Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-31
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→ Date: 11 months ago (16.12.2017 00:40)
→ Author: TOPGUN
→ Uploaded by: TOPGUN (uploaded 84 files )
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Спасибо большое за ваше видео ! Каждый раз смотрю с огромным восторгом ... PIN, 11 months ago, #
Всем спасибо за комментарии и оценки! TOPGUN, 11 months ago, #
I really enjoyed your video thank you! edetroit, 11 months ago, #
Hello edetroit. Where are you from and what exaclly you like in the video? isc, 11 months ago, #
Hello, I am from London, England. I am a big IL-76 fan so of course I liked that. It was the video quality, camera angles, composition and most of all the sound quality. Excellent! I do not know the MIG-31 very well so I found that very interesting as well..... In fact I have now installed some MIG-31 AI in my sim. edetroit, 11 months ago, #
Ракета) WW03Maestro, 11 months ago, #
Очень достойно! И видео, и техника. Спасибо. isc, 11 months ago, #
Круть! Качественное видео! ZorgsteinKilloo, 11 months ago, #

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