The roller with the passage of Migalovo - Pulkovo. Landed at ULLI in fog, visibility is 400 m. We would like to hear about my errors (except for early alignment and the associated release intertseptorov at a height of 1 m). Headlamps during landing were in a position landing after zarulivaniya, replay'em forgot to switch.
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Of course you can, without touching, but all of the engines. Was written, not that it is impossible not prescribe RLE, and the fact that withdrawal from touch, do not (with that) no. isc, 11 years ago, #
At the TU-154 can go without landing any height up to the height of the beginning of alignment, it is 4-6 meters (read RLE) FireFly, 11 years ago, #
To begin with, the entry for the 2nd category is run only in automatic, but the CDF. Therefore, at the CDF, you either turn off the ABSU and finishes it with a reliable contact with the runway lights, or go to the second without a onogo. Ready to solve over 100 feet to the CDF or the "score", as here, a team of "hundred to minima", as they (not the western technique). Entry to the 2nd category perform two pilots. The second pilot pilot (not the monitors of the AP) to the CDF, and the commander of the date the assessment looks just outside the cockpit in order to establish contact with the runway lights. If the sets, the CDF confirmed that the words, takes control, turn off autopilot and aircraft seats. If not, care for the second produces a co-pilot. Each company has the right to change this order. I have outlined is usually realized. Treatment with 30 meters you can do with touching runway. This is not anything terrible. The discrepancy is that the symposium did implement some of the mathematical model, which differs from the real. In the life course, with some landing weight, you can go without touching. Mode at low visibility need to be kept until it touches, as have the illusion of space-to-ground seems lower. I hope that I explained. isc, 11 years ago, #
When you visit me in the fog machine is not terrible, all the same instrument pilot, and a height of 60 meters ... (actually, the weather was 400h30, which corresponds to minimize the aircraft). By the way, I've read that the minimum height of 30 meters of the departure that, in this case the aircraft pass directly over the ground, while Sime can go from 10 meters, not touching the ground, the main mode is not clean. Where is the discrepancy? suzom, 11 years ago, #
Well done, for the first flight is not bad. The truth is, I would like to fix the weather below the 2nd category of ICAO (the land appeared to ~ 25 meters), and visibility on the strip is less than 400. Terms obvious to care for a second. The reason is not included lights and approach lanes. Would include the land would have seen before, and it would be easier to plant. By the way, with such visibility, they are required. In the simulator is the possibility of forced inclusion. Good luck in the future. isc, 11 years ago, #
Yes ... for me it landing only dream ...!!! Летчик-налетчик, 11 years ago, #
By realism, I strive until early ... now trying to fly in the box shturvalnom a director with the call, obtained fig. suzom, 11 years ago, #
Well done! Only during landing in fog (if you strive for greater realism) in the headlights of taxi should be put, or do without them. gLOCk1986, 11 years ago, #
Good movie. Only when an overload is too much touch. Grade landing. Пилот, 11 years ago, #
Yes, I fly it just has bad as recently. This flight is not just for take-off debris, zasmotrelsya on something, came to the critical angle of attack, lost his speed to nearly 200 km / h. And when planting, I usually happens before leveling or slight vzmyvanie ... Well, a couple of times appended to vertikalkoy about 2 m / sec. Lethe always on the weather Jeppesen. Runways came from the files on this site that something like RunWayRus the latest version. suzom, 11 years ago, #
The film looked - well done, good summer! I am the way, too, under the Soviet flag to fly on Aeroflot love:) Landing in the fog - it is something! You should also try to be, the truth and I have no fog is not always seat the PT ... Listen, question, and how you made such a snowy runway in Pulkovo? I'm there, it is the other, too, want this! : / Transmetter, 11 years ago, #

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