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F/A-37 | Rating: 4.8!
American F/A-37 stealth technology. Flies very fast, the wings folded. Very maneuverable. Works in FS2004. I like!
→ Size: 19 MB
→ Date: 9 years ago (22.02.2009 17:25)
→ Author:
→ Uploaded by: Nebes787 (uploaded 7 files )
→ Approved by moderator: AirArt
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
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Evaluated the quality of work or, in some cases, the interest, which is its content. Interest - quality 0 - 0 sandeo, 9 years ago, #
In the nine is not. Balamut, 9 years ago, #
It is! gansik, 9 years ago, #
Oooo, who sent a file)) Intel_Rus, 9 years ago, #
Our chempeyun!))) Misty Ghost, 9 years ago, #
For space recommend. RussianPilot, 8 years ago, #
Look at the plane - he xx generation: there is no pilot in the cockpit (1 screen) Stakan, 8 years ago, #
the pilot was only because of the maneuverability of the aircraft from him there was nothing left fear56rus, 8 years ago, #
cool! Exotic65, 9 years ago, #
лол прикольно ~Anonymous~, 4 months ago, #
I like it! ars-medvedev, 7 years ago, #
The movie "Stealth" will soon be simulated in the Sime ... in the near future ... . nagirny_vladimir, 9 years ago, #
I love, only on this plane can be sverhzvuke in Sime drive .... Airis16, 9 years ago, #
не только) All_HafRA, 8 months ago, #
of course unrealistic, but origenalno, I liked it. Daniil826, 9 years ago, #
but I like! say what you want! zzitzz, 9 years ago, #
I do not put the number of kachetvo samleta, I did not ask for his beauty, and put in that new American planes look like large pieces gomna! Well, I hate them especially the new technology, they luzery this! All of our equipment is worse! And these new aircraft, or the 5-th generation of a simple geometric samovars with wings fuuuuuuuuuuu. @ntuan, 9 years ago, #
Dear! In this case, no one was interested in your personal dislike of amerikntsam. Put marks on the "product" rather than "seller" ... With the same success, katayas in Oka, can berate Mercedes and Chrysler, solely for their inomarochnoe origin. Transaero, 9 years ago, #
Dear, as I put the assessment of "good" and "sellers" as well. Grade Number 1! @ntuan, 9 years ago, #
@ ntuan, agree! "NATO is not able to fight - it is able to demonstrate their presence" - Medvedev DA :) Artem999, 9 years ago, #
Actually, Americans have the most efficient army in the world! Airplane albeit fictional, but cool! Nikd4, 8 years ago, #
Well, well, but something that "The most efficient army in the world" for almost 10 years of sitting and Afghanistan, and almost 7 years in Iraq, and know that something can not nobody beat Stakan, 8 years ago, #
This entertaining program. Do you want money cerns in Iraq !)))) There are many innocent civilians, so long. Nikd4, 8 years ago, #
nonsense: D Maxim_Utair, 9 years ago, #
First, download! "Please read before you make an assessment. Grades file, rather than the author. The quality of work or, in some cases, the interest, which is its content. The assessment should be as objective as possible. Please refrain from evaluation if you: * have a personal dislike, or know the author personally, and can not put a fair assessment * not sufficiently familiar with the file that you evaluate " Nebes787, 9 years ago, #
Ha. nasmeshil. Maxim_Utair, 9 years ago, #
Sam understand half the words and then quote. A.S.K., 9 years ago, #
Personal dislike of the author does not feel, for not personally familiar. C file (the contents of the archive and its quality) is not examined for the simple reason, which raised no absolutely no interest. It was indeed, a file archive becomes a rout (scrap-heap), this phantasmagoria, and other transformers. Not rated. There is already enough of these. ru_19_300, 9 years ago, #
There is no airplane! A.S.K., 9 years ago, #
In the movie "Stealth" is =) Elliond, 9 years ago, #
So opAt trifle matter! sandeo, 9 years ago, #
And it does not accidentally AIRDEN? sandeo, 9 years ago, #
Ha Ha Ha! gansik, 9 years ago, #
slapjack JSIC you again anneal, loL! HaN, 9 years ago, #
And you have me Zhoru recalls. A.S.K., 9 years ago, #
omg, what? HaN, 9 years ago, #
omg, what? HaN, 9 years ago, #
Meanwhile, that every young rats echo. A.S.K., 9 years ago, #
OMG, echo? Conversely, I rzhu over your postom.oO HaN, 9 years ago, #
I someone is waiting for banks KIVLAR, 9 years ago, #
F/A-37 Talon - fictional aircraft fighter U.S. Navy, as shown in the film «Stealth» 2005. Talon is capable of cruising ... FS Comments more than downloads) sandeo, 9 years ago, #
This is a montage. Khan, rye more. A.S.K., 9 years ago, #
Young people you have registered recently (most of you have had recently) did a decent forum for fans, the forum little-moaner, mother, layates, swears fie on you, bezdari. @ntuan, 9 years ago, #
This to me? Well, you know ...((( A.S.K., 9 years ago, #
seen only as a four noyut forum: Nebes787, airno, airden and Antoine. the rest is well enough! Maxim_Utair, 9 years ago, #
It is also appropriate but inadequate Maxim! @ntuan, 9 years ago, #
handsome! well joked!: DD Maxim_Utair, 9 years ago, #
but as a brake on the runway! But, a little unreal! But with @ ntuan I totally agree! Artem999, 9 years ago, #
Do not let the flaps 901-ый, 8 years ago, #

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