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Runway | Rating: 5! Simulators

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From the creator of the movie "History of Flight 831" and "Heaven." My new job - "Runway." The next attempt to make a "movie" after more than six months after the previous one. Old ideas and new opportunities ... What will happen? Thus, the history of flight SDM136. Happy viewing. Waiting for ratings and feedback, whether it is worth to continue?
→ Filename:
→ Size: 173 151kb
→ Date: 7 years ago (31.10.2009 16:00 MSK)
→ Author: Сергей Афанасьев (aka Intel_Rus)
→ Uploaded by: Intel_Rus (uploaded 96 files)
→ Approved by moderator: bazaranet
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 413 time(s)
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3 years ago
 5  Понравилось! Продолжай!
Zorgair (3 years ago): ...сказал Индиана Джонс!))) *(Google translated)

3 years ago
 5  Здорово!! Молодцы ребята!!

4 years ago
 5  Странно, а почему они в первый раз реверс не включили??? А только спойлеры и тормозим????
Intel_Rus (4 years ago): Доброе археологическое утро. Поясню в тысячный раз) Полоса длинная, самолёт лёгкий, погода прекрасная. Зачем лишний раз двигатели мучить? *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  Так то оно и бывает

5 years ago
 5  Lyapota. [+2]

5 years ago
 5  Admire! [+1]

5 years ago
 5  Class! No movie - a movie! Let soon, but still a movie. Actually, I was preparing to take off after a long and tedious rewinding straight flight on autopilot, but it was many times better. The only ... I do not know how to say ... not even advice - just a personal opinion. It was necessary to include music alarm after contact, but not on the glide path, and then once it becomes clear that now something will be. And so strong, unconditional 5 + +! [+2]
Intel_Rus (5 years ago): looool, a team of archaeologists! Well, thanks anyway)) *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Great movie, just a Hollywood minifilm! [+1]

6 years ago
 5  cool! author can give the exact name of the last soundtrack and a soundtrack that sounded from 4:40? something familiar, but I can not remember (
Intel_Rus (6 years ago): With 4:40: Robert Miles - In my Dreams, sound at the end: Tatu - All about us *(Google translated)
Zikki (6 years ago): thanks *(Google translated)

6 years ago
Well just hollywood
RAID74 (6 years ago): simmovud)) *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  However.

7 years ago
 5  Super

7 years ago
For species and implementation of the video perfectly, but the commentary to create the impression roller-school amateurs, to operate a schturval. expressions like "the brakes do not touch you", "goryuchki left just enough" or "do now" after the second round gave the impression that people do not know what the procedure and have no experience at all flights. In aviation, and everything is regulated, you only need to know where to look, and air law generally know by heart. [+2]

7 years ago
 2  Film on kompe 10 years old, from Kraft, who vizualka fell behind by 10 years, from what they do now. Yes, and tATu place. A resolution t4no no more than 640x480, this is exactly yi, despite the "smart story", although with the runway here? Rћ_0 [-18]
VlaDOS (7 years ago): Cassidy54 and then vizualku what you suggest? From the Project Airbus? but about UG is that you in vain. see that after this message, your videos do not have UG. Spot cool and Intel-Eng normally bother. *(Google translated)
Cassidy54 (7 years ago): Olol, the rules I have kept (which is what I remember (it can be assumed in the rules written 33%)). Vladoos, airsimmer, project airbus. R°S…R°S…R°S…. revenge? =) 0 *(Google translated)
VlaDOS (7 years ago): First look at the date. the second when he left Eirsimmer? third PLUG better POSKAY. :) *(Google translated)
Cassidy54 (7 years ago): and where there poskay? *(Google translated)
HaN (7 years ago):​ori-89/a319-aeroflot-oslo-mosc​owtook-off-from-runway-27729.h​tml?action=comments&;hl = who had promised me to evaluate below .=) [-1] *(Google translated)
ridetoglory (7 years ago): VlaDOS, if we compare the visual model - plug nervously smoking in aside. *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  KUL

7 years ago
 5  Trouble .....

7 years ago
 5  Beauty!

7 years ago
 5  Excellent work.
meatman (7 years ago): note that Khan and airone served in the * operator and not poezli with Khitrova *** anymi attempts zagnobit competitors, because they shot the tutu shkolota of reactive govnometa! xD *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Pornavilos
nagirny_vladimir (7 years ago): Oh sorry, the letters mixed up. Cool videos *(Google translated)
Austrian Arrows

7 years ago
 5  Cool! Go!

7 years ago
 5  SAD!

7 years ago
Film disaster. Critics bit: cartoon dashboard spoil all impression. With such music as a takeoff - need to fly to the bombing of Berlin, and not to Peter. Went through with pathos, not landing. Video quality - so yourself. Smoothing does not seem to use - all in the ladder. Rating not put that-would not spoil the overall mood of enthusiasm.
dinsoft (7 years ago): amendment, with music as taxiing, of course, but not taking off. *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Impressed

7 years ago
 5  I liked very much! Thank you.

7 years ago
 5  super!

7 years ago
 5  Super! As always at the height! link to Sheremetyevo airport not datite?
Misty Ghost (7 years ago): In the file look for ... *(Google translated)
Exelletor (7 years ago): SSB only on a torrent you can download .. *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Well done! Watermelon is again a pleasure to behold:)))

7 years ago
 5  Class! But livreyka to fruit is not very high quality, it is not to your claim, but to the developers!)

7 years ago
 5  The film was a success, the music picked up perfectly! At the beginning, I think it was not worth writing about all the addons and TP, in the end to them, and look at the wing on takeoff tired lad ..

7 years ago
 5  Go ahead and raduy eyes, his work, great video thanks!

7 years ago
 5  five ... only the titles at the end of almost a minute - a gesture:) RјSѓR·RѕRЅ picked up in the theme .... only prolonged vydi on echelon is not very ... almost static image ...

7 years ago
 5  Handsome! Why not English? Explanatory my name ... second case, then we will remove, expensive. Rather, the commander of his unit write. (c) [+2]

7 years ago
 5  Net 5! And in this case, if a brake problem, why not include a reverse to a complete stop?
Misty Ghost (7 years ago): So when they realized it was too late. So did all the second circle. *(Google translated)
LOKOPhil (7 years ago): A-ah ... Okay. *(Google translated)
pilotvmf2 (6 years ago): I liked the phrase: "What we shall do?" What special cases do not have to teach them? *(Google translated)
Misty Ghost

7 years ago
 5  Done! Cool done! :)

7 years ago
 5  SAD! [+1]
Misty Ghost (7 years ago): Very guud! *(Google translated)
strigino (7 years ago): you still tell fantastisch *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Psychological thriller))))
Misty Ghost (7 years ago): I would not say so, the atmosphere is not the ... *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  ......

7 years ago
 5  Serega zhzhosh:)

7 years ago
Primitivnenko. With the realities of little in common. CCP-320 are read in English.
meatman (7 years ago): Well, no, I think that Sergei counting film on a vast audience, and certainly not everyone knows English. *(Google translated)
Ту154М 85123 (7 years ago): >> CCP-320 are read in English.> Thank you, captain obvious! *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Yes, not bad. We must continue to direct as serial poluchaetsya. Aerobatics Guild.

7 years ago
 5  Excellent! Learn, Jam-fans.

7 years ago
 5  Great) as a real film

7 years ago
 5  All fine, but the final number of compression: types of cubicles there, outside view daleko.Eto not a criticism, but the desire to buduschee.Spasibo!
Ту154М 85123

7 years ago
 5  gud:) what and where - I have you unsubscribed. go on in the same spirit:)

7 years ago
 5  I'm shocked, it's just something! Here is the answer every boyannym "landing"! [+1]

7 years ago
 5  beautiful, and most importantly music is very well carefully selected! Go!

7 years ago
 5  With pleasure watching to the end without rewinding! Very much. In the end it was particularly interesting, what is the end) is 5.

7 years ago
 5  Good for Sergei!

7 years ago
 5  I liked very much! Definitely worth it, go on!

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