DEAR FRIENDS! 23 May 2007 in RIGA, in the evening on the way home was tragic Killed My 18-year-old son Edward Black. FOR YOUR LIFE NEMNOGOLETNYUYU EDICOM plenty of time to AVIASIMULYATORU. He had complied with many SCENE Aerodromes Latvia, as well as military airfield RUSSIA MADE model airplanes and RASKRASOK to them. Some works available on this, MOTHER TO U.S. ALL THE SITE. Ask all knew my son In his work and private honor memory of him. I am sure that the scum who committed the act will be found and punished properly. AS A FATHER, I ask SEE WORK SON alive:​l?action=download&;id=3881​l?action=download&;id=3770 http: / /​n=download&;id=3899​l?action=download&;id=4172​l? action = download & id = 8664 They have fulfilled the serious work on the script of Riga:​l?action=download&;id=4145 In this scenario (directories Scenery) are slightly scenarios of former military airfields Latvia (Lotsiki, Lielvarde, Jekabpils, Jelgava, Rumbula, Vaynode), and a detailed script Spilve modified strip Riga, made by Edward and Vyacheslav Kirilyusu for the scenario of Riga. Thanks to all who knew.
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Memory eternal to him! The Lord gave him the best eternal peace - the kingdom of heaven. And the answer to the dregs the worst and impartial tribunal. Perezhit is of course difficult, I have four children of the rising. Enhance! and believe that it is better. Eternal Memory! tomorrow the day of remembrance of the dead. Олег Темляков, 11 years ago, #
Soboleznovanija ot sosedej iz Litvy ....... Norbo, 11 years ago, #
Commiserative, sorry, when the young leave Alexei, 11 years ago, #
My condolences. Hold on. Dallas, 11 years ago, #
Take sobeleznovaniya, Land down ... uralman, 11 years ago, #
Boh is on the light of these scum answer kswah, 11 years ago, #
... wylder, 11 years ago, #
Remember. Grief. Karakum, 11 years ago, #
Please accept my condolences ... God will punish these scum. Pitot, 11 years ago, #
Very touched commiserative ... ... ... a good man gone clear memory of him ... Взлётный365, 11 years ago, #
... ViNNi, 11 years ago, #
Commiserative, it is terrible ... about the Tu-154, I join Mercus, I too will fly ... Flier, 11 years ago, #
... My condolences ... PunCom, 11 years ago, #
Commiserative you work really great, not just words ... Lev807, 11 years ago, #
joins all the above ... Овчинников Андрей, 11 years ago, #
Hard to lose their children. Please accept my condolences. IEG55, 11 years ago, #
Why leave the best??? Why is fate so unfair to the parents of those who left ?????? Why all this ????? My God! Dfyz, 11 years ago, #
.... Aviator92, 11 years ago, #
on behalf of students and instructors AUTS "Dobrolet" - please accept our deepest condolences .... Stay - life goes on ... NetHunter, 11 years ago, #
Спасибо дорогие! Читаю и плачу! Все это очень сложно. Проходят годы, рана закрывается тонкой пленкой, но стоит ее только немного зацепить, боль вспыхивает с новой силой! Спасибо еще раз! isc, 5 years ago, #
... AirArt, 11 years ago, #
land down ... vechtaya memory ... please accept my condolences ... status, 11 years ago, #
My condolences ... KittX, 11 years ago, #
.... zxcvbnm, 11 years ago, #
children should not die before their parents ....... Keep koshak, 11 years ago, #
Mir ne sovershenen, v nem malo spravedlivosti, menyat ego k luchshemu mozno tolko tvorya razumnoe, dobroe, vechnoe, chto i delal Edik. Moi soboleznovania. Pu Dong, Sanghai. SNOW, 11 years ago, #
Please accept my condolences Iqor, 11 years ago, #
........., Mourn sincerely hope that the dirty scum hang in the chamber Dj Kokos, 11 years ago, #
... Serhio, 11 years ago, #
... arriflighting, 11 years ago, #
................. Beginner, 11 years ago, #
... Salin, 11 years ago, #
What can you say his father lost a son? Better pomolchat. I believe that evil will be punished. DrDimon, 11 years ago, #
From simmerov Yekaterinburg and Moscow, and on my own behalf I express our deepest condolences to you, Igor. The bright memory of Eduardo. He is now in a better world ... rudnoff, 11 years ago, #
Ukraine with you. Strengthened. The bright memory ... UR-OLK, 11 years ago, #
land down ... everlasting memory ... fly-max, 11 years ago, #
These scum like those that carried out the atrocity will never get to heaven. It is not the place. And to you my sincere condolences and wishes for happiness in the future. Son-to-ground down ((( Monsterwing, 11 years ago, #
... None of these words to express to you and Veshey family my sincere condolences ... Cheer so hard to accept ... Eternal Memory ... Гойман Сергей, 11 years ago, #
...... SPI, 11 years ago, #
...... Builder, 11 years ago, #
.... Stalker198033, 11 years ago, #
... UR-HRUST, 11 years ago, #
..... xartman, 11 years ago, #
My condolences. Revenge does not bring myself to refuse to wait. Believe me. For vengeance is not such thing as time. It is bound! And you all should be well. Happiness is more. Do not despair! Khabarovsk [Posted by via This is added while posting a message to avoid misuse. Try:​.exe Example of viewing: http:/ / / ww / ~ s / /] MR_WIZARD, 11 years ago, #
Sam's father. Daughters 19. I have set themselves on your site. No Words - Alas! Until now, I can not come in themselves. Igor, keep. No loss of fill. I'm sincerely commiserative. Words are useless here. This grief! Strengthened. 062, 11 years ago, #
Recall the words of one famous person, incidentally, also Aviator: - "It is easy to verify, over whether your mission on Earth: If you are still alive - she continues ... (C) Richard Bach. PS We are all guests on this earth, and coming here, he measured each of his term, and each has certain goals and tasks to be executed. And, certainly, beyond this life, there is another, much better ... BAe-146, 11 years ago, #
Commiserative ...... thanks for his work. EYKA aiport.ground handling crew member VYTAS, 11 years ago, #
Simeria city of Cheboksary and Chuvashia Republic prisodinyayutsya condolences to the kingdom of heaven ... vyshemu son, let them land, he will be down ... GRAFF, 11 years ago, #
Always remember avt8390082, 11 years ago, #
Commiserative ...... swatfloorball, 11 years ago, #
Yakutsk joins condolences to strengthen even though the loss is irreparable, if not impossible to reconcile with her ... And it is almost impossible to live ... Igor96, 11 years ago, #

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