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  1. Попробуйте в настройках снять галочку "Runways follow terrain"
  2. Да, извините, сам проморгал, видимо глаз замылился совсем
  3. Посмотрите внимательно, у вас там в записи есть Домодедово "DD UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo XP" и "UUDD_2015", надо бы оставить что-то одно!
  4. Поправил ваш scenery packs.ini, пересмотрите его и в Custom Scenery удалите то, чего быть не должно, чтобы снова там у вас не вылезло чего не надо!!! Плюс там у вас ещё и два сценария Домодедово установленно, оставьте один какой нибудь, думаю проблема с гейтами именно из-за этого! scenery_packs.ini
  5. Всегда пожалуйста, рад помочь!
  6. Вот ещё одно:
  7. Посмотрите вот это видео:
  8. Всё прекрасно выделяется и удаляется, сам лично чистил этот порт от ненужных самолётов и объектов всяких!
  9. В настройках HDR включите!!!
  10. ОСМ - это постройки и дороги.
  11. А для самого города Хабаровска ОСМ должен неплохо подойти!
  12. А вы дефолтный трафф отключили?
  13. И снова обновление: 11.10b7Flight Model notes: BATTERY improvement for ELECTRIC airplanes, such as quad-rotors or other e-craft: Open an airplane with an ELECTRIC engine in Plane-Maker. Now go to the STANDARD menu, SYSTEMS item. In that window: Go to the ELECTRICAL 1 tab and enter your battery watt-hours. Go to the LIMITS 2 tab and enter your nominal battery voltage and max amperage… these numbers multiplied are the max power output of the battery. Go to the ELECTRICAL 2 tab and simply drag the curve up and down as you like: This is the available power at each state of charge! Drag the curve to be accurate as needed for your battery. We default to a standard asymptote but you can set as perfect for your battery design. Clearing a flight plan from a plugin now also clears departure and destination airport selections. New dataref requests: sim/flightmodel/engine/descent_speed_ratio float sim/flightmodel/engine/vortex_ring_state float sim/aircraft/autopilot/vvi_step_ft sim/aircraft/autopilot/alt_step_ft sim/aircraft/autopilot/radio_altimeter_step_ft sim/graphics/view/viewport int sim/operation/override/override_ground_trucks XPD-8107 Fixed QPAC panel scroll position (again). XPD-8116 X-Plane crashes when calling GNS430 commands without a GNS430 being installed. XPD-8200 Distant clouds showing in front of plane. XPD-8271 Override to get rid of ground trucks. XPD-8378 Icons don’t appear in OS High Sierra. XPD-8395 Fixed wrong cursor in floating widgets when main monitor is right-hand monitor. XPD-8396 Plugin access to viewport from draw callbacks. XPD-8398 Generic lights bumped to 128, instrument rheostats bumped to 32. XPD-8405 make_panel_previews – crashes with G1000. XPD-8407, XPD-8406 New datarefs for access to prop wash for rotors. XPD-8419 Removed one more instance of forced-focus-taking. XPD-8420, XPD-8308, XPD-8421, XPD-8411, XPD-8475, XPD-8535: art resources updated. XPD-8426 Facade definition crashes X-plane. XPD-8433 Drawing order with clouds in cockpit. XPD-8434 Aircraft menu icons made with 11.10b are too big. XPD-8480 viewing replays where a networked plane with weapons is blown up will no longer crash. XPD-8506 Blue channel in .ter files normal map seems inoperative. XPD-8508 Time to traverse the navigation database now tenfold. XPD-8510 We now make it very clear that launching the installer will quit X-Plane. XPD-8511, XPD-8507 Fix screwy manipulators on b6. XPD-8515 Fix for our internal “short names” for aircraft interfering with lookup of aircraft by full path. XPD-8516 Support for the X-Plane side of forcing even GUI-backed plugins to *ask* for focus. XPD-8521 Directional gyro alignment popup optional. XPD-8527 Fixed log spam from geoid test. XPD-8530 Datarefs to control autopilot altitude / vertical speed steps. XPD-8536 Propeller feather after shutdown when they shouldn’t.
  14. Круто, спасибо за труд!