Foo Vasya soot An-2 in Tolmachevo. But he did not suspect that the band can be so short ...
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Cool whitman, 9 years ago, #
Very fun! Raised the spirits! DOTS154, 9 years ago, #
For that lifted the mood! tserg, 9 years ago, #
EN TROLET, however:) LennyPilot, 9 years ago, #
Author - maladets. :) Kostas68, 9 years ago, #
funny, laughed:) RAID74, 9 years ago, #
Soglasen.Ya idiot.No engaged in aero already 6 years old, had never seen anything like it in real. In this Ile wind, which would put an2 to strip (30-40 m), or go to the emergency, or ... lose pozhiznenno.Ya pilot is no longer talking about the very permission to take off. Sim actually corrupts pilota.Zabava for virtual only. =Gnom=, 9 years ago, #
Cool only Sime. Plant in both realities:))) In short this video once again suggests that the sim and real inconsistent. "Tochite" dynamics models at least until posineniya. =Gnom=, 9 years ago, #
Gnom, you probably do not never seen such a parashyutirovanie in reality? look at yutyube - find. And tsessny against the wind, and aircraft potyazhelee - just behave in a strong oncoming wind, so that Posada so real. And by the way - only a complete idiot would say that the symposium and the real are one and the same! You Listen to this phrase! :)) RAID74, 9 years ago, #
Ah cool !!!!!!!! Teufel, 9 years ago, #
For short and wide odnaznachno 5! Laughed good! listliner, 9 years ago, #
Then the Americans aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing invent and our AN-2 is already a hundred years of flying, and here is an example of vertical almost posadki.Klass Тахиор2, 9 years ago, #
Cool! Just like in AnikGі, "the band is short, but it is wide! Sasovopilot, 9 years ago, #
RЎSѓRїRµSЂSЃRєRyo! >LeadeR<, 9 years ago, #
Well, you certainly put the wind of 100 knots =)) KIVLAR, 9 years ago, #
Well, not 100 kaneshn but decently))) aiRoNe, 9 years ago, #
cool ZOLTAR, 9 years ago, #
xDDD parzhal! qip88, 9 years ago, #
bggg))) fast zatarmazil) HaN, 9 years ago, #
modelku downloaded from where?) HaN, 9 years ago, #
because S‰R°SЃ covers me, I porzhal)) mounted cool Ramzez, 9 years ago, #
not really ... Ivanomur, 7 years ago, #
За наплевать... 81384, 6 years ago, #
хули ганьё).. aleksis2111, 5 years ago, #
ацтойно ! Mermoz, 6 years ago, #
This, as they say, five ...: / NoFL, 9 years ago, #
About! A comrade NoFL a split in the decision: Assessment - 1. Comments to the assessment: "That, as they say, five." In short, how to understand it? tserg, 9 years ago, #
What assessment has - and to understand. No, I missed) NoFL, 9 years ago, #
when the score of one at odds with the views of all - there is reason to think :)))) RAID74, 9 years ago, #
Think how much you want) NoFL, 9 years ago, #
But about all the talk would not recommend. If you have something to look at it and assess the nothing to hide, and when this is so I can not, but at least look it, but that look does not matter if I score and not commented 5 so 5, as anyone. But then the movie, and claimed the film script, and the video quality (taken Tolmacheva scenario, because not in the same scenario Uryupinsk (so do not offends me in Uryupinsk), and the second type of window used, but ponakrucheno are not quite in the topic, frames are combined disgusting. look better with the installation of a feature film or even popular science, or lyubitelsky and drive back to who you sold it. We must speak clearly, like it or not. NoFL. say clearly, but with humor. Who does not know Well not on that topic came .... Борт174, 9 years ago, #
From the field esperementrovaniya. Sorry, but do not like .... Борт174, 9 years ago, #
But for this we will try banirovat ... Борт174, 9 years ago, #
Удачи!!! SergKalashnikov, 5 years ago, #

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