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Something reminded x-plane)
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→ Date: 9 years ago (19.07.2010 02:38)
→ Author: Just Plane Videos
→ Uploaded by: Jondo (uploaded 11 files )
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He sat down with one hand! And sooo smoothly, judging by the fact that the operator does not even flinch! A vision, if you look at the diopter (-5) for the pilot not the main thing the main thing - Skill! alshe, 9 years ago, #
Really? What else then pelota blind with a guide dog is not from? ... Yes, the operator of fear and puknut was afraid. paladdin, 9 years ago, #
2P probably sweats strains:))) Gennn, 9 years ago, #
Yes, what's a strain?? :))))))) There little finger can manage:) RAID74, 9 years ago, #
and who lost money? those who do not know the impact of technology back in Bobby?? RAID74, 9 years ago, #
Shkolota serg09, 9 years ago, #
Cap plays in MFS =) serembon, 9 years ago, #
Yeah, a little wheel is not unfolded in sime inscription "Crash", but in real Chutka differently. serg09, 9 years ago, #
Beauty FAC-priter soft and smooth. A warm up on the horns, with the wind. Mishik2k, 9 years ago, #
Good cap! Dragged him be healthy, and sat up on the centerline and not slapped on the strip! Mihail Stepanov, 9 years ago, #
That's the kind of power big hands! Even in the one on the left! This wheel is very heavy in real! This pilot!) Pulkovsky_Pilot, 9 years ago, #
Power is especially not necessary, all makes and EDSU neobratimka, Lord, do not stone the same age, you do not IL-62M and Su-25 first series. Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
Out of 737 EDSU. Кусачая_Утка, 9 years ago, #
Oh, sorry, really conspiracy) it is not, only 777 have. But there is a booster zagruzhateli rudders, with those duplicated, it is better and easier than bezbusterny option, so I mean. Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
No there is nothing. Кусачая_Утка, 9 years ago, #
Kusachaya_Utka XDDD And what is there at all? ? ;) Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
Instead of having to write a stupid set of "Smiley", it would be better respected though some Murzilki on this topic. No there is no EDSU or boosters. Кусачая_Утка, 9 years ago, #
And I asked the questions you have, that there generally are? ) Relating to the management plan, you do know a lot, but I'm a fool, I Do not Know, therefore, explain a fool could write something instead of the above already) Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
And in Russian can be? I do not understand your gibberish. Кусачая_Утка, 9 years ago, #
How is the management, say the ailerons, the aircraft Boeing 737? Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
Ailerons are powered by hydraulic systems A and / or B. Кусачая_Утка, 9 years ago, #
There may be Russian, and then with the English language is not friends with first class. Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
first class even I have not studied English. And there are likely as downloaded in English, so about Russian and forgotten. KJC, 9 years ago, #
Ailerons are powered by hydraulic systems A and / or B - Ailerons are provided by the hydraulic system A and (or) B. ridetoglory, 9 years ago, #
Ravmmm - sometimes better to chew .... :))))) You formulate the question properly! Instead of asking how to ensure control, you need to ask biting Duck: how load is transferred from the controls on the steering wheel and sent it at all, just a mess, and:) All those zagruzhateli rudders for what had been invented, you know? It is exact not to complicate the life of the pilot or pump up his muscles! :) RAID74, 9 years ago, #
What am I not right when he said about the irreversible management scheme? After all, the Boeing Company has full power, with the transition to besbusternoe, but less is important. I'm just wondering what it means we have: The question "How is the management, let ailerons? - Properly placed? It seems pretty clear. A duck biting can be the answer was not in English to write, because not all of it is understandable, let's start with this. From edsu I admit confused, I thought at first why something about ayrbas which edsu worth. But the main thing is still interesting, it turns irreversible control scheme does not imply a booster? zagruzhateli? They're loaded controls, thus not passing back efforts at steering column. Well maybe I made another mistake, you forgive the fool. Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
Zagruzhateli for that, would the pilot felt the middle position and efforts, once the system is irreversible. Gennn, 9 years ago, #
I was just curious and it is important to understand what was happening, I do not want there to breed controversy and so on. I knew only one thing now that I'm wrong adjusted issue, but honestly, it's quite understandable. Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
And yet, what he said biting duck, turning out his English, the control system includes a hydraulic system consists of two A and B, power, and if so, hydraulic boosters and will be a booster. So very strange, I went astray;) Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
speaking in Russian: you asked - How is the effort from the wheel to the ailerons. You answered: with the help of hydraulics. But they had to ask: how is "retroactive" in the Boeing, which gives the pilot the concept of the load, and efforts should be made on the wheel. Well, as you well:) Here you are with the biting duck and lost (or rather, KU specially mistaken you):) And then it could go on arguing about the booster, EDSMy and other spring-traction mechanisms :))))) RAID74, 9 years ago, #
mdya ... Well there estesno hydraulics .. not on the ropes the same. Airbus350, 9 years ago, #
Airbus350 Well why, "cable" is there and so, without in any way. Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
Та нормально крутит баранку, парирует порывы ветра, обычное дело. Посадил мягенько se7en3se7en, 4 years ago, #
О_о уже допускают с плохим зрением? Вы на его диоптрии очков внимание обратите, там -3 как минимум. Яныш, 7 years ago, #
заграницей всегда допускали... это только у нас все еще стереотипами живут :) RAID, 7 years ago, #
Дык это и плохо, у него может быть не правельное восприятие цывр. Например, вместо 3-8 или 9 даже. Скорость зрения тоже имеет весомый фактор:) Яныш, 7 years ago, #
Мы отослали ваш протест западным специалистам, они ответили, что в ближайшее время создадут дополнительную комиссию и обязательно снимут всех пилотов в очках с лётной работы, заменив их высококвалифицированными специалистами из китая. Alex_buka, 7 years ago, #
ну если смотреть там минимум +3,хоть там понимают что в очках можно летать.У нас сколько только из за зрения зарубили... bolt, 6 years ago, #
Atlichna atlichna! Only at the touch of habit expecting wild shaking with a bang, and now a botanist with one hand aircraft plants and though henna))) Disappear, 9 years ago, #
If a person's glasses - then it's necessarily a botanist in your opinion Anton789, 9 years ago, #
In any case I do not think so. This is a figurative expression, and if not understood, then it is your problem. Disappear, 9 years ago, #
Especially for you semantic properties of [human.] Value 1.chelovek having a degree in botany or professionally involved in this science 2.shkoln. teacher of botany 3.sleng, Perrin. man depth in science, anti-social, "not of this world" 4.sleng, Perrin. man who has no idea of anything What about glasses that I have not found the mention (accessed to Wikipedia) Anton789, 9 years ago, #
A chance is not cheerful video of a cap with his left foot puts the 737 well, or there is an Airbus, A320 ... A330 ... serg09, 9 years ago, #
Well, if Wikipedia did not even book Dahl, for you to the core dictionary, which any fool like me can write nonsense, then I will not argue, our own peril. Also not bad to know that each region, so that there is in the region, the urban area has its own specifics colloquial or slang, if you so much simpler. I do not want to spoil you and your mood and will refrain from further skirmishes. Disappear, 9 years ago, #
in thesauruses Great Russian language of Vladimir Dal word "nerd" non-existent Anton789, 9 years ago, #
I think this is especially well done, because with such abnormalities wheel aircraft can not fly so smoothly. And for Bobby, if the steering wheel to pull, it is still up is not turned off by what I know. Grixa_95, 9 years ago, #
But he does not do large deviations, puts the minimum duration of correction, the plane is simply inert. Scratty, 9 years ago, #
If sime with such abnormalities wheel aircraft can not fly so smoothly, it does not mean that in the real case. LainerRRW, 9 years ago, #
Yes, on Tverskaya street, 12 of such manipulation shturvaloi and seats can be reset. AlexKz, 9 years ago, #
He turns the steering wheel so because probably ailerons and rudder and spend late. We also saydstika landing big moves. prjnik, 9 years ago, #
aftor as such a great fit can recall such a UG as the X-Plane??? pilot-bess, 9 years ago, #
the way in CF point each davolno big! (I have in view of vision is not he Pts) pilot-bess, 9 years ago, #
In X-PLANE unlike MSFS sometimes it also has to turn the steering wheel. Not once noticed this. In MSFS also have buffeting of course, but there is more inhibited all smoothly or abruptly, but a little bit wrong. It is difficult to describe in words, in short. ) Jondo, 9 years ago, #
it is not necessary "to describe the words, in short" ... it must be correctly set up the zone Joey! :))) RAID74, 9 years ago, #
About x-plane pilots are the real answers that he did it beautifully conveys the behavior of the aircraft, so that tune - no tune, but do not have a lot of bother, chtoyuy understand the similarity of the dynamics and control. Jondo, 9 years ago, #
Very similar to engine failure from left, hence the roll is a constant in the left. sweed, 9 years ago, #
left and right is written together, Mr. Expert. KJC, 8 years ago, #
Very similar to the X-Plain! Just one to one))) Cap decided to stretch my left arm type, tired))) serg09, 9 years ago, #
Well, at least someone is also noticed Jondo, 9 years ago, #
And, in my opinion, just a nervous tick) Артемий154М, 8 years ago, #
Не может быть по тому что если что отстраняют от рейса Belarus, 8 years ago, #
Кэп? :) RAID, 8 years ago, #
Артемию, нормальный пилот! очень хорошо чувствует самолет!, спокойно пилотирует. 5! aleksis2111, 7 years ago, #
Drawn to the camera, for pelotok. Aircraft can not tolerate "small fidgets. It's like ice twist legs. paladdin, 9 years ago, #
что зa брeд? Вы хотитe скaзaть, что этот пилот нe умeeт сaмолётом упрaвлять? Вы сaми кто в жизни, пилот или жe можeт быть лётный инструктор? Нa видeо видно, что зa бортом нe хилый тaкой вeтeр, кaк видно и профeссионaлизм этого чeловeкa. А про 'понты нa кaмeру' думaeшь в сaмую послeднюю очeрeдь, особeнно когдa зa спиной сотня с лишним жизнeй, зa которыe ты отвeчaeшь. Jeno, 9 years ago, #
paladdin, now make the pilot more neher like pose in the camera when coming from such a wind is killing me, when a man who sees only the air in the monitor begins to whistle on what a good pilot, but a complete noob. Stakan, 9 years ago, #
paladdin delete your account ... so that the more you have not been able to write gibberish =) JetStream, 9 years ago, #
paladdin you would have in his place pictured on the camera? "If yes then do not generalize vp-btv, 9 years ago, #
Brad write you, dear amateurs. Trying to judge something without having absolutely no practical experience. Only the stories and commercials. paladdin, 9 years ago, #
Stakan, son, you're still young and foolish and did not see a big ... n. Not by itself sudi.Tebe to aviation even as the moon walk. "Through komputerny Monitor .. picked up the words of adults. paladdin, 9 years ago, #
paladdin, but what I said wrong? You really blows about what you do not know. True eyes cuts? Stakan, 9 years ago, #
Most interestingly, zaregalsya our "paladdin" July 28 this year, 0 posts, and the importance of the roof ... Stakan, 9 years ago, #
Stakan, and how do you know, maybe he just real driver " It is only you can determine the importance of rights by the number of posts. As for his message, I do not see the violations of the rules. smart32, 9 years ago, #
Post Paladin --- trololo-_-look video vividly HOW planted in the old Tu-104 for example! UUYY, 9 years ago, #
In X-PLANE same way as in this MSFS no: (because there RAILS Get: ( AFL336, 9 years ago, #
AFL336, to calm already. MFS is still better than X-Plan = D Kef, 9 years ago, #
a menya nA fsx active sky with ustanovlennym esche huzhe byvalo:) Jeno, 9 years ago, #
soon remember my words:) AFL336, 9 years ago, #
This is not the wind, and not dully ottrimmerovannaya machine. Jethawk, 8 years ago, #
Ie do you think that guy who single-handedly landed the plane weighing several tens of tons of metal, does not know about the trimmer? NStK, 8 years ago, #
You forgot to add "with hundreds of passengers behind him" Jethawk, 8 years ago, #
always believed that the trim - it's to "wheel in the belly not rested" ... and here we see a quick sharp parry ... RAID, 8 years ago, #
Now we all think so? Parry and then what? Jethawk, 8 years ago, #
I did say that everyone should think so? Why are you rude? I said that Parry and trim - are two different things. I do not see neotrimmirovannosti - I see a dry fast motion the wheel to keep the car on course and glide path. Trim - is moving the stick in the center position while maintaining a given bank and / or pitching. Parry - wind drift correction and preservation of seed rate and decline. If the cap all the time holding the wheel with the roll and pitch - then we could say - yes, the machine is not ottrimmirovana. And here I do not see it. RAID, 8 years ago, #
The words and opinions of a dilettante. The car left bank, which disappears before planting (probably guess why). Good luck. Jethawk, 8 years ago, #
The trimmer is needed to remove the load from the wheel. Normal landing on my Peer (aka zahrapet on glidepath not udastsa). And how it was possible to deduct the left bank, if it is clear that the car rolls (see ball)? pospel, 8 years ago, #
The same tomato can return it to you, Jethawk! never you do not rely a crosswind? And about the ball right above noticed. RAID, 8 years ago, #
From the side not so unfolds, and the testimony of such a ball would not. Jethawk, 8 years ago, #
in this video - right side of the wind, which resulted in mashia keeps right bank, nose slightly turn right, blowing away the car from the band LEFT. Before planting, you can see how the car is aligned, however, a sharp gust of wind rolls the machine RIGHT on the left wing. You probably flew on this aircraft type, if the claim that this particular model of wind drift "so" does not expand? RAID, 8 years ago, #
And you probably do not. Jethawk, 8 years ago, #
this is not the answer. if so argue - that constructive:) but now I constantly read from you only what it attempts to stab attacks so hurt ... at the level of student ... :) Let's all do a constructive debate, rather than squabble suit. I asked the question, I would like to get an answer. RAID, 8 years ago, #
I argue with you? About what? The fact that in this video, I watch every day, feel and correct? Jethawk, 8 years ago, #
I know that you are a pilot and see what you think you can not a priori wrong. Well, let it be your - you're infallible judge and think that the pilot videos - stupid noob who does not know what a trimmer and bestolku toss the wheel. But, in this case, your a priori - zilch, because you also a pilot. I asked one more respected in the avsima man watch this video and say what he thinks about it. I hope he will not pass by my request and says what he thinks about it. If it turns out that I was wrong - I will be only too pleased. This once again proves your professionalism and my mistake. PS you put a minus not me. RAID, 8 years ago, #
Jethawk, I immediately made inquiries through user Cawka. So this pilot Air Baltic flies in the video since the Soviet "Aeroflot". I do not think you judge his piloting skills, do not you. nik-dem, 8 years ago, #
And you'd better temper their CzW Mr Jethawk. nik-dem, 8 years ago, #
Nik-dem: judging by masturbation in front of the wheel touching, is already clear that from the time of Aeroflot. I have every right to be tried as entry was made. And do not think about what I see, and what - no. RAID, Nik-dem: somewhere I discussed a man? I only pointed out the imbalances that no one sees of you. I will omit details, but here all the guys are not stupid (at least trying to look like), figure out what caused it. Jethawk, 8 years ago, #
to this I kept - for a constructive discussion of the two versions. As I said above - I turned to another man. I hope he will express his opinion, speaking (I hope) something like an independent judge from our argument:) Your version - imbalance, my version - the wind. Let's wait for professional opinions of others. RAID, 8 years ago, #
Dzhethafk, shalt CzW, tired of your eternal vysery read Lion King, 8 years ago, #
Troll detekted. pospel, 8 years ago, #
Thank you very much, disagree:) score in the comments is much higher - given. RAID, 8 years ago, #

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