Approximate AFCAD Krasnoyarsk "North" in time to 1977. to 1988. Read more about this in the readme.
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But if there is a script:) Though now, alas, no airport. Only the name of the area recalls the former airport: "Vzletka. Demetrius, 9 years ago, #
And like the building KDP, and the hangar near! Cool area! It was in Krasnoyarsk travel, very much! paavo, 9 years ago, #
Yes, forget about building KDP. There is a bus. Demetrius, 9 years ago, #
To sketch the entire area from the October bridge to the miners, the devil there before there was nothing at this stage to put the grass namen, 8 years ago, #
Thank you! Now I live on the street take-off, in front of the hangar almost ... ilyatim, 8 years ago, #
THANK YOU! WHAT spoke about the airport! Many times today THEREOF! Now live NEAR Areas where it is located! From the airport START LOVE TO AVIATION! NOW PATIENTS VIEW TO SINGLE Buildings, the only thing that it left! PLEASE AUTHOR recreate it in scenarios! I would be VERY THANK YOU! TRIMTR, 9 years ago, #
But like now carcase on glidepath display:)) Just a runway take-off on the street. In local dzhipari RЅR°RґRµR»R°R»Ryo be in pants, because they think that it is they are eagles and their honor is a nazvanie.Nam in college in the early 86 th IL76 disrupted class, is still unclear how he was there, and most vtisnulsya, all cadets were on the roof:)) Wadymka, 9 years ago, #
WFP Molokova was actually a !)))) wings Tushkiny pity on the poor pooblomaet home, it will narrow. Better to put its tail to the head. entrance of City Hall and to take-off. leksus, 9 years ago, #
IMHO, do better Emelyanovo, ie Krasnoyarsk have, although the history of the same benefit. Dimannn, 9 years ago, #
So would have made if able, I am not writer, lover of more than special Emelyanrvr why I do it because there is simply no one to bring his mind can not, and remains semi. leksus, 9 years ago, #
Please redo the code. In the original UNKK, rather than UKNJ! Score will not put. Aleck, 9 years ago, #
And how in the Soviet Union were adopted ICAO codes? Revamp of course not a problem, but is there any sense to put two times in a row, due to a code? If you really want, I can personally forward, with the code UNKK, no problem. leksus, 9 years ago, #
ICAO Codes in the USSR have been taken since the entry Ona in ICAO in the early 70-ies. Send me do not need it, I myself can correct. For other users, IMHO, better to redo. At least, because the traffic is not there then you will see. ;) Aleck, 9 years ago, #
So I, and so it was not seeing any traffic from this port is not included. Under it should be making ... leksus, 9 years ago, #
Why? See the traffic in 1969, 1971, 1974, 1976. There, in those years was very dense traffic. A fleet of IL-18 in the North was the largest in the USSR, NYAP, 45 pieces. :) Aleck, 9 years ago, #
And where they trafy find, if not secret? leksus, 9 years ago, #
All found! :) leksus, 9 years ago, #
Traffic 1976go year UNKK I have not appeared, like a model and Rename in traffic, and the coordinates of the port is replaced by the coordinates of its afkada, and neither odnrogo aircraft Emelyanovo only a heap of IL-18 appeared, although at that time was not on Emeli light yet! leksus, 9 years ago, #
Vzletka R SѓR»RyoS‚! Give models of buildings in this scene ... even tell SABovtsy fotiki selected:))) paavo, 9 years ago, #
Models of buildings prestigious sleeping ??)))) leksus, 9 years ago, #
indeed:) Wadymka, 9 years ago, #
Why? Put in the symposium, along with sleeping bags, and I go between the houses! :) paavo, 9 years ago, #
The stage will be to brake. FBS collapses. ))))) leksus, 9 years ago, #
You do not need sleeping bags, and they are sleeping now? Kipishnoe mesto.Ya when the province was in honey, every 2 weeks of summer in the Northern home unaa, I would like to see the old stage! duna, 9 years ago, #
Another 10 years, and even more in this area will only grow cacti ... And it was a childhood favorite place. Above script will take the very. Score not yet put all there is AFCAD Wadymka, 9 years ago, #
What's interesting is wrong? Pollinate byakoy any or our planes such ecologically? Just minichernobyl us!))) leksus, 9 years ago, #
Neotrabotannoe dumped fuel in flight. Spills from the tanks on the ground. Ground impregnated in the meter. Al by the way all airfield facilities concerned. Any city. Paraffin stove per mile prGЄt Wadymka, 9 years ago, #
By the way, with the wasteland that divides earlier md Mr. North and grove, along the same story. Nothing is growing and not growing, before the grass was growing in the human, but neither derevtsa.Pri take-off path 042 osedaolo all just on this pustyrchike. leksus, 9 years ago, #
Even if there are inaccuracies still thanks! Max 24, 9 years ago, #
Great. In any case, the beginning of provision will expect further development of the script serjo, 9 years ago, #

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