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At the glidepath. Communication instructor, the pilot.
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→ Date: 11 years ago (07.05.2007 22:27)
→ Author: Алексей Андреенко АКА Alex 160
→ Uploaded by: alex160 (uploaded 4 files )
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Yes throw you guys. Did not hear that there is no gryzetsya? You Listen to the voice, the intonation, it is not ozloba matter. I think this is a very good instructor. ilya1502, 10 years ago, #
прям один в один! :)))​v=boXPorMsP84
МЕРКУРИЙ, 2 years ago, #
Это же уже было! А так позитивный ролик. :) Сокол, 4 years ago, #
What is the pilots, once for the steering wheel as they are mothers shoemakers? This behavior is appropriate in a beer store, but not in the pilot kabine.I In fact it seems to me that here the crew drank a lot of "strong" before you sit down in samolet.Ranshe pilot Instructor intellektsii considered a part of society, and in this video he was in the mother as a collective farmer buldozere.Chemu it will teach this student-Mato and boorishness? And do not like to watch how the crew members gryzutsya in the cabin. Tomy1, 10 years ago, #
IMHO, RјR°S‚RѕRј not teach them to offend ... Капитан Кулль, 11 years ago, #
You read - some Fursenko sit round:) Olion - just here in the An-30 - the pilots, but of your movie - two guys some buttons pressure. Sаs, 11 years ago, #
To FAV112: floor exactly! And those who show off one's here on the culture apparently did not serve in the army, and except for the joystick and its pipirki in the hands not kept. Seen you, tovarischi, as taught in the driver to ground troops. There is a beat in your ear. Artel295, 11 years ago, #
The crowd of collective farmers in the bulldozers! Especially someone get into a wax (no instructor) Th is signed *** shaft - such as steep as the same instructor! Okay, this is at the platoon, but as a human number 6 Signature *** vat??? (Of course, if I understood correctly - that this is not an instructor, too, he said!) philipp2, 11 years ago, #
Tell us how to download via the links. shyltz80, 11 years ago, #
What is the difference between, say. Index - a fly:))) HARM, 11 years ago, #
I agree with GRAFF, and others too! Che start, then ..? "With matershinoy we were born, we live with matershinoy ...!". The mentality that we in fact! And in the 18 st century cloth zapryagaya horse, and planting 21 AC! I think this is not an area where people think about the culture of communication, not with the girl in the cafe went up in the end ... Dex, 11 years ago, #
Of course everything is fine. This is not a training manual for recruits, it's just our life. Believe me, this is all normal men are responsible for each. Just in the situation they are not mothers, they speak mate. Without resentment, I do not know whether I will understand some, but it is quite normal communication in the situation. In fact in the other rollers, this crew did not hear you mate. For everyone who wants the whole film in better quality. 90 minutes 850 meters. Http://​739507/__1040___1085_-30___108​7___1086___1083___1085___1099_​__1081_.part01.rar.html​700955/__1040___1085_-30___108​7___1086___1083___1085___1099_​__1081_.part02.rar.html http:/ /​803444/__1040___1085_-30___108​7___1086___1083___1085___1099_​__1081_.part04.rar.html​851870 / __1040___1085_-30___1087___1086___1083___1085___1099___1081_.part05.rar.html​868558/__1040___1085_-30___108​7___1086___1083___1085___1099_​__1081_.part06.rar.html​888698/__1040___1085_-30___108​7___1086___1083___1085___1099_​__1081_.part07.rar . html​910437/__1040___1085_-30___108​7___1086___1083___1085___1099_​__1081_.part08.rar.html​951247/__1040___1085_-30___108​7___1086___1083___1085___1099_​__1081_.part09.rar.html Good luck alex160, 11 years ago, #
Excellent video! Living then in Russia, sootvetvstvenno and replicas of the "Russian" Love the phrase "I am such ..* ball flight .." GRAFF, 11 years ago, #
Class video, class types ... Many thanks. 2 FAV112, Military: German insy also swears. Ilja, 11 years ago, #
Russian CRM =) Comrade, 11 years ago, #
Yes, all right!!! To isc. Do you like this a day to fly to 6 hours per shift and shifts of 4-5 and see if that will be with you;)) PS, I was at the institute of An-24 c Afgan, so it is such a language to communicate! Tolya Why are you such an evil then? Военный, 11 years ago, #
Blyat well, where have you taken such a smart, why do not you at the head of our state? Horror ... R–RѕRїSѓ chtoli you have to kiss??? Zack ... ... pipets at work men tell-obhohochutsya emerges before your eyes .... situation, but on the other RѕR·RІSѓS‡RєRѕR№: "Sir, excuse me please, but you are slightly below glidepath ... Do you not deign to take a little cht wheel itself ..." FAV112, 11 years ago, #
The instructor probably escaped Zach except RјR°S‚RѕRј and is unable to speak. This is not an instructor, a guy from the beer store, which itself still has to be taught the culture of communication. In the clever instructions write one, but in practice mat-peremat. A guy that zaschel and sat and nothing criminal was not. It Used to his mother so cursing. Let his mother IE. P, and not the boy-students. isc, 11 years ago, #
Namanaya training systems! All effectively and clearly! We do not ode thousand pilots as taught in Russia .... FAV112, 11 years ago, #
Already saw it .. (The premise was RєSЃS‚R°, thanks again :-)) And only 5! Эрих Хартман, 11 years ago, #
This is where it? Our system of training of pilots, the cultural system in the world ... Rifleman, 11 years ago, #
If I do not want to watch, then at least listen to! VirCaptain, 11 years ago, #
Here's how to teach. Http://​=UtxA4N-Of5U This is the pilots, I understand, but those who are at the An-30 is in my drunken fishermen decided to go. Olion, 11 years ago, #
Фу, как неинтересно :( Сокол, 4 years ago, #

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