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KLN90B Route Converter v.3 Просмотр ZIP-архива

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KLN Route Converter/ 27.03.2015 19:22
KLN Route Converter/KLN Route Converter.exe 27.03.2015 19:18 1 MB
KLN Route Converter/readme3.0.txt 27.03.2015 19:48 8 KB
avsim_su.diz 27.03.2015 18:51 406 B
Итого: 1 MB
Program generates and writes waypoints of the entered route in to the KLN flight plan database, saving time addings waypoints manually.

1. More precise route building. Now it uses the waypoint closest to the departure airport, and the following waypoints closest to the previous.
2. Function to build long routes wich can consist up to but not more then 120 waypoints.
3. Function of deleting specific FPLs in the options tab -> Remove specific FPL.

More info in the readme file.
→ Size: 114 KB
→ Date: 3 years ago (27.03.2015 18:02)
→ Author: Dmetey Taborko
→ Uploaded by: Dmetrey (uploaded 7 files )
→ Approved by moderator: CaptainFlying
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
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