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Overview airline Avianova | Rating: 5! Passenger Seat Video

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Using the opening of the airline Avianova and the prices were only kotroye 2000P on both sides have decided on the day to fly to Sochi on the plane A-320 Avinova, the video does not ogranichevaetsya view of the wing and everything in it, there's probably all the adventures Simmerov in Sochi, 2 take off 2 planting, surveying the aircraft at the airport, and many other things, the duration of 25 minutes, may seem lengthy, but I think it will be interesting, enjoyable prosomotra
→ Filename: 23542-avianova.zip
→ Size: 119 224kb
→ Date: 7 years ago (06.09.2009 10:07 MSK)
→ Author: tu-154b
→ Uploaded by: tu-154b (uploaded 17 files)
→ Approved by moderator: omega
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 1038 time(s)
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4 years ago
 5  Прикол
mozila (3 years ago): была да сплыла... *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  "... а движки реально вытяннутые..!";
"... тут можно прыгнуть..!";
"... тихо-тихо, нелдьзя снимать!";
"... тут бл*дско злобные стюардессы!";
"... а может у него рЭвЭрс не работает?!"
Ребята, красавцы!
tu-154b (5 years ago): Эх ролику уже куча лет! а его все еще смотрят! уже и авиакомпании нет, а это видео как история, напоминание о том, как когда то можно было беззаботно летать благодаря авианове *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  отличная видюха.поржал кое где

5 years ago
 5  Красавцы !!! [+1]

5 years ago
 5  It was interesting to see

5 years ago
 5  Cool! Well done =)

5 years ago
 5  "Must clap, when to stop, and he can reverse does not work" © ... We should be inspired, as ever, too, so be advanced ...

5 years ago
 5  Slavik and reminiscent of Dimona, "our rush"

5 years ago
 5  excellent movie. excellent videotchet.

5 years ago
 5  To lift the mood!) All zamechatlno, only mate once ...

6 years ago
 5  Creativity and mats let them be on the conscience of the moderators, just missed, so acceptable.

6 years ago
 5  Nothing of the sort not seen in Avsime! Super! AHRENITELNO !!!................... And you do not accidentally on September 8 in Sochi came? "I just September 8 in the morning flew to Moscow on AFL A320 over Sochami had the same clouds, and above Adler clear and traffic is the same, except watermelon AFLovskogo there was nothing, and he stood at the same parking lot as you have a video ...
tu-154b (6 years ago): Can not remember exactly have a lot of time has passed, but it was just in September =) it was then possible *(Google translated)
LainerRRW (6 years ago): How could they fly away on September 8, if the video posted on September 6 o_O *(Google translated)
Ромыч (6 years ago): Not looked *(Google translated)
tu-154b (6 years ago): UPS .... and I do not posmorel =) *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  what fury Tupolev 154 em !!!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago
 5  I can not understand, but than all the way through to the mat then soared, such right chtoli))) patsanchiki ... Well, say children have access, so what, on the street now, so much cattle and children constantly hear their mate in the yard ...

6 years ago
 5  Guys, great video! In the summer I'll fly to Adler and already had his eye on the mini-hotel, which is on your clip is visible on the 7th minute 35y seconds - that's their site http://adlerr.ru/
Oleg23 (6 years ago): and if it is no secret in what month? "I'm just too fly to the Adler ... *(Google translated)
TwilightOil (6 years ago): Determined - from 7 to 15 July. [email protected] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  class, would be Flight Germany - Russia is only for 2000 rubles, would be flown every day! :)

7 years ago
 5  Why are you back in business class flying?)
LainerRRW (7 years ago): There, however, no business class. The airline is the budget. :) *(Google translated)
Владимир Пахомов

7 years ago
 5  Mata smaller guys) there's a lot of people)

7 years ago
 5  Super!

7 years ago
 5  excellent

7 years ago
 5  Indeed "NEW" Best video that I saw! fellows colleagues !!!))) I do propose to our favorite sites, video-Field Adventure simmerov!
Mihail Stepanov

7 years ago
 5  Well done guys, do not listen to anyone. On another occasion in kamentah just write the word "Profanity", all is not embarrassed.
Mihail Stepanov (7 years ago): * not to embarrass people terribly cultural :-))) *(Google translated)
tu-154b (7 years ago): Thank you Michael! ", Not the first time obrazhayu attention to your RєRѕRјRµRЅS‚S‹ in my videos =) *(Google translated)

7 years ago
Experts pancake

7 years ago
 5  mata too much, but for everything else - 5 separate 5 put in my repeatedly overfly Armavia A320 CFMI EK-32008
Ту154М 85123

7 years ago
 5  :) Happy for those who, unlike me, managed to overcome the shackles of gravity

7 years ago
For mats forgive forgiveness, do not betray their values, watch again find gdenibu signal PI for installation =)
ekha (7 years ago): Pronounce itself into the microphone: "Piiii. [+4] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  Good video! I looked with great pleasure! Only really mats - superfluous.

7 years ago
Operating video. =) Comment almost all such simmerov.:) [+5]

7 years ago
 5  Well done, more to such records )))))

7 years ago
 5  Well done! Super!

7 years ago
 5  Fun!))) Are pleased to look.))

7 years ago
Mats in some extra points all still here and children can smotreret yes and RєRѕRјRµRЅS‚S‹ blunt at times on this, only 3
CCCP-11156 (7 years ago): Yes, children are no different ... [+2] *(Google translated)
tu-154b (7 years ago): I now think that if the child reached avsima, these words are not anything new to teach [+2] *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  ahahahaha video fun! but a lot of superfluous Comments =)

7 years ago
cattle cattle [+5]
tu-154b (7 years ago): I'll tell you one truth =) you're the first person who called me a lowbrow, not only in the network, and in life in general =) Naah ... I do not lowbrow Revolve ... [+2] *(Google translated)
zubodel (7 years ago): Video - nonsense. It is strange that you SABovtsy on the head and the camera does not nastuchat not taken away. And then all wondering - where did the terrorists know the location of parking, cameras and build airplanes. Simmery. Pax, you are the PAX. [-7] *(Google translated)
Mihail Stepanov (7 years ago): Do not drivel! Especially insulting people for no reason at all. You're cattle. They took a bet Youth video, and all right. Well rested, gave a positive attitude. Sabovtsam himself in the head nastuchat need for Sov attitude to life. You probably own a policeman? And since when was the layout of the aircraft secret? And the location of parking? Domodedovo two o'clock shot himself out of terimanala, and parking, and the rims and everything. Then he had the camera on the terminal began to hang around and shoot each window. If only I could call who said. Video 5! The quality is striking, to be honest. Luggage zer gut :-) *(Google translated)
tu-154b (7 years ago): What about the camera, learned to shoot so that nobody would have seen, in other words, everybody thinks that the camera is turned off, or that it does not eliminate, the expense of the rest I will keep, because I prefer not to stir up konvlikty =) [+1] *(Google translated)
Exelletor (7 years ago): And what the terrorists can not themselves all SЃS„RѕS‚RєR°S‚SЊ? Rѕ_Rћ [+2] *(Google translated)
Eldar1993 (7 years ago): or the same sabovtsam money to give them all to tell! *(Google translated)
LainerRRW (7 years ago): If I were a terrorist, I would stayanok location in Google looked) And if you search, you can find and drawings of planes ... even then they kind of saw) *(Google translated)
armaviaEK (6 years ago): I also wanted to take a camera, but did not xxxddd :)))) *(Google translated)

7 years ago
For video set to five, but your commentary spoiled. [+1]

7 years ago
 5  Cool!

7 years ago
 5  Positive)))) Pts like))

7 years ago
 5  "Shaking a little, but we are here with piffkom .." - Smiled ))))) Z.Y. The film turned out great, as though he flew! :) [+1]

7 years ago
 5  Excellent. Thank you! [+1]

7 years ago
 5  Thank you! Very cool! Avianova-eyed passenger!

7 years ago
 5  I join on the mat. Without him it would be much better. [+1]
tu-154b (7 years ago): Yes, hath need to impose a signal Piiii *(Google translated)

7 years ago
 5  significant delay of course, but for a price ... but on the topic: a great movie, but Mato too much ... well the whole tsenechno same 5 [+4]
tu-154b (7 years ago): so emotional on reducing *(Google translated)

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