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DEAR FRIENDS! 23 May 2007 in RIGA, in the evening on the way home was tragic Killed My 18-year-old son Edward Black. FOR YOUR LIFE NEMNOGOLETNYUYU EDICOM plenty of time to AVIASIMULYATORU. He had complied with many SCENE Aerodromes Latvia, as well as military airfield RUSSIA MADE model airplanes and RASKRASOK to them. Some works available on this, MOTHER TO U.S. ALL THE SITE. Ask all knew my son In his work and private honor memory of him. I am sure that the scum who committed the act will be found and punished properly. AS A FATHER, I ask SEE WORK SON alive:​l?action=download&;id=3881​l?action=download&;id=3770 http: / /​n=download&;id=3899​l?action=download&;id=4172​l? action = download & id = 8664 They have fulfilled the serious work on the script of Riga:​l?action=download&;id=4145 In this scenario (directories Scenery) are slightly scenarios of former military airfields Latvia (Lotsiki, Lielvarde, Jekabpils, Jelgava, Rumbula, Vaynode), and a detailed script Spilve modified strip Riga, made by Edward and Vyacheslav Kirilyusu for the scenario of Riga. Thanks to all who knew.
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