Landing in TNCM | Rating: 4.9!
Two months ago, flew in TNCM. I made a little video of repetitions, zapihnul them in the movie, scheduled just for yourself. But after viewing 13 I liked and I decided to throw off here. Despite the size of the quality of the excellent (if not to increase the picture), add music. Screenshots taken from the video. Write as if you ...
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→ Date: 10 years ago (29.05.2007 20:01)
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А интерцепторы где? guest-man71, 4 years ago, #
аэрофлотовские пилоты настолько суровы... DAR, 4 years ago, #
За лаги можно минус поставить. но не в этом случае :) KINAMAN, 4 years ago, #
А слабо в десятке такое-же сделать? TNCM знакомый порт... Сбитый_летчик, 4 years ago, #
Excellent priter! LLHA, 9 years ago, #
music is great! Balanced movie;) Lunatik, 9 years ago, #
Great airport, super-plane, super music, super CROP! Who paet song? Vitea, 9 years ago, #
Perfect landing! Beautifully RІRѕR±S‰RµRј ... well done ...:) z88, 10 years ago, #
This FS2004, Active Sky 6.5, Level-D 767-300ER Aeroflot VP-BAV (Repeynt Alexei Lisitsina), FlyTampa St.Maarten, removed the program Fraps, installation of Windows Movie Maker. DrYsH!@K, 10 years ago, #
What does not look like landing in the port, all the time is impressive. Flintj, 10 years ago, #
Since that time, found that there Reale two drives on each side of the band + VOR / DME near one of them. It's very interesting to go there, edakaya fork of the arrows is the ARC. Since the real weather of 5 visits to PT 9.6.1 turned out to be a landing, three exit at the second and 1 foul poles (poddul poputnik and babah at the bar while keeping the rate of about 290 because of the danger of wind shear) suzom, 10 years ago, #
nice ... This FS2004? Bird, 10 years ago, #
if not mistaken in Reale there no no no ilsa drives. Only VOR-DME. Accordingly, and stopped only by a thief-dme and visual. slako, 10 years ago, #
By the way, in defaulted there, as I understand it, ILS is not, as the drives and the VOR are on the sides of the strip. So plug in and remove it and fly? Or is all the same a makeweight with ILS? suzom, 10 years ago, #
Beautiful landing in class airport Partizan-cs, 10 years ago, #
Landing smart! Super Video! Benetun, 10 years ago, #
Umnitsa, smart landing, cool video! Shatoux, 10 years ago, #
Boeing handsome! Ramzez, 10 years ago, #
That he had rolled, I was shooting from the repetition, so the plane glyukonul released a RAT ... it has opened the door and did not want to release the chassis) DrYsH!@K, 10 years ago, #
Level-D Boeing 767-300 Johnmal, 10 years ago, #
Why RAT emissions? maintenance, 10 years ago, #
And for the craft? shrubb, 10 years ago, #
Beautifully RA-86061, 10 years ago, #
Beauty, especially the beginning ... FOMAERO, 10 years ago, #
Скажите мне, а КТО ТУДА ВОЗИТ??????????? Какая ак?? КАКАЯ ТУРФИРМА??????? КАК ТУДА ВООБЩЕ ПОПАСТЬ????????? ВЕСЬ ИНЕТ ПЕРЕРЫЛ УЖЕ!!!!!!!!!!!! WPPFight, 4 years ago, #
Ну и что я такого МИНУСОВОГО спросил????????????????? WPPFight, 4 years ago, #
KLM,CORSAIR точно туда летают............. RVV1973, 4 years ago, #

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