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I hasten to present to your attention that, in my opinion a great animated screensaver for your mobile phone with a screen resolution 176h220. That headband is not done myself, but for me it made a wonderful girl, Anya, who lived in the northern city of Murmansk, glorious! Thank you RђRЅRµS‡RєR° great! I think my gratitude to all sections and those who download and use this screen saver!
→ Size: 841 KB
→ Date: 10 years ago (27.04.2009 22:33)
→ Author: Алексей Булычёв (aka Bublik)
→ Uploaded by: Bublik (uploaded 49 files )
→ Approved by moderator: AirArt
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 901 time(s)
Thank you Ana! Борт174, 10 years ago, #
I am in shock! For the 10 frames of animation in Photoshop is now necessary to make friends with a girl Aney of Murmansk? It is not able to create GIF-animation? Shame and disgrace! Anya - SѓRјRЅRyoS‡RєR°! КурсМП, 10 years ago, #
KursMP, and why you think that animation at 10 frames, is the cause of friendship with a girl from Murmansk Aney:) rather than the consequence, as one would think ... :)))? Bublik, 10 years ago, #
This is so, the joke humorous. КурсМП, 10 years ago, #
Thank you, put on his old 6230i - much rejoicing eyes! :) qip88, 10 years ago, #
Cool! Very enjoyable experience that made it to Murmansk, the place of my permanent residence. But, admit expecting more for this and 4. And in general - let's have !!!!!!!!!!!! And it TUshechki !!!!! yuron_, 10 years ago, #
But that did not like something? Only constructive. The idea, the quality of execution, or something third? The girl is tried, even! I believe that everything just performed at the five and a plus, but given that this is the first work of Ani on the aircraft, and has done it all, almost from my words, you probably can and all the "six" to evaluate the result! It is my opinion. Bublik, 10 years ago, #
Yes, indeed, quite forgot! As the main background, you can use (skrinshot1). He has the same resolution as the picture, but its quality is fully consistent with the original. For then you move into Standby mode, your screen starts to snow, and include navigational beacons. Bublik, 10 years ago, #
Excellent, thank you. LLHA, 10 years ago, #
Beautiful. Thank you! :) AutopiloT_7, 10 years ago, #

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