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Flew to Samara, on the job. And I decided to photograph the return flight, and make the movie of the flight. Flew from a / c Kurumoch in a / p Vnukovo UTair, home to me by the company. But not in their native plane: B737-500. Himself from the city of Syktyvkar. Other flights did not take off because they were in the dark.'re looking for.
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→ Date: 7 years ago (28.10.2010 03:43)
→ Author: Княжев Дмитрий "Horseman"
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Zoom decrease in order to avoid shaking NikTroinik, 7 years ago, #
Must uchtu. horseman, 7 years ago, #
With increasing)) sharunas, 7 years ago, #
Explain to me please, as the airline, and even more aircraft could be your family? susanin, 7 years ago, #
Well, if you live in the fields and woods and there is no fixed AK PoleLEsoAero, which is based there, then you do not have native AA) NikTroinik, 7 years ago, #
MOTHER of the word race. AK can not be native. Even the wife can not be native. On your judging, then pivnuha around the corner too dear? Why not, it is stationary. A native plane is generally kapets. susanin, 7 years ago, #
Do not you realize that this literally?! And if your wife can not be a mother, I do not envy you, because you can not live. Or you're small, or even that .. went to the wrong place to be)) NikTroinik, 7 years ago, #
Interesting comment from susanin `Yes. What do you think, susanin, if you work in a / c is no longer a far-year. Is it not for thee "native". And of course I did not create it, but I was working on, and it's own and favorite work in Rodney a / k ))))) my friend .... at the expense of airplane hope poisnyat not necessary ... horseman, 7 years ago, #
Well Well. I'll go and got into the home refrigerator, and then look native TV. susanin, 7 years ago, #
Rhode several generations, originating from one ancestor. susanin, 7 years ago, #
Join NikTroinik Aviator46, 7 years ago, #
Normal. Acman, 7 years ago, #
I understand the reverse was not used. Gorynych9, 7 years ago, #
Yes. This fact I have considered already at home, watching the video. horseman, 7 years ago, #
Band a long ... Aviator46, 7 years ago, #
2500 meters NikTroinik, 7 years ago, #
Actually 3,060 meters, it is runway 06 as I understand Aviator46, 7 years ago, #
there are 05 NikTroinik, 7 years ago, #

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