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This scenario is taken from the official site Virtual Belavia
→ Size: 49 MB
→ Date: 7 years ago (31.10.2010 21:02)
→ Author: Не знаю, кто автор, но не один человек, это точно.
→ Uploaded by: Vladimir_76 (uploaded 60 files )
→ Approved by moderator: Lenya69
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 6307 time(s)
Give us all frishniki on avsim! Huge_Dude, 7 years ago, #
Frishniku this could be the envy of every other frishnik Vladimir_76, 7 years ago, #
Сценарий супер!!!!!)))))
Родной аэропорт))))))))))......СПАСИБО создателем и выложевшему!!!)))
ansuiltu, 6 years ago, #
дайте кто нибудь ссылку, если есть аэропорт корфу lgkr ~Anonymous~, 1 year ago, #
Подскажите пожалуйста, всё вроде делал, как написано в ридми, но здание аэропорта чёрного цвета, некоторые части ВПП тоже. Оценку пока не ставил, т.к. не могу оценить. Заранее спасибо! SergKalashnikov, 5 years ago, #
Ещё раз внимательно проверьте! НИ У КОГО ПРОБЛЕМ НЕ БЫЛО НИКОГДА! Vladimir_76, 5 years ago, #
Спасибо, ещё раз попробую. SergKalashnikov, 5 years ago, #
просто отличный сценарий grigg747, 5 years ago, #
Оценку не ставил, чтобы общую картину не портить, но сценарий абсолютно не впечатлил... velros, 5 years ago, #
Вот и правильно сделал-не для твоего недалекого ума эта работа. UR67393, 5 years ago, #
Спасибо! SRB_PI, 6 years ago, #
. kroll, 7 years ago, #
And that scenario, only summer textures ..?!! Флюгер, 7 years ago, #
Yes Vladimir_76, 7 years ago, #
Thank you! I liked it Lytkin, 7 years ago, #
Super scene! Thank you! Ant0n1o, 7 years ago, #
The script is very pleased, not only the texture of the RD NRA .... Who knows how to replace? Exeletor, 7 years ago, #
by ImageTool open texture in the folder ... Flight Simulator 9 Addon Scenery UMMS_V9.1 Texture, convert them to the same ImageTool in a suitable format for graphics editors, the change that you think is necessary. Then again ImageTool for reverse conversion. Lenya69, 7 years ago, #
Thanks for the reply, there is another problem. Textures show through, landing on the runway. Description of the problem here:​c/121406-scenariy-umms/page__g​opid__1972374 # entry1972374 Exeletor, 6 years ago, #
Five and creators, and place. Antares, a general scenario, then why post on the sites, why download on your PC? Take them all directly from the creators of every time-you know how to find them ... Gennn, 7 years ago, #
Did not understand the folder UMMS Object library to put some scripts, higher priority to the first two, or scatter in Scenery and Texture folders camogo AIRPORT UMMS_V9.1? Put-appreciated) Thank you))) Горизонт, 7 years ago, #
So it must be in the Sim (the final form of top-down): UMMS_V9.1; UMMS_LC; UMMS_ObjLib Vladimir_76, 7 years ago, #
Assessment of children-creators! Great script! Vladimir_76, 7 years ago, #
Thank you! Cool scene ... I have such a port in the collection was not yet!)) dimon-omon, 7 years ago, #
And why it had to be taken from the site "Belavia" and post here?? Think of the website WAC Belavia nobody knows? Wrong! Antares, 7 years ago, #
Who says he does not know? Why You? :-( Vladimir_76, 7 years ago, #
Um, well, generally I do not know, but in the scenario of Minsk has not yet need ... for now. sergey5993, 7 years ago, #
I should be aware of your all sites foreign currency? Exelletor, 7 years ago, #
Belarus foreign sites? N-n-da .. Vladimir_76, 7 years ago, #
Vladimir_76, and that you are so confused by the word "foreign"? Or do you think there all citizens of Belarus? Partizan-cs, 7 years ago, #
Yes, confusing! And to think so, it was necessary to do without head to be born Vladimir_76, 7 years ago, #
to Vladimir_76mem: For explanatory dictionary - "foreign, foreign, strange, belonging to another country, eemle, state, foreign, overseas, not his, a stranger, a non-native." For me, Belarus - another state, although almost in Russia, but Russia is not the same. And to think so - it turns out that our President Lukashenko =))))))))) Harli, 7 years ago, #
Я не знал и хорошо что тут есть. IAA10051990, 11 months ago, #

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