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Fully working in Concord MFSX
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Cool! 5! Although ... better if the Tu-144 has taken ... LainerRRW, 12 years ago, #
Уже есть Tmfmo, 1 month ago, #
ответил, спустя 11 лет!)))) ZorgsteinKilloo, 1 month ago, #
Лучше поздно, чем никогда! Annonim, 1 month ago, #
but know tu144 is a masterpiece of Soviet thought! izopark, 10 years ago, #
Know potsreot that the Tu-144 - a miscarriage Sov thought, Concord lost to the nines. Gladkov, 10 years ago, #
Ha-Ha "answer the expert, who participated in the creation of this aircraft. PS Holy shit. Tu - 144 remarkable aircraft. Django, 10 years ago, #
Bravo Especially pleased passenger compartment) Arm_O, 11 years ago, #
For the very idea of Concorde for 10-ki. However, I came across vporos speeds: - climbing on the train 60000 feet, and this is how I understand it a working train, from it can not be vyzhzhat more than 450 sites that proper for the height and speed is more than Mach 2.05, in terms of km / h which is around 800km / h in just one and a half times the speed of flight on a regular jet. And what if we ask of profits? Is this supersonic jet flies just a half times faster than conventional jet passenger plane? storozh, 11 years ago, #
Most working train in Concord 48500 futov.I speed on it about 1200km / h! Alexxejj, 11 years ago, #
lads, read the manual to fly: working Echelon - 54000, the speed of Mach 2.02, which is not 1200 but 2200 km / h. sanchous, 11 years ago, #
sanchous, 2,02 maha on earth and in echelon 54000 different things, TC pressure difference, but did so on?! if you believe mahometru this model is in echelon 54000 2.02 Mach = 500 knots (do not remember exactly but somewhere so) storozh, 11 years ago, #
climbing knots uenshayutsya and kick grow, so it's time we develop new high-speed lines) sanchous, 11 years ago, #
speed of Mach is the ratio of flight speed to the speed of sound (for a given height). is known zkorost sound with increasing height decreases (here's the answer to your question). mihasik, 11 years ago, #
3D is, the super trick! second pilot is well animated, I liked that. but the speaker did not inspired. immediately after touching the weight of its weight seemed to go on the tail, resulting in the plane "stand on its hind legs." and even when supposedly produces spoilers, Makhina well very sharply slows down and falls. issued with interceptors can not fly, only to fall), and the question here, but they have a Concorde? so screw here the dynamics of the PSS Concorde-sky for nine or more of a qualitative model, and will vasche sweetie)) as long as 4. Petr57, 12 years ago, #
"vertikalka from 15 to 60 during landing" - this is not very good) Ant0n1o, 12 years ago, #
Мать моя партизанская!! КАКОЕ УБОЖЕСТВО!!! arnoldych.69, 1 year ago, #
чудовперьях, на дату размещения файла глянь! ZorgsteinKilloo, 1 year ago, #
Класс!!!!!! ЁжЛётчик, 1 year ago, #
Ребят как утсановить? ~Anonymous~, 2 years ago, #
Классная модель! Одобряю! Еще бы 144ку сдалали нормальную... Joys, 7 years ago, #
Спасибо мне рассказывали что дэшку нормальную сделали, искать лень было)) А по теме Upd. Слетал на Конкорде из Шереметьево в Дубай, машина супер, глиссаду держит, на эшелоне шёл 2.05, почти максималка, FL599)) Ток 3д мёртвая, почти ничего "не тыркается" Joys, 7 years ago, #
В принципе - летабельная модель. Салон порадовал. garmash, 7 years ago, #
If you do not know: the cause of the death of Tu 144 in France was secretly sabotage the Concorde investigation included someone neispytanogo function at that time to include secondary autopilot (closed kolpachkom.Pered flight mechanic serviced the French because of illness svoego.Konkord and could not overtake the 144 by speed reduction and a set of vertical as well as min-speed landing (140uzlov. ilm777, 10 years ago, #
Go away nafig leavened potsreot pro100gamer, 10 years ago, #
I can say one is a stripped-down Concorde ... I weigh about 275 meters .... or so squeezed ... Dreamliner96, 11 years ago, #
Assessment is not my picture so as not to spoil. In my view need to be a fan of this liner. In general, all very nice and probably) plausible, although I am on a 4-kilometer airport oh UKBB barely managed to take off. Asterix, 11 years ago, #
at four RussianPilot, 12 years ago, #
and this is just me trying to achieve 2 Makhov appears "privyshenie allowable speed"? And so not a bad machine. SAS1981, 12 years ago, #
and "fire" of the engines as on the screenshot, too, no:) SAS1981, 12 years ago, #
No Fire! And for the excess! It depends on what echelon fly! Alexxejj, 12 years ago, #
To fire, try Shift + F4 ("afterburning" in the settings Sim) Lion King, 11 years ago, #
5 and more! Abzal, 12 years ago, #
and 3D panel is? Pilot1601, 12 years ago, #
By the way, as there is at the expense of 3D? cfif921, 12 years ago, #
eeh ... sorry =) Pilot1601, 12 years ago, #
precisely in the 3D panel devices are working, so only put the autopilot and other data can be in 2D. Alexxejj, 12 years ago, #
Well, I think those who fly with FsPassenger problems with the autopilot will SimObjekts, 12 years ago, #
Actually Mach 2,02 at that tier is about 2000 km / hour "ground" speed. Something with mahmetrom this model is not something ... victr3756, 11 years ago, #