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Ilyushin Il-86 FSX | Rating: 5! FSX Aircrafts

- Screenshot 2
- Screenshot 3
Ilyushin Il-86 model for FSX

Fulliy converted Gauge complex originally made by S.Gritsevsky.
Real NAvigation syste,s Pizhma and I-21 INS

New Visual model and VC(with 3d custom animated gauges) made using FSX SDK

Happy New Year!
→ Filename:
→ Size: 39 155kb
→ Date: 6 years ago (31.12.2010 17:03 MSK)
→ Author:
→ Uploaded by: Kirill Konovalov (uploaded 18 files)
→ Approved by moderator: Lenya69
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
→ Downloaded: 46003 time(s)
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5 months ago
 5  Большое спасибо!

1 year ago
 5  Самолёт - Шедевр!!! Всё класс!!! Авторам благодарность.! [+1]

1 year ago
 1  У меня одного в панелях 2Д ни одного прибора не появилось? Ж...а какая-то [-6]
Igan (1 year ago): Ваша единица ,среди пятёрок - как-то не очень. [+1] *(Google translated)

1 year ago
 5  Отличный самолет и в P3Dv2 полетел без особых проблем! всем советую!!! [+3]

2 years ago
 5  Шедевр))) Загрузился - тишина.. Пишут, что звуков нет. Глянул - звуки-то в папке Sound есть, а вот файл Sound.cfg вложить в пакет наверно забыли)) не беда, скачаем))

3 years ago
 5  Отличная модель!Спасибо.Давно летаю.Да вот только удосужился оценку поставить!

3 years ago
 5  Вещь!

3 years ago
 5  Модель - супер! Большое вам спасибо! Желаю не останавливаться на достигнутом )))) [+1]

4 years ago
 5  как заглушить двигатели и завести? на Ctrl+E заводится только один движок!!!! [-4]
wegass (4 years ago): Ну-ну...РЛЭ вкуривай! *(Google translated)
spa5 (4 years ago): если не сложно подсажи как!!! нет времени колупаться в документации... мне нужно только на пару раз им воспользоваться.. или хотя бы ссылочку кини где читать *(Google translated)
wegass (4 years ago): Здесь одной кнопкой не обойдешся,самолет запускается как в реале!Так что,если пару раз воспользоваться,то проходи мимо...​c/111582-il-86-dlya-fsx/ *(Google translated)
spa5 (4 years ago): спс *(Google translated)

4 years ago
 5  за модель и за труд5 с+ ом, но вот такая проблема, наверно только у меня, звук от турбинов нету, половина систем не работает. Win7 x64 комп corei7 оперативная память 16GB, видео 4Gb 128Bit. в чем проблема?
Karstar (4 years ago): Zorgair не надо умничать! сим FSX + Acseleration pack (SP2) *(Google translated)
Karstar (4 years ago): нет, ничего из дефолтных не удалил, а может проблема в directx 10 И 11? сейчас попробую FSSound.dll для FSX найти. [-1] *(Google translated)
blankfrank (4 years ago): Звука движков в модели изначально нет! качайте из файлов для девяточного, ставьте, и будет вам радость! [+1] *(Google translated)
Karstar (4 years ago): blankfrank спасибо огромное *(Google translated)
Karstar (4 years ago): Zorgair не понял, что значит девяточные бесплатники? а где есть платный ИЛ-86? дайте ссылку на офф сайт! *(Google translated)
Karstar (4 years ago): Zorgair ну если есть мозги и руки, которыми руководит тот же мозг, думаю несложно ставить отдельно. Не ставьте под сомнением ваш первый пост. *(Google translated)

5 years ago
Does anyone had a problem with hanging up while loading the sim at the airport? And hang a version for FS9 FS9 in and version for FSH in FSH, respectively. I sin on a 7 Windu 64 discharge. Can this be done?
VirCaptain (5 years ago): No, the plane is working properly. win7/32bit *(Google translated)
Mordor96 (5 years ago): В семерке 64-разрядной все нормально работает. *(Google translated)
Dreamliner96 (5 years ago): На Домашней расширенной 64-разрядной версии все работает. Просто правильно устанавливайте, и не будет никаких проблем=) [+1] *(Google translated)
Hijacker (5 years ago): Так как его можно не правильно установить? От имени администратора все сделано. *(Google translated)
Hijacker (5 years ago): Разобрался. Из-за USB клавиатуры не грузится самолет. Отключаю клаву на время загрузки ВС. *(Google translated)
koshkoshka (4 years ago): У всех же щас USB. *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  class, Thank you!

5 years ago
 5  Thank you for this, it is excellent.
I am English and I don't mind that it's in Russian, excellence is excellence whoever has achieved it.
Glize (5 years ago): I rossiyskiy.Tozhe agree that perfection is perfect) [+6] *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  Creator tremendous thanks and greetings! Since déjà! PS tell me, why do I have wings in the air about some of the lattice hang? in drugs please.

5 years ago
 5  Model beautiful cabin - class, but I have a sound does not work??
Kirill Konovalov (5 years ago): Sounds in a package no. Take any like it, good choice for 1986 is ... *(Google translated)
V1tyok (5 years ago): OK, thanks. *(Google translated)

5 years ago
uzhos! [-16]
86110 (5 years ago): Arkadnik negodue! [-1] *(Google translated)
Zikki (5 years ago): stu201 decided to troll repaired? *(Google translated)
stu201 (5 years ago): You are wrong, the model curve and from *(Google translated)
becass (5 years ago): and you're real pilot il86 or RLE vyzubril? if it does not start with CTRL + E and there is no zhopies harmine does not mean that the model curve *(Google translated)
Zikki (5 years ago): becass cramming RLE nothing daet.ya can vyzubrit RLE, but if I do not understand the meaning of terms, this knowledge will give me nothing *(Google translated)
Mr_Ignatius (5 years ago): becas, you straight about early I said)) *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  Well done.

5 years ago
Cool craft, but I have some reason in the 3D cockpit black top panel and all devices are not rabotayut.Pochemu such garbage, can someone tell me?

6 years ago​ideo-93/samiy-perviy-il-86-239​08.html?action=viewonline

6 years ago
 5  The plane - a super, but that sound can cause problems: I have so: Tweeters are working, but the sound of the engine - no. Sound of 2004:​vuki-38/zvuki-nk-86versiya-2-0​0-21006.html?action=comments&a​mp;hl =

6 years ago
 5  remarkable aircraft, particularly the Air Force liked the skin! only devices do not work, appear normal, but they do not work for me, MFSX Deluxe Edition
Logitech (6 years ago): problem no longer run the program itself soboy.razreshil Gough from the administrator and now everything works! *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Thank you!

6 years ago
 5  Super! The only sound that you ((( [+1]

6 years ago
 5  Thank you.

6 years ago
 5  Good for Cyril. Imagine how much was invested in works of this model. Glad I did not get stuck on one model simulation. And decided to create a decent model for the 10s. I wish you success in future model-building. We hope that the same has not been forgotten IL 96-300. [+16]

6 years ago
 5  Cool! But unfortunately with the navigation did not understand ( [+1]

6 years ago
 5  Well done.
VLAZ (6 years ago): Guys! Primarily want to apologize! (I'm the last six years is at odds with the policies of our "government" because, instead of enhance the prestige of the sixth part of land in the eyes of the developed countries, they are engaged in the discovery of the monuments of religion, burning dozens of tone kerosene, by the way - paid for Russian taxpayers ...) for his rudeness, excuse me, what tore the evil in you ... But you - is not right, I just wanted to help, in terms of dynamics and how you express it - inzhenerki. Let us be honest to each other, I do not want, and probably, and you do not want to be called - "nedodelanymi, no offense - it's just constructive criticism ... I really would like you to give me a description of the RLE of the aircraft (on the authorship, I do not pretend, I just want to learn from the descendants of more complex technology than Airbus and Boeing, and I'm not in any way want to demean the merits Konstuktoov Evroopy and America in front of world aviation. and fell in love, even if your Gordst for their creations you do not pereplyunet, I am always ready with you to become one system to get cuffs ... In short, I wanted to say, I am always ready to help if you feel it help - need, namely, not to be unfounded, I do control a flight engineer in 2D, and you translate it in 3d - CAB, I will not sing deferamby (price you are yourself and so you know) if it were possible to put ten points, I'd bet, but most of the request does not relax, and move forward! Sincerely, Vladimir. [+3] *(Google translated)
gosha-z (6 years ago): Oh, here it is constructive! Wills in PM *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  5 and only 5 Excellent model, VC well thought out, and most importantly it works! Thanks to the author very much! [+1]

6 years ago
 5  We must continue !!!!!!!!!!!! Sov etsky fleet! "And then I understood and had shot into the bushes until next year! Where's Yak-40 for FSX odaptirovanny and finally parents TU-154 under FSX with 3d and all Ponte as in WILCO!!! In the meantime, relax, we have nothing far from perfect, but you CAN If you want !!!!!!!!!!!! [-4]
pro100gamer (6 years ago): And you do not oborzeli whether Mr. avaksAEV? [+4] *(Google translated)
serg_p (6 years ago): And you, awacsAEW, it seems this thing is very simple? Try it yourself, do something about it. Just really, in earnest. If there is a shred of sense in your head, then after three months of such stupidity there would never fall. And yet. I say this is the second person. You no one and nothing should! I do not know, can be useless, but somehow I can not pass such a silence: "And then I understood and had shot into the bushes until next year !!!". *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): Sergey. Here I'll stand by 100%. It is simply arrogance and disrespect to the developers, coupled with ignorance. You Che, completely "to" what-if ... You know how to develop a model of time required? Even her porting? Have you ever savvy least a little bit, what you say ????!!!! Try to make a Sim something about themselves, even though "his native village of Borisovo, and then I look at you when you are in a lather after a three-four months of intense work in his spare time, will scour the forums and websites, looking for the right material and photographs, documents and maps. And then the painful to think how to implement it, how to implement it ... Have a Conscience. [+1] *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): PS For reference. Porting in 1986 took six months of hard work of 4 people. Six months killed the free time that each of us could devote to his family, home, fly in Sim, finally ... And this porting. ie Simply transfer Cooking with 9 / 10 ... [+1] *(Google translated)
NAVYNK (6 years ago): awacsAEW, So, what's stopping you fly on WILCO, with all ponta? Remember, you are no one should. Do you want a model with all Pontus, and in time, take and take, who's stopping you? People make you a model, wasting their own time, as you put it so bad, ugly. [+7] *(Google translated)
becass (5 years ago): awacsAEW patched 50k rubles and get in a short sroki.a so shoo under the bench with his insolence [+1] *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  AHRENET. Thank you so much Santa Claus!

6 years ago
 5  Super! Thank you! [-1]

6 years ago
 4  Wow, looks like an awesome freeware aircraft, but without english documentation it's so difficult to handle. :( Don't speak russian either. [-3]
DIR (6 years ago): Since the plane is Russian! (The plane initially Russian!) [+1] *(Google translated)
pro100gamer (6 years ago): So what? *(Google translated)
JeKKa3XX (6 years ago): plane maozhet byti Russian and not Russian: D *(Google translated)
Murdoch07191 (6 years ago): any chance to have an english documentation one time? i doesn't have to be long, just long enough to get the bird flying.
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): My dear non-russian speaking friends! There is no even russian documentation for current version at this point. The russian-speaking manual is nearing complition. I haven't got time to write english-documentation. Please, if you can write simple instruction for non-russian speaking community, contact me. I can explain how to fly and give screenshots and comments to someone who can write non-russian manual. But we need to finish russian documentation first! *(Google translated)
Murdoch07191 (6 years ago): ok, thanks for the answer, спасибо!
Tim-aero (6 years ago): And why you should provide documentation in English? In the Russian-speaking people themselves translate documents from English into Russian and spread it to share. Take it and translate! A lower estimate due to the fact that you did not bring everything on a silver platter - it is not primarily about respect for the author and those people who, together with the author worked on this model. *(Google translated)
Murdoch07191 (6 years ago): what's the point? english is a language many people speak and it's the official language of aviation. when france builds an aircraft, it's documented on french - and english. when spain builds an aircraft, it's documented on spanish - and english. when germany builds an aircraft, it's documented on german - and english. I have a lot of respect for the author especially when I look at the nicely detailed model and systems but it is arrogant to say: it's a russian airplane so learn bloody russian! we are all fans of aviation and aircraft and I would love to use more russian aircrafts. they are unique and their are going to disappear completely in the future. so basically, I can find out a lot by myself but a short english manual would make it much more easier. but a russian doc is ok, either. i'll try to translate it then.
Tim-aero (6 years ago): Murdoch07191 - you even do not know about the framework of international law. Let it be known that the generally accepted international rules (which among other things written in the UN Charter), there are 6 languages, which are allowed to conduct business communication: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic. All these languages are equally valid and does not discriminate in favor of one language to another. And you call to make Russian products (in this case the aircraft) for the sake of those who do not speak Russian. Something I have not seen that would have Wilco or PDMG - was officially manual in Russian. So if you do not want to transfer themselves to the manual of IL-86 from Russian to English - select other planes. Here you are nobody, nothing is required! [+2] *(Google translated)
Murdoch07191 (5 years ago): I am not claiming anything. It's ok for me. Is there already a Russian documentation then?

6 years ago
 5  Airplane super! But there is one "but" stekateli static electricity in the wrong place. They are on the wing meters at about 3 meters. [+2]
serg_p (6 years ago): Most likely not start dll NCP. Read the forum. In branch:​c/111582-il-86-dlya-fsx/ have correspondence with the user kirbatalov, read it. Probably not SimConnect-a or not that his version. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  thanks bro

6 years ago
 5  Model worthy of being paid) Bravo guys rock!

6 years ago
Thanks guys, for the aircraft, great! You are super! (Just could not fly - no instruments in the panel and the engine will not start, probably something with my "overclocked") Well done! All the best to you and good luck!
gosha-z (6 years ago): In the subject for discussion is the recipe for the treatment of *(Google translated)
Faktor (6 years ago): Yes, look. I even have a folder "x86_Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect_67c7c14424d61b5b_10.0.61242.0_x-ww_35e8ee9a" in windsurfing there. Probably some kind of symmetry left soobrazhalka bought or limping. Hurry second. But thank you for your attention. *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): You do not have SimKonnekt as such. Put Simkonnekt. With the first disk is typically FSX, then the disk Acceleration. Then take Haug, which Sergei kompilnul under SP2 in the subject line and replace it the one that comes in the package. *(Google translated)
Faktor (6 years ago): Guys, thank you very much for your advice, but such manipulation is not for me. I even do what SimKonnekt have no idea. Well close the topic. But in general, you fellows, such work is done! A VC, so that simply the product of art. Wow! *(Google translated)
kirbatalov (6 years ago): Faktor, nothing you do not want to try to follow the advice. I have long suffered, but did not give up, and now have the opportunity to fly on this remarkable aircraft. What I wish you the best. I have yet to master the tansy and limit my joy will not. I, too, at first folder was not, then appeared, but was not in their files. Try to just download Haug under CRACKDOWN specially. And it should work. Simkonnekt should be immediately installed with the crackdown. If it does not help, then exactly symmetric left. And while these findings do not, follow the advice, you will not regret!) *(Google translated)
DIR (6 years ago): Indelicate question! A Tansy or some pribambas can afford to fly on this samolete to create a plan of the default GPS? Well type as a NAV / GPS in cars. Habit, ocheen lacking. And so - samol Super, the first worthy patriotic creation for dozens. *(Google translated)
Faktor (6 years ago): Guys, once again thank everyone for their advice and suggestions, but it was with IL-86 to me is totally out of luck in FSX, and FS 2004 - here and there some zamorochki me. IL-96, for example, generally without problems, and PT Tu-154 all rasprekrasno. Both Sim I left, I already knew - folders SP1 and SP2 (which everybody says) are absent in both drives FSX - Overclocking RUS and, of course, simconnect I can not install and download anywhere, still can not find. So, suck and lick his paw. Maybe someday this will fall litsenzionniki, although sellers exactly my drives were assured that everything is OK, Kay. Still waiting with impatience the appearance of IL-62 and TU-134 TU-104 VC can with them, I have more luck than with the handsome IL-86, will I hope. Without VC modelki I did not even install - the flight with the panel - as the head professor at the Dole clamps to the windshield or anyone not want to offend, this is purely my opinion, nor anyone who does not impose. How many people - so many opinions! Once again thank you all and take my hat off to the passionate people that create such beautiful virtual aircraft. [+1] *(Google translated)
serg_p (6 years ago): Let us, through lichku arrange a meeting in Skyp-e. If the Skyp-e does not work, then so let's communicate via PM. I think that together we run the airline. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  wonderful machine, but, damn it, put, and no sound ((( [+1]
pilot220872mem (6 years ago): sounds to download separately on this site under Sound 2004 *(Google translated)
DIR (6 years ago): Personally, I stupidly dokinul sounds of 2004 of silt in this folder. In printsepe of no sound of engines. Tweeters and work. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Thank you!

6 years ago
Thank you very much, finally a dream come true

6 years ago
 5  Thank you! And now for holivara: let's such an X-Plane )))))
serg_p (6 years ago): Are you a conspiracy? One requires inzhenerku, arranged disassembly at the forum, your mother. Another come in X-Plane. Are you indeed think that rework instrumental complex and vizualku - like two fingers ... ? That would drag model of 86-th from FS9 to FSX, and make a new VC took five months of hard work, and Cyril and mine. And now we need to work on other models. While it is hot, while there is and means of (do not mean money) and people. *(Google translated)
Petrucho (6 years ago): ))) I'm not insist, though hpleyne are not plowed field, no normal aircraft, or more precisely 3 and 2 more on the way and that's it! And the dynamics there will be more difficult to fly, here and want more of our beautiful airliner Il-86, so it would be a bomb as his time Fri .. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Fucking !!!))) [+6]

6 years ago
 5  Cyril you just fine fellow! I was flying FSX two months and I can say that so well-made Russian aircraft on FSX is almost never find (and even with VC !!!!!!) think all fans of FSX will be very much grateful! ! (and indeed all of your work is only 5 or less! good luck in the following papers and Happy New Year!)

6 years ago
 5  ! ! !

6 years ago
 5  Well done

6 years ago
 5  That is so THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!

6 years ago
 5  Though not a fan of FSX, but I must say that is impressive.

6 years ago
 5  On the fan pretty good [-2]

6 years ago
 5  Excellent!

6 years ago
 5  Figase gift for the new year! THANK YOU
Ил-76 (6 years ago): No sound ... [-1] *(Google translated)
Maga72 (6 years ago): add !!!!! *(Google translated)
Karwer (6 years ago): Nail is not picking his ear? *(Google translated)
Maga72 (6 years ago): At the bottom of the author has already said how to fix this nasty thing! " *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  That's maschina!. Flew in a circle - to have fun. Respect to all involved in the model. Happy New Year to all of all .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago
 5  Deservedly

6 years ago
 5  Thank you very much already in Antalya. managed to round up), smooth devices simply Islands the only two minuses is that arrows some misconceptions can be shown, and appliances are not round and in all faces (roundness to them, we can take the example of the recent bomb Tu-144 from Nikita Konstantinov, there are devices krasvo smodelenny

6 years ago
 5  A dream come true !!!)) On New Year!)) Thank you very much! Good luck to you in Nova 2011!)) At a pace and Tu-154 for 10-ki will!)) [+1]

6 years ago
 5  If you could put a 100

6 years ago
 5  Beauty! Thank you very much! And I've got on your computer and a 9-ka and 10 ka and x-plane. Comp lets all fly)))

6 years ago
 5  That New Year's gifts go! Thank you for giving advance our technology in FSX! It is a pity that my favorite of IL-18 and AN-24 flying in only 9-ke ... Give two simulated on a computer!

6 years ago
 5  Thank you!

6 years ago
 5  Well. Only adapt to 9ke again sits on the top 10:)

6 years ago
 5  I tried, it is even very much, more scenes and aircraft in the X! [+9]

6 years ago
 5  Downloaded, will try during the day, because now I have to fly nedopustyat.A those who wrote every profgovno Happy New Year guys, life Needless nameste.Dumayu that defaulted 9ki was not so handsome originally!
Vitos (6 years ago): Defaulted nine - was just a "guard" ... *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Happy New Year! With the new happiness!

6 years ago
 5  Beauty, thanks a lot.

6 years ago
 5  Wow! Thank you!
Mihail Stepanov

6 years ago
-1 Point for FSX. And since 5! Thank you! [-25]
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): Michael .... Well, why are you so =). Well as you can sit on the prehistoric nine =) [+20] *(Google translated)
tranzit_il (6 years ago): what you have against the 10-ki? oh yeah, I forgot ... there is no normal poltinika ... [+4] *(Google translated)
Mihail Stepanov (6 years ago): Yes it is the brake, the iron under it yet. A beauty as such there is no-FS9 with all the twists FSX outbid. Generally deprived of the beauty of symmetry. Uncover race-shooters (even ancient) so there is even grass in 3D is done. Anyway, the model does not apply ... *(Google translated)
Mihail Stepanov (6 years ago): A poltinika not there at all :-) *(Google translated)
tranzit_il (6 years ago): Michael, SW. do not argue that the normal gland 10 ka is much more realistic and beautiful ... a good hardware of course, not all ... but even on my serednyachki many years ago 10-ka is not tell INTO flies, but tolerable, and looks much nicer (more realistic) 9 ki [+1] *(Google translated)
wegass (6 years ago): As so ,86-oh created for 10-weave! And I think that 2011 is the year MFSXa! Want to believe it ... No offense to owners and fans of the 2004th sim, but X better! I understand that the vast majority are not strong compensation, but believe ,10-how best! I'm not a little yuzal 2004th symbol, and eventually made his choice-MFSX better, and that's it! not by what for him today the 86th laid out, it's just better! "Well, now I can minus, at least until blue in the face ..." Merry Christmas, gentlemen !!!;-) [+13] *(Google translated)
kroll (6 years ago): Gonzalo and fs9 and fsx, and all the lovely ))))))))) *(Google translated)
zh03 (6 years ago): Thanks to the authors - good work - Happy New Year! - Only now I am a complete fan of FS-9 - and not in the iron business - I've been known renegade, a defender of the good old nines - that I bought 2 weeks ago 10 of the license. iron and I did not last - flew a week - it is beautiful, of course, all sorts of tchotchke for free ... - Erased - and nowhere to fly ... By bourgeoisie is, natyagal, you know, where, as here, the CIS, there is really nothing - he thought - but on a fig by default to fly? no rush ... Sorry that is not for 9-ki ... A beautiful work - well done! Maybe I'm wrong - but that's because, once again all the CIS countries! - Ie C-H ovym Mr. Odom! *(Google translated)
zh03 (6 years ago): Thanks to the authors - good work - Happy New Year! - Only now I am a complete fan of FS-9 - and not in the iron business - I've been known renegade, a defender of the good old nines - that I bought 2 weeks ago 10 of the license. iron and I did not last - flew a week - it is beautiful, of course, all sorts of tchotchke for free ... - Erased - and nowhere to fly ... By bourgeoisie is, natyagal, you know, where, as here, the CIS, there is really nothing - he thought - but on a fig by default to fly? no rush ... Sorry that is not for 9-ki ... A beautiful work - well done! Maybe I'm wrong - but that's because, once again all the CIS countries! - Ie C-H ovym Mr. Odom! [+1] *(Google translated)
Vitos (6 years ago): Misha, from you, such a ridiculous answer, I just did not expect. Including the brain, you do not like stupid. If you do not iron, it does not mean that he was not at others, in general, do not you speak properly. [+1] *(Google translated)
Anikron (6 years ago): Mihail Stepanov, delirium may be enough to carry? So I do not understand why you have FS2004, and say something about FSX? Correct setup + percent i7 + 8GB RAM + video card 1GB = MSFSX simulator and a bunch of addons from 50-60 FPS. *(Google translated)
Anikron (6 years ago): pS and FS2004 FSX does not surpass the graphics and it has since proved! I'll throw some pogmu video if vy find the FS2004 with the same graphics, I'll admit that was wrong. [+1] *(Google translated)
Mihail Stepanov (6 years ago): In general, Hove, rebyatki not our theme! *(Google translated)
VLAZ (6 years ago): Michael, do not need so adamantly! I understand that hurt, and I understand you in the subject line "Raska," though I do not share your views ... I love you very much respect for what you have, instead of using other people's creations and share online video on how I put the virtual plane is not afraid to break up with no idea of what a real atmosphere, you - create and most importantly ... I, like you at one time, was very adamant against FS 2004 against the FSX, but when exactly INEC and flew FSX, then much knew how it differs from the FS 2004, though spent 20,000 rubles for a new iron and disillusioned vozmozhnast editing FSX, but realized one thing that Microsoft will never come back to FS 2004 and will move forward, and we are Russians, if you do not want to lag behind the whole civilized world, At least in cyberspace - should go after him, and even ahead .. . And do not ever be ashamed of the title of Designer (albeit virtual), because even under the communists - a simulator cost is always (at least) vpoltora times more expensive than a similar aircraft to him, and that says it all, only very few could be used to end the possibility of a simulator in That is our mistake, and now reaping the fruits of crashes ... And those who put a negative sign (on the sly), - I beg to argue your opinion, because not all of Russia - My mother made it possible to buy iron on time, following the advanced power, but gave the brains and desire to work, and unpaid, taking into account the benefit of those who put these disadvantages, and in fact I'm sure most of you are clean - the consumers of other people's talent ... Misha, the New Year, I wish you the money and health, and the rest - will follow! Sincerely, Vladimir. *(Google translated)
Mihail Stepanov (6 years ago): Thank you, Vladimir! Happy New Year! Was at one time Windows Millenium. Not very successful hack Microsoft. So, FSX is very similar to my WinMe. Waiting for just the next version, sure, FSX will not live long, and the simulator will be a worthy purchase even the most expensive companies, but it would be a breakthrough. And while FSX-not worth powder and shot, alas. *(Google translated)
Zorgair (6 years ago): Are you friends! For Sim version is not a reason for fighting! "All we are flying, and above all in the same native sky! Happy New Year! [+1] *(Google translated)
Mihail Stepanov (6 years ago): And anyway, to spend £ 50.000 on a normal PC that it was pulling FSX on max settings (and it is unlikely), this excuse izvraschenstvo. For the money I have at the flying club at least 10-15 hours of incident on the real aircraft, calm and free poletyvaya in FS9. Everything must have an economic justification, and it is reasonable. [+1] *(Google translated)
Sins (6 years ago): Happy New Year to all! I would say that we should not oppose the two versions of the sim, for example, I keep both on your computer. And 20 percent of flights do a 9-kyo. Although almost all of my work posted on the site, do it for 10-ki. And in that, and in another version of the Sim has his own, so to speak, the color. And especially do not need to swear to each other because of who prefers what version. I fully support this Zorgair!!! Once again, Happy New Year! *(Google translated)
Sins (6 years ago): And you, Michael, I too agree. Whether to spend £ 50.000 on a normal PC that it was pulling FSX on max settings, everyone decides for himself. I for example, decided to spend four times less to upgrade to 10-ka was at my settings are not at maximum, but above average. To each his own ... *(Google translated)
Mihail Stepanov (6 years ago): PR 86 th sly :-))) *(Google translated)
Intel_Rus (6 years ago): The old man looks like the second time in 10 beautiful fsh and iron requires a much more modest. *(Google translated)
VernoN (6 years ago): Intel_Rus you adequate? *(Google translated)
Intel_Rus (6 years ago): Absolutely. And what is it? *(Google translated)
Gennn (6 years ago): Stupid argument. Fly on the 10-ke out for those who can not find a 9-ku. And 9 am-ku and 10 ku and complex that it is easy to pull the two versions. Summer, and here and there, but in the 10-ke or obletyvayu interesting aircraft, or only the mission, mainly because of the lack of native ports of Novosibirsk (the other ports I pofigu, although there are quite a few). 9-ka perfected and scenarios and models, it already has everything. Better to just real. A 10-ka only has a few quality textures. It has not and will never have a count of ports and planes and therefore can never rise to the level of 9-ki. Alas ... MFSH / Vista - heavy-weight intermediate makeshift. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
Talk here:​c/111582-il-86-dlya-fsx/
tranzit_il (6 years ago): Come on, let New CEP between 9 and 10:) 10 pokashto wins:) *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Hurrah!))) finally! you have performed a promise! Thanks, Cyril. Happy New Year) [+1]

6 years ago
 5  FIVE! Thank you very much! Straight New Year's gift))

6 years ago
 5  Great airplane! Thanks! But could you do or tell me where I can found eanglish documentation? I don't speak Russian:(
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): There is no English Documentation at this time, i'm very sorry. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Here is a gift! Thank you very much! Happy New Year! [+1]

6 years ago
 5  Guys, Thank you! Download and fly in the New Year. I wish you happiness, health and success in life and work. Happy New Year!

6 years ago
 5  Nuuuu here is a gift! Guys, thank you very much! Good luck to you all, and most importantly healthy! Thank you!

6 years ago
 5  Great! The fact that 3 screenshot IL-87 (IL-80), is it true? If yes, great spasibische! Happy New Year:)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): Yes, it's 87 =) *(Google translated)
toxin_pilot (6 years ago): Thank you so much! I have long waited for this model! And I'm not alone! Cyril, you expressly Santa Claus in the coming year! Bravo:) Good luck! Happy New Year:) *(Google translated)
VYLL (6 years ago): That would be IL-87 for 9-ki ... first wanted one of 10 due to the aircraft, when usually the opposite [+1] *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): toxin_pilot, And it will not work in 9-kyo. No instruments, no model. What would you do. Will not work. *(Google translated)
toxin_pilot (6 years ago): Sorry, I tried .. Nifiga: (But no, where's my box with FSH:) [+2] *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  uraa ...) Thanks guys for the gift)

6 years ago
 5  Thank you! Vladivostok, Happy New Year! [+1]

6 years ago
 5  Afftor God grant you health and more beautiful mistress))) [+3]
Maga72 (6 years ago): Guys what with the sound? *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): I am a little below in comments written. The sounds we have no rights, in the package are not included. Here in zvukmah for 2004 is very good. *(Google translated)
Maga72 (6 years ago): Pasibki I figured out))) *(Google translated)
serg_p (6 years ago): For example, I use here these​l?fileid=2334 *(Google translated)
Trataton (6 years ago): serg_p out why it is still no sound .. the cabin is outside and no .. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  That's yeah! Akkurat the New Year! Spasiiiibische! Respect to you! Happy New Year!))) [+2]
Adrenaline (6 years ago): Reason to move to 10-ku [+1] *(Google translated)
kroll (6 years ago): too early yet *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): Occasion-an occasion .... and no but. And I dare you all to assure you that this is not the last such "excuse". =) *(Google translated)
Adrenaline (6 years ago): Op-na) And here please detail) *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): Not nizya ... Yes, and time to develop do not know how many will be. *(Google translated)
ILYA1995 (6 years ago): Why are you all so fond of 2004 simulator? I have a 10 year-ke sit, only because of the fact that the 2004 amendments more? *(Google translated)
Adrenaline (6 years ago): Da.Pochti all Russian ports are on a 9-ku. *(Google translated)
Adrenaline (6 years ago): And with the proper setup of the graph is not inferior to 10-ke. [+2] *(Google translated)
kroll (6 years ago): No, due to the fact that there is better graphics .))))))))))))))))))) *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): Not nizya ... Yes, and time to develop do not know how many will be. *(Google translated)
Alvol (6 years ago): What would FLY! *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): How many of the 9-ki not squeeze 10-Koy she would not. Retrieved from their own experience. And about the ports ... If the hands of the place where it is necessary ... most of the ports is adapted. And without too much difficulty. *(Google translated)
strigino (6 years ago): Cyril, I remember you mentioned somewhere that after Tu-204/214, you will of IL-96. Not about this "excuse" you say? *(Google translated)
strigino (6 years ago): mentioned *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): No, not about this. On 204 is too much work, the BCC complex thing ... progammistam lot of work. Guys let's guess will not. I still do not know. *(Google translated)
Alex_buka (6 years ago): Cyril, the three posts above you mentioned the adaptation of the script by a 9-ki. Can write a small FAQ on it? And then I like the whole adaptation is discarding bgl-ca))) All 10-chniki would be very grateful! *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  Thank you for your gift! [+1]

6 years ago
 5  5 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [+10]
tranzit_il (6 years ago): +100500 *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  That's podarooook ...!!!

6 years ago
 5  Dreamed of. Thank you! [-1]

6 years ago
no sound
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): There are good sounds vrazdele sounds for 2004. I could not invest it - we have net for permission. *(Google translated)
kroll (6 years ago): clear, thank you, fps charming *(Google translated)
kroll (6 years ago): forget the joy that evaluation 5 +++++++++++++++++++++ *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  )) Well done lads! and for FS2004 will be updated Bety 2?
Kirill Konovalov (6 years ago): No, sorry, but unfortunately under renovation Fs2004 not planned yet, for many reasons. Happy New Year to you! *(Google translated)
airbus319 (6 years ago): aa clear:) you too with a NG)) I want to thank once again for the version Beta 2 for FS9) is very pleased) *(Google translated)
Lion777 (6 years ago): Very sorry *(Google translated)

6 years ago

6 years ago
 5  Uhh thanks, now let's see:) Happy New Year!

6 years ago
 5  wow spasiibo waited so long to craft 3d !!!!!

6 years ago
 5  Thank you guys! With the release of you and happy new year! [+1]

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