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Videos filmed on cell phone in a format 3gp, so ... Who I think look interesting.
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→ Date: 10 years ago (11.08.2008 16:13)
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Brushed away a tear miserly men: and it was sick as a child and jumped out of his parachute. OldParovoz, 8 years ago, #
Не смотря на качество поставил 5!Вспомнил свою парашютную жизнь, 60 прыжков с высот от 900 до 1600 метров на любимом Д1-5У!Парашютистам без разницы, половина салона забита, или пара человек как на видео (хотя может начали снимать с момента как основная масса отделилась?), мы платили по минутам.Налетаем 37 минут, 37000 тенге заплатим. В ютубе введите ruslan_shuklinov там мои парашютные и аэродромные ролики! Ruslan_shuklinov, 5 years ago, #
recalled cadet years .... Ryazan Zhitov Diaghilev, SeltsyMnogo jumped from this mashiny.Odnazhdy on night dives storm was coming and Ana flew in the direction of hk time the clouds to where lightning flashed, as if vnikuda, and arrives wet-back as if from the Light romantic ....... вИтаЛя-76, 6 years ago, #
To drive a car from a voracious 2 parashutistov arhinetselesobrazno. Probably cool customers caught. Contains Yak-18 for three, and then straining. Four set for clean shooting. dzedan, 7 years ago, #
Anushka good airplane, not all can be proud taoy long life. Until now flies. floggerg, 8 years ago, #
remembered as a great flyer on it's true almost always nauseated me:))) sphera13, 8 years ago, #

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