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Disaster restored to MSFS, inserted in the video talks crew.
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Yes trucks are always overloaded. Especially in the air. And crew know that they can not fly, they know and still load more provisions, relying on his plane. drawn and that everything will be OK. And pulls. Pulls once, 2 pulls, pulls 300 times. And the 301 does not pulls ... Joe91, 12 years ago, #
Perversely, the crew of the eternal memory ... sseerrgg, 12 years ago, #
Memory memory, but the RLE is also written in blood, and they, unfortunately, also immortalized himself on RLE - another lesson. nalexa, 12 years ago, #
Score will not put. People will not return. Andreas-URMT, 12 years ago, #
yes very sad all this immediately after separation angle of attack zashkalil in the red for most nehochu ... is it necessary to exploit the people and aircraft ... DAR, 12 years ago, #
Interesting video. It's a pity of course the crew. kniaz777, 12 years ago, #
Sadly. And there for Serega on board and where to send his captain??? Quote - "Serega uydi) Naletchik, 12 years ago, #
Serega is probably navigator Max 24, 12 years ago, #
Well, yes I do understand. The navigator in the nose, they are there and his clicker. But it seems that demolished whole fore part, not only with the navigator, but with flight engineers, etc. ... Naletchik, 12 years ago, #
they tore down all .... Cyberpro2008, 12 years ago, #
Yes, brattsy, navigator - Sergey Kudryashov ... That's the names of deceased members of the crew:​5-19/10_il_76.html Димсон, 12 years ago, #
MDA PPC sorry crew! As much as the soul was hurt: (Why are they so rebooted. Ilyukh And sorry ...(( q4dez, 9 years ago, #
q4dez not overloaded aircraft crew, the airline wanted more benefits to get a flight, but in the end ... Zikki, 9 years ago, #
Zikki, I realized ... "They" are those who are charged with la ... q4dez, 9 years ago, #
eh .... sorry guys ... = ( VladiR1, 11 years ago, #
Oh, Fate! Hon2103, 12 years ago, #
Murashko back ... 0077616, 12 years ago, #
restored all really medals, but will refrain from assessing the ... qip88, 12 years ago, #
sorii, I would say the "details")) qip88, 12 years ago, #
Очень жутко осознавать, что чувствовал экипаж в тот момент... Пусть земля им будет пухом.. Tapok, 4 years ago, #
Перегруз или стабилизатор? Яныш, 7 years ago, #
перегруз Q_ART, 7 years ago, #
another victim of the sky for what a man was able to fly ... Zikki, 10 years ago, #
such as speed and height of 200 and not much but all to death ( Wespe, 10 years ago, #
The crew was not to blame one side! pay must then reboot and will not be rikovat Alexdeputat, 10 years ago, #
Tin! For simulation 5, that's just weird why the reverse has been included Ил-76, 10 years ago, #
tell me that over the airfield, the weight of cargo and fuel, OWL Ил-76, 10 years ago, #
In Urumqi, it crashed ... Zikki, 9 years ago, #
Explain! Why do engines reverse offloaded?? Vladimir_76, 10 years ago, #
Or I think so? And the pilot land down .. Vladimir_76, 10 years ago, #
Sorry people ... :-( I wonder if they released the chassis, it would have saved them?? Vasiliy_M, 10 years ago, #
Hardly ... With a clear front-loaded to the ground .... ni_kita2004, 9 years ago, #
..... antibitseps, 11 years ago, #
Almost disaster in 1B1 UNAA in 96 or 97 year, also the 76th IL, distortion, too, too, the goods 200. duna, 12 years ago, #
96 .... only there if the hill was not, then slowly gained height would .. sk1dman, 11 years ago, #
Excellent idea and implementation! Борт174, 12 years ago, #
It is very rare to see shots of break planes. Usually on the TV show staff digs. I believe that the author of this movie was able to show what happened. КурсМП, 12 years ago, #
I have 2 photos of the accident and file a WinArm32 (11 MB), it shows the flight path, when and what kind of plane ... all described in more detail .... if someone have something I can put ... .. Cyberpro2008, 12 years ago, #
Can it? Volunteer, 12 years ago, #
well ... or this evening or tomorrow vilozhu .. Cyberpro2008, 12 years ago, #
Like Russian roulette =(((. Andreas-URMT, 12 years ago, #
Most eerie is probably that after the separation of the crew realized what a fatal mistake it made Oh, this would return the line 225, but they went further decided to risk, has nothing nepomozhet as speed dial Hey eslib engines were slightly through WMS and managed to disperse the 76 th least until a more or less control speed but alas aviation errors neproschaet Sun appears to behave in their chances nebilo in that they relied hz. disaster Tin PS: interesting that it is for the goods, similar to the bags with tsementom.Avtor well done! you are really sorry, I know myself without evaluation. ILAVIA, 12 years ago, #
Of course it ...... score here does not need ...... Cyberpro2008, 12 years ago, #
They say, just the Chinese shmute shuttles ... Time ... Махони, 12 years ago, #
Zhut shrubb, 12 years ago, #
awful Ivan_SS, 12 years ago, #
Imitation at the height of NoFL, 12 years ago, #
The horror! For simulation 5! Max 24, 12 years ago, #
Impressed ... -=dk=-, 12 years ago, #
What impressed ?????......... Cyberpro2008, 12 years ago, #
Disaster itself. And the crew was calm until the last moment. -=dk=-, 12 years ago, #
The crew had hoped to raise the plane ....... Cyberpro2008, 12 years ago, #
It is unclear how they could raise it with such apparent overload. Why do they even started to take off? Naletchik, 12 years ago, #
... vidal, 12 years ago, #
And for the fact that more errors of such unique, although we simmery we have another world. ILAVIA, 12 years ago, #
Yes, the board of AZ27 ... Mysterious charterparties Taiyuan-Urumqi-Baku. Crashed after takeoff in Urumqi ... distortion under heat 35. As one of the most explicit versions of ... Махони, 12 years ago, #
Once on the work carried out assignments in Sime to simulate disaster AN-140 in Baku ... Actually, of course, all this at the "amateur", as they say. UR-OLK, 12 years ago, #
Imitation makes sense to do in MSFS when aware that the dynamics realistically reflect the behavior of simulated regimes. On account of the An-140 do not know, but the dynamics of IL-76 like created with a good approximation to the behavior of real-IL-76. To simulate this case, I think, quite correctly simulate polarizations aircraft (Section 404 and the coefficients Cx and Cy) and traction motors used on the line. If this is done, it makes sense to conduct such studies. Aless, 12 years ago, #
In my case it was necessary merely in order to be seen by how the car behaved in the dive. Ie, look at the evolution of 3-deshnoy modelki, then it is used as fragments in the re-establishment of the description of the disaster under prints samoaistsa in the context of visualization of the flight and fall. UR-OLK, 12 years ago, #
What happened there? Distortion or alignment? dudu, 12 years ago, #
... Димсон, 12 years ago, #
Is it possible for more about this catastrophe? When? = ( Ramzez, 12 years ago, #
Although the date has already see ... = ( Ramzez, 12 years ago, #
sad ((( Bogdosy, 12 years ago, #
Awful. The crew realized that die only at the time of the collision. Nikolay_Sukhikh, 12 years ago, #
I like so you can load it! What there was a distortion, so it just pulled down. I read that he was able to raise up to 150 meters, while in the simulation, which is about 40-60 at most. I am interested to load PT carcase to 120 tons, so was able to rise without any problems. Fridge, 12 years ago, #
The carcass is no Cyberpro2008, 12 years ago, #
Setting assessment for disaster simulation ....?? Exeletor, 12 years ago, #
ne.glupaya idea was the author ... Why turn this unpleasant period. Tim24, 12 years ago, #
zae ... there is this katastrofoy.zanyatsya nothing else. sitnichenko, 10 years ago, #
Hi archaeologists !!!)))) Zorgair, 10 years ago, #
and the tanks !)))))))))) Ил-76, 9 years ago, #
And because the 76 is opened the rear hatch? if they opened it up and dropped the load, everything would have been another (( sasa712, 9 years ago, #
How do you imagine that? Long FAC pulls on a wheel, the other crew members to manually throw the cargo Yes and open ramp will only increase the resistance of the air => reduction in speed ... Zikki, 9 years ago, #
Any cargo still moored, IMHO - absurd! SamosA, 9 years ago, #