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Flying An-12 | Rating: 5!
The AN-12. Flying. Views from the land + of + the cockpit with the flight of non-motor.
→ Size: 28 MB
→ Date: 9 years ago (29.06.2009 19:33)
→ Uploaded by: VetalOK (uploaded 14 files )
→ Approved by moderator: omega
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
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Любимица! Жаль, пикселизация высокая, а так замечательно, спасибо! Oceanair, 4 years ago, #
Life smells. Definitely! an22a, 9 years ago, #
... Especially with the 20 th minute a thing! Slippers ... Adik, multicolored gloves, microphone-points), the shutter ... sandman, tobacco is why are all the guys in the air, when you're with the sky on ty, without Ponte and white shirts when belts instead of gold pendant Galunov, RґR°R°R° were the times .... Good luck to all in heaven and on earth. DIREKTOR, 9 years ago, #
Fly 12-shke? UR-OLK, 9 years ago, #
But there is one all the time with the parachute fly! And I think the pilot would never leave the plane because the pilot and the aircraft is one soul ... I have always believed that the aircraft has a soul ... VetalOK, 9 years ago, #
Класс! Andr1012, 4 years ago, #
Душевно! штурмовик, 4 years ago, #
Если не ошибаюсь-Центральный.Я в ГА,но там ,как резерв ВВС,принимали нас.Что сейчас с ним,кто знает? Antey01, 4 years ago, #
Завитинск, Амурская область,1995-1997г. ~Anonymous~, 2 months ago, #
Yes, there were times! Thanks to author! NAVYNK, 6 years ago, #
Maschina time ... and video and music:) Excellent! the author - ripnut with higher quality is possible ???!!! I think I am not a dream zaimet this video in a collection:) Usachev Pavel, 8 years ago, #
Nice, long movie. Plot length - all super. But the collection will not leave - the quality below the norm. Probably rip from VHS - as though it were 640x480 .. Your TV is fine? And then squares. Usually, the opposite being overwhelmed with the quality of five minutes - 100 Meg, and then author "overdo" maddi, 9 years ago, #
This video's 90!)) It was very emotional but the quality is not uluchnit! You can not tear down?)) VetalOK, 9 years ago, #
:) Pererip at 640x480 maddi, 9 years ago, #
Thanks to author! Thanks crew! Class! ANRI, 9 years ago, #
Please! VetalOK, 9 years ago, #
Excellent video! Gladdened rare stuff feathering the propeller, and the view of the strip to take off from the needle. It is not every day you see. A part razobrany stood at the airport like the Tu-16 or not? idealist, 9 years ago, #
No. .. VetalOK, 9 years ago, #
Great! Very emotional video! Pilot718, 9 years ago, #
Cool ... VetalOK, 9 years ago, #
Only 5. Say, a song in the first clip is not the case, Jean Michel Zhar? leksus, 9 years ago, #
Unfortunately I do not know! VetalOK, 9 years ago, #
Yes it is. Sanovich, 9 years ago, #
Thank you! An-12 is eternal ...) TAG, 9 years ago, #
Tenks yu!)) VetalOK, 9 years ago, #
Excellent! Remembered a similar picture in UKTSM beginning of the nineties. UR-OLK, 9 years ago, #
Yes .. VetalOK, 9 years ago, #
Ohrenitelno! The collection of VTA clearly, S‰R°SЃ looked already downloaded! Hits! Come on, Vitaly, pour! These masterpieces of 12 th and have not found in the recent past. UR-OLK, 9 years ago, #

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