The second part of the video on the work of one of the crew of Air Astana flight Almaty-Astana, the board room P4-TAS (Airbus A320_232). Interesting introduction to the commander of the crew. I express my gratitude to my colleagues for providing video journalists.
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If there is in this spirit, lay out! Mishka80, 8 years ago, #
I and our creative team will collaborate with UF technology Amirov and I think closer to spring, we organize a real flain. Will filmed a new video, I will nesomnevayus interests. bit, 8 years ago, #
! YAMAL420, 8 years ago, #
Films like video and audio, give it an 5.Syuzhetu-two points! "Why?" Just look from a professional point of view at Madame, who allegedly manages the liner? "Brad! All her actions in the movie carries a second pilot muzhchina.Ona - is sitting there like a doll, and only then something is trying to talk! "In Kazakhstan there are pilots, and more abruptly, such as Shamil Tazutdinov! whose Kazakhstan, all who must know, what a movie about him do not shoot! show what a well-pressed powdered doll senseless nightmare ... You want to say that behind her are dozens of passengers ????!!!! How awful! Wow! TU-16, 8 years ago, #
If you have not got, and just do not know how people are making and how come "left", then write this garbage does not make sense. I think that envy you took. Vit_An, 8 years ago, #
YAMAL420, you mean? " It is wrong! KruSer18-71, 8 years ago, #
Why not? YAMAL420, 8 years ago, #
Absolutely agree with the Tu-16, had the honor to communicate with the second pilot of Air-Astana and if you put manually nachilii girls FAC, puts the second pilot in a critical situation again running the co-pilot, but this girl just shove influential rodokami, we even banned the movement of domestic aircraft, and only then will fly Airbus in which only need to change course, oh sorry there is even programiruetsya entire route and the plane flies itself up to 200 feet, soon in Kazakhstan there will be no pilots only one girl-operators and Airbus, these are at all desire not even drop could))) DownSet, 8 years ago, #
Why not? YAMAL420, 8 years ago, #
SHE STILL RњRћR›RћR”R•R¦ (nor as steep as not discussed, but about 154, ETC SVESCHENNYH birds, it is time to forget about them ALTERNATORS In CIME'll fly these aircraft. AIRPLANES IN FACT already flying SAMI) (Foreign Car) SOON PILOT longer WANT TO BECOME, will fly only technology and all) YAMAL420, 8 years ago, #
Yamal agree, but my heart is not told to do a love for aviation is linked with our machines, and any sympathy I have no new foreign cars! DownSet, 8 years ago, #
You have forgotten about the CCP inglishe ))))))) Well it is true, funny, the whole flight to communicate in Russian, and CCP inglishe ))))))) UBBB, 8 years ago, #
Great movie! But if this girl put behind the wheel of Tu-154 or other real plane, it would have fallen in horror, because it is not a pilot! And such aircraft as the A320 in which the whole system is riddled with foolproof course control operators)) So now a lot of girls fly KVSom on the A320. As one pilot told me - fly on the A320 pilots beneath one's dignity)) Now I'm even more convinced this!)) DownSet, 8 years ago, #
In fact, in the first part of the story she told on what types of Sun flew, one of them was a Yak-40. I think you're just jealous of her success. She at least in the cockpit Airbus sitting, but not before a PC monitor, so that the Respect it. PS Do not get me wrong. Summerdream, 8 years ago, #
Yes, some envy, that they envy the Soviet pilots whose aircraft was romantic, but my child died with envy by Soviet aircraft. Those straps are now pilots like paper and have no value just for me, a dark blue suit with blue stripes and wings with a hammer and sickle - that's my religion. I loved how it was Soviet pilots, and now I know young people some of whom are my friends and look at Soviet planes, and alas, I say with a sneer: "How do they once flew on such dredge, very sorry, I understand that the gourmet aircraft are so committed that at least Sadi fool and he will fly, maybe I hung there in the USSR where the air was trembling in a word for me, now just is not there, and now poslkdny 154th go into history and become very sad. DownSet, 8 years ago, #
Romance is not the Soviet Air Force, and the old air force, air force mid-20 th century. Similar chuvsva have always been. For example, the pilot of an open biplane same thing said about the DC-3 that you are now on the A-320. FireFly, 8 years ago, #
DownSet +1000!!! As I understand you! You even can not imagine how! Now I am the pilot of an ultralight ultralights, and I feel about the same thing as "pilots of the 20 th century, the open biplane" as written FireFly, a romance of course, but has its own history before ... All my life I dreamed of becoming a pilot of the times when piloted by "handles" these planes and the pilots were - PILOTS in the literal sense of the word, and not managed as it is now a computer operator who identified themselves as "pilots" are absolutely not on the law and do not deserve . The navigators, yes, the engineers - yes, the operators in the end, but not pilots. In some models, Bobik and stick it as there is no current, the joystick has replaced the wheel. Well, in principle this is correct - why the operator to the steering wheel?! Why the hell it is he?! He's not a pilot))) I do not be surprised if many in the near future Bobik will fly at all without a crew on board ... Just did not work I do in the air at the time, when I had to do - education, children's home and education in our l / home for our teachers were in last place ... Do not go himself - he knew that did not pass the exam. For that is constantly running away from the d / home on a military airfield, and lived there "the son of the regiment." But anyway - I'll fly at the same airfield, where he ran many years ago))) begin running start at the same Betonka))) ARTMOTO63, 8 years ago, #
2 DownSet I also understand you perfectly, he found this time, and my father took me into the cockpit, and how, when he came off his cap he grabbed measured by, and when the great Soviet Airlines could fly in any regional center, it is understandable nostalgia .. But sadly, this time irrevocably gone, and I think still is not worth living for yesterday. The only problem is that our government put on all the big "screw", and all our legislation exists only on pieces of paper. Summerdream, 8 years ago, #
Very nice, like this crap and get a girl that something in life has, for example, became FAC :-) Well, you guys and give ... What is not a pilot that never Tupolev pilot S‡S‚RѕR»Ryo? And if the bag then Tupolev pilot? MaxXK, 8 years ago, #
No)))) You do not understand))) Just have pilots who "manned" by hand plane, and there are operators that are closer so to speak to the navigators, or boron-engineers, rather than to the pilots. And there you have explained that to become a FAC in a local Bobik today is not difficult when that would become a pilot at a time when studied in the Tupolev, Elah, Yaki - it was a real achievement! Why is easy to become a pilot in the Mutt? )) Personally know - we have at the airport in Bobrovka held practice at the An-2 graduated from flight school (can not remember what) vobschem where they teach for three years at the An-2. So it is out of the habit three years at the An-2, came to our practice - all he wanted was a raid in the flight book 52chasa at An-2, for what would go to study at Bobik just half a year! So))) In this imple cadet flew us 15 hours total, more probuhali, and in summer a book he wrote 52 hours! And now he was like 4 months of studying bobik))) and after 2 months he will be the 2nd pilot for Bobik))) Here is a movie here! Here's a part of our summer so far in GA, mixed with "veterans" of aviation, real pilots - dropouts and students who, without flying hours in the book, with no experience - already fly 2-mi pilots at Bobik ... ARTMOTO63, 8 years ago, #
You know the reason that Boeing teach 4 months is not that easy for him to fly, and that the staff there. So take the green. To enter the captain of a Boeing must have usually not less than 6000 hours, and somewhere with gray hair and up to 45-50 years of the second fly. Not as simple as you are reasoning and with the aircraft, computers and these computers are to fly these planes safer, more, more comfortable, economical, etc. isc, 8 years ago, #
Eugene - I do not envy those who ride in cars VAZ, GAZ, Moskvich, and so on! Is we the operators PC, but it is first-class pilot! Alexey Gerget, 8 years ago, #
Why she is not talking on English? Almas, 8 years ago, #
let him speak as he wishes armaviaEK, 8 years ago, #
But why she must talk on English? Here, at we normally use Russian. But there isn't Russian airline, her nationality differs from Russian, and translation to Russian also provided. So, me and my friends are happy, aren't you? isc, 8 years ago, #
yes armaviaEK, 8 years ago, #
I would not trust my life woman. Moreover FAC! IMHO Grixa_95, 8 years ago, #
the father of your father? nio, 8 years ago, #
Why not trust? You are afraid of women? Pucher, 8 years ago, #
Without a father we would not have! And I'm not in this sense mean? Females And I'm not afraid! "Just plane and woman are incompatible things. Grixa_95, 8 years ago, #
Some women are men of many stuck in his belt and not pomorschatsya. DAR, 8 years ago, #

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