ago
 5  We are pleased to look.

7 years ago
 5  can not be our KB Maksaev such setbacks as Boeing and ayrbas ...:( [-1]
isc (7 years ago): "Maksaev" - is in what language? This is for the interest! And what about the KB in this regard we talking about? :) *(Google translated)
SLAVJANmoderator (7 years ago): isc, I too was very surprised:) [+1] *(Google translated)
remskiy (7 years ago): in the sense that people in the airlines who are making decisions for the purchase of a material value, pay the sellers of these material rewards tsennostey.eto if to beg scheme. *(Google translated)
isc (7 years ago): The scheme is clear to all, the question about "Maksaev" - is in what language? *(Google translated)
remskiy (7 years ago): "Maksaev" - pay (from the Finnish Maksa - cost). *(Google translated)
isc (7 years ago): Sunny. I was just reading the Russian people and Russian-language website did not understand in Finnish:) [+3] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Thank you!

7 years ago
 5  Thanks ..... Only the "bird" sorry [+1]

7 years ago
 5  Oh, thank you ..

7 years ago
 5  Interesting video. The description of the file should be added at the end: "And now srites. :) I feel, that everything will end, because provocative topic.
russia (7 years ago): MDA has recently appeared among us are lovers: ( [-3] *(Google translated)
pro100gamer (7 years ago): probably soon be here to open chat))) [-3] *(Google translated)
LainerRRW (7 years ago): Kamenty is sensitive nuclear technologies)) [-1] *(Google translated)
pro100gamer (7 years ago): Well, I mean it)) *(Google translated)
GeK397 (7 years ago): predictors I look decent, too, has divorced ...... *(Google translated)
pro100gamer (7 years ago): but is not it happen? *(Google translated)
ekha (7 years ago): until all peacefully:) *(Google translated)
pro100gamer (7 years ago): inetresno who's minuses poke in our commentary about the chat)))? *(Google translated)
Sir-j (7 years ago): I))) [+3] *(Google translated)
ekha (7 years ago): That's where this video can still be discussed: http://www.avsim.su/forum/topi​c/91948-specialniy-reportazh-n​a-eshelone/ [+1] *(Google translated)
isc (7 years ago): For information ekha: "Well, now srites" - discuss and debate does not mean "to shit". For the dispute and the truth is born, and in "srache" - do not respect each other and aggression. [+1] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Thank you. We are pleased to look

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