Denial 1 st, then 2-second engine - hence had to be planned in autorotation. Fortunately, that stock had height and speed. As the saying goes: "There was more of these aircraft and helicopters, which are not returned to the land». PS To "dramatic" scene sat in the urban jungle, not in a deserted field.
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Teach your flight and landing on autorotation. bocman, 9 years ago, #
Yes, in the end added a little step (provtykal moment), would sit on an aircraft Eti, 9 years ago, #
Incorrect technique autorotation - you have turnovers should have fallen long before the earth, so as soon began to take on Q_ART, 9 years ago, #
Thanks for the tip Eti, 9 years ago, #
Flight Pts liked ... The same thing would repeat itself but in 2004 Sim ... This is possible in 2004? Flight-204, 9 years ago, #
Thank you for rating. This is not MFS9, in MFS dynamics of helicopters is much worse, so how is that possible do not know. There is the Ka-50 for MfsX from Alphasim, here's a video-http: / /​UQ/fsx- ka-50-blackshark.html and bad, but free Ka-52 here -​ertoleti-35/ka-52-alligator-24​459.html Eti, 9 years ago, #
what program is used to change the camera (8 seconds)? Active Camera? Or the other? toxin_pilot, 9 years ago, #
This is not MSFS, is DCS Black Shark))) VirCaptain, 9 years ago, #
aah, sorry. I do not understand toxin_pilot, 9 years ago, #
Interesting video, but that's only for first refusal should have immediately left the field and sit down and do not pull into town. Go out and see how many wires. Really between them fall? Albert Sl, 9 years ago, #
In the moonlit glade was like, but after refusing two engine helicopter crashed immediately with a 30-meter height and burned "in the real world is much more complicated olex0239, 9 years ago, #
It's there, closer to the Circassian and Belorechensk passes? Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
Oh, you had used to break that 5 set) Eti, 9 years ago, #
And why MAT cut in, she did something to help? GeK397, 9 years ago, #
and without the APU system is powered by what will? Albert Sl, 9 years ago, #
And why, after refusing a second, did not look for the site just in case, and Rushed napoperek town? ATLON, 9 years ago, #
Hehe same question!))) Would have ruined a lot of kids! ( citrus-94, 9 years ago, #
just interesting to find a free corner in an urban environment than to sit on the field, it's symmetric - there are no living creatures. Eti, 9 years ago, #
It's just me with LSD color so acid, or may even have one? ATLON, 9 years ago, #
At all because Online .!)))) citrus-94, 9 years ago, #
such garbage online somehow present. Previously, this was not Eti, 9 years ago, #

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