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An-12BK Aeroflot USSR 11240 | Rating: 5! FS2004 Aircraft Liveries and Textures

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- Screenshot 3
Zavtra, 15 fevralya, ispolnyaetsya 20 let so dnya vivoda Sovetskih voysk iz Afganistana i okonchaniya "afganskoy voyni".
Vikladivau teksturi realno sushestvovavshego AN-12 bort SSSR-11240.
Etot bort odin iz mnogih, realno uchavstovavshih v toy voyne.Odin iz teh, komu bilo dano pechalnoe imya "Cherniy tulpan".
Za osnovu bila vzyata tekstura ot DIV Aeroflot SSSR-11120. Razreshenie na perekrasku soglasovano s avtorom originalnoy "livrei".
K sozhaleniu, bila naydena tolko cherno belaya fotografiya etogo samoleta.Ona v arhive. Tak chto, prishlos chto-to dodumivat.Ne rugayte silno.
Eta rabota posvyashaetsya letchikam-afgantsam VTA SSSR i vsem, kto nevernulsya s toy voyni.

Prochtite vlozheniy tekstoviy fayl.

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→ Date: 5 years ago (14.02.2009 15:43 MSK)
→ Author: =GNOM=
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5 years ago
 5  Interestingly, as the legendary "five sticks" who is a draw?
Automated translation from Russian by Google
A.S.K. (5 years ago): Sorry for neprosvyaschennost. What is it? *(Google translated)
zh03 (5 years ago): This legendary VTA-shny board is not known, he really existed, or only in jokes - 5 sticks - number 11111 - and draw it simply take a standard board - and embed it on board and on the wings of five bars instead of numbers! *(Google translated)
bf109 (5 years ago): Please enlighten as well as ETI "five sticks" famous? *(Google translated)
ru_19_300 (5 years ago): This board really existed, and he was famous for the same, and this "... four-Shura in the end ..."... *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  Do not scold for nothing. Thank you!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
HC. Simmery! Let's share the memory of the deceased and the actual performance of the color planes.
Automated translation from Russian by Google
A.S.K. (5 years ago): There it is. But the memory alive, and while she was alive, would be such a texture! *(Google translated)
zh03 (5 years ago): But the assessment, I did not set - just remember - a fact that people do Boards of those times - that's great, as do - a separate issue. *(Google translated)
TAG (5 years ago): nso64, that you do not like to paint??? flew there takii! *(Google translated)
zh03 (5 years ago): Yes, it is such, we in the Red Berlin VTAP (Pskov) - and high whistles (IL-76) and AN-12 - were all in the colors of Aeroflot - gray standard simply was not. [+1] *(Google translated)

5 years ago
Thank you - on the anniversary. When something very similar board in zinc coffins were recorded. Eternal memory and the kingdom of heaven - thanks to the author - for the memory - again all of the Veterans of the anniversary!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  Beautiful! Summer liked it!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  Excellent
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  Purely even the idea!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

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