Try to write my first video and its flight) waiting for the critics))
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My first video - and that's what 5))) Simpsn, 10 years ago, #
What video did? Simpsn, 10 years ago, #
FRAPS, Windows Movie Maker. VlaDOS, 10 years ago, #
Wai Wai Roma1364, 9 years ago, #
Ahahahah when he towed-reverse switched on: DDD MeGaFiT, 10 years ago, #
=) This is a very original! Before him, so no one did!) PaVeL997, 9 years ago, #
I'd call it HD-slideshow! pilot-bess, 10 years ago, #
I will not grade, he once was just beginning to make video.Eto I liked it! And pofigu the opinion of those who Cola stavit.Prodolzhayte and learn, see more videos here and all you will be fine:) I believe in you! Visual, 10 years ago, #
And I would say: "Go and learn more, read the manual and all you will be fine" Jeka_M, 10 years ago, #
horror TimTimur, 10 years ago, #
Author shocked !)))) Nikd4, 10 years ago, #
Author kakbe angry))) sk1dman, 10 years ago, #
Kopetan evidence in shoke, TimTimur, if you're so smart, then where is your video? Or are you doing the same manner as screenshots? =) Stakan, 10 years ago, #
And he for the campaign))) Nikd4, 10 years ago, #
He actually has video, a glass)))) Exelletor, 10 years ago, #
Sory, but my hand will not put up anything else ... P.s minipilot, well, laugh) KIVLAR, 10 years ago, #
Start with the school please type in sime! Learn basic Cessna and from then planes more serious - it's all there in a school in sime. And then come back with the video - no need to spread this garbage - and a disgrace to us and spoil the taste) Not rated. RAID74, 10 years ago, #
A few moments, why did not grade, but beg the author to take these moments for the following works: 1. In tow sime (reverse) enabled through CTRL + P, and not the reverse. 2. In the setting of FRAPS is checked "Hide cursor" ("Hide cursor") 3. Get to the editor Sony Vegas! Because the spread video without trimming MENU and all the inscriptions - is mauvais ton) 4. At the end of the video 9 seconds of black screen - Malevich your relative? :) Do not allow such lyapov in assembly:) 5. That landing that captures you and a little edited the thread, however, clearly shows that you just crashed a plane with all the dope on the band and spread it to pieces .. and it is sad, my friend:) So, to correct mistakes and come back! RAID74, 10 years ago, #
In general, the movie is not bad and deserves a solid three-plus "So personally I would be happy to see new works:) RAID74, 10 years ago, #
It is not so, from takeoff to posadki.Dazhe not know where to nachat.Esli need, then I can throw in PM. Sky-Max, 10 years ago, #
By the way, where the cab (to "appreciate my flight)? Sky-Max, 10 years ago, #
. gogonam, 10 years ago, #
Well for the first time. :) gogonam, 10 years ago, #
1.RTO takeoff is not included, 2.Zakrylki takeoff is not released, and even very good. Nikd4, 10 years ago, #
As if Boeing did not towed on the reverse, and look here it is:​ideo-93/tutorial-po-sozdaniyu-​rolika-v-programme-sony-vegas-​7-0 -dlya-nachinayushikh - 16663.html? action = download & hl =% D2% F3% F2% EE% F0% E8% E0% EB% 20% EF% EE% 20% F1% EE% E7% E4% E0% ED % E8% FE% 20% F0% EE% EB% E8% EA% E0% 20% E2% 20% EF% F0% EE% E3% F0% E0% EC% EC% E5% 20Sony% 20Vegas% 207.0 Stakan, 10 years ago, #
One bad. SovietUnion, 10 years ago, #
It'll Georgian_Airways, 10 years ago, #
1. Reversing Towing O_O 2. The flight plan is not specified. 3. Autopilot panel is not installed. 4. Hard landing with a large overload and goat. 5. After landing, did not include reverse. 6. Spoilers were not released to the touch. This is an additional chance to fulfill a goat during landing. Total: 5-6 =- 1. I'll bet in advance 4. VlaDOS, 10 years ago, #
and again average 1.3. "To get VlaDOS, 10 years ago, #
Something with estimates of not something I do not whether the virus on the site ???????????? msnvtl, 10 years ago, #
c Why do you think that the flight plan is not set, the panel did not ustonovlena autopilot? HaN, 10 years ago, #
1:03. It is clearly seen that all parameters are set to zero and the flight plan on the screen no. That is no route. VlaDOS, 10 years ago, #
zhps but it is not shown) HaN, 10 years ago, #
HaN, so what uh zhps not shown! On the instrument course detector set a standard rate 360, and if you look at the autopilot panel, shows that all the zeros! Has already been written Nikd4, 10 years ago, #
And Cho all again kick?? For what precisely?? Skazfl same people that this is his first video! Lord pinalschiki, as you rise up to the place of the author, you do not like it, yes?? minipilot, 10 years ago, #
And where are your works, eh? Stakan, 10 years ago, #
I join the glass (not in the sense :)))) Minipilot - I would like to see your creativity and skill;) RAID74, 10 years ago, #
Minipilot - local neaedekvat. You all say. SovietUnion, 10 years ago, #
Before you place an assessment needs to be read as her place! It says it all Nikd4, 10 years ago, #
I have all 5 of the soul and put the feel in no way guilty. I am different from you in the not so evil and harmful, let me pinabt, banyat me to ... The main thing is that I'm doing a good deed! =) minipilot, 10 years ago, #
Who is helping people, he spends time in vain - good deeds can not be famous (with) minipilot, you're doing a very good thing, without all the Trolls you would have died of hunger! KIVLAR, 10 years ago, #
Let me kick, let me banyat ... I did not stop to put all 5 in a row! minipilot, 10 years ago, #
That's your job, you can set! But we must put right! Nikd4, 10 years ago, #
minipilot, you're wrong, if someone dzhamopodobny, then you get feed the trolls Georgian_Airways, 10 years ago, #
Purely theoretical ... but how much can prozhit troll without food? Pucher, 10 years ago, #
Minipilot-molodets.Tselikom and fully endorse ego.Dobry man. Sky-Max, 10 years ago, #
Well if we all put 5 dated soul, then soon everything razuchatsya fly! Because nobody will indicates on errors! Nikd4, 10 years ago, #
You personally nor who not compels everybody put 5 dated dushi.Dobry man, wants put, let stavit.Takie people were, there and will! Advices nobody forbids write, conversely write must, in comets most importantly council, and not score. Sky-Max, 10 years ago, #
Sky-Max read carefully! Assessment should be as objective as possible. Please refrain from evaluation if you: 1-experiencing personal dislike, or know the author personally, and can not put a fair otsenku.2-not enough to read the file that you are measuring. 3 We decided to put the assessment as a protest against something libo.4, decided to support novice avtora.Prosto write good words without evaluation in this case. The last 2 points are breaking just you and MP ... KIVLAR, 10 years ago, #
Kivlar, chill! You told me the plate for the hundredth time read. Sky-Max, 10 years ago, #
A zero sense ... KIVLAR, 10 years ago, #
Kivlar, the most important thing that you repeat it before you put the estimate. Sky-Max, 10 years ago, #
Incidentally, I evaluated and put on the rules of this table. Sky-Max, 10 years ago, #
Yeah, and who offered me a drug against zabostovku Airone for the fact that he had to show off, and puts minusy.Kakim way you will know who put a negative sign for me is a mystery to me ... Or text your message to remind you? "You are funny man ... I move away, because the patched srach I'm not interested! KIVLAR, 10 years ago, #
I'm nothing predlagal.Ty long lichku neperechityval? Sky-Max, 10 years ago, #
Ha dude zhzhosh, 10 minutes ago read, everything was in place, and now as a cowardly _____ all podter.Nu well done ... Well figs with you, if you are on his humble nature a coward, it happens ... KIVLAR, 10 years ago, #
Kivlar, I could never have loved the shopping women such as ty.Pishesh any delirium, and it all chitayut.Est pritenzii, write in a personal, get started as a peasant with a peasant. Sky-Max, 10 years ago, #
Video - such crap! Have you managed to draw attention to it - to tie guys! Communicate in "sheltered" chesss word ...) RaserX, 10 years ago, #
Please read before you assign a rating. Grade for the file, not the author. Evaluate the quality of work or, in some cases, the interest, which represents its content. Assessment should be as objective as possible. Please refrain from evaluation if you: ... decided to support the writers. Just write good words without evaluation in this case. bocman, 10 years ago, #

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