The purpose of this first tutorial is to give you a basic document to fly the MD-11 using real procedures, on a flight from A to
B with “best use of equipment”, meaning everything on autopilot and all systems in normal operation mode or automatic
mode. There will be no information regarding manual flight procedures,
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→ Author: Andrey Stupnikov
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This is a mockery. The point spread this zhut? Владимир, 10 years ago, #
to neigh))) Юра, 10 years ago, #
must move to the "humor" Юра, 10 years ago, #
Yes Is it surprising that "perfect" machine translation :-) Владимир, 10 years ago, #
Machine Translator rulit ... Author: postesnyalsya I would be so, but he lay. Fishbed, 10 years ago, #
Tin, TRANSLATIONS Quote from: "what we already have, the power of the battery and external power is connected and has stepped up APU". Boo ha ha I smiled. Kain, 10 years ago, #
Never mind! Technick, 10 years ago, #
Fun, exactly the same (and may be slightly clearer), I gave PROMT. when I translated 747-400. By the way, if a inglishem bad at all such transfers in the sense nek5otorom help, others need to complete itself. The author should have read this translation and doshamanit And yet at this very much indeed for the images and phrases approximate method of trial and error, you can master the aircraft. He just stands in my simovskom hangar. Today I will try to fly it. Score is not set, can not decide what to put. I'll try on this manual lift into the air and then another, and normally will put the aircraft and know how to evaluate the file. naginy_vladimir, 11 years ago, #
)))) LONG VRUBALSYA READ ANY X / / RA do not understand is ridiculous BUT IS THE NEW LANGUAGE ????))) daewooo, 11 years ago, #
that the author smoking? aiRoNe, 11 years ago, #
Lord. This should be in the humor section. HARM, 11 years ago, #
This translation for those who do not rulit in English and me to start not knowing the language is the number of people download this Frud and such a lot of use to health ANDREY-73, 11 years ago, #
Ready printed me a copy to attach to the furnace of the above. "... Return leg of the early morning of revolution ...." I would call it flood ... I assume that the car sloavri have many, and I believe - it is and you! Persuaded Толстой Стас, 11 years ago, #
Translation of the fire! You may think that the MD-11, not a plane, a naval ship! Maxim_Utair, 11 years ago, #

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