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Up until 2015, Kelowna Flightcraft, a Canadian cargo carrier, operated McDonnell-Douglas DC-10s into Calgary, operating for Purolator, until they lost the contract at the start of 2015 to Cargojet, who had much newer 757s and 767s. Just over 3 years ago in March 2015, Kelowna Flightcraft officially stopped flying their DC-10-30F here, a sad day for Calgary as we haven't had a DC-10 here since, and even sadder for me as I was actually out of town in Japan at the time.Nonetheless, I still wanted to make this compilation of some of my favourite DC-10 clips, all filmed from 2013 to 2015. This includes 3 of Kelowna Flightcraft's DC-10s, C-GKFB (which has since been scrapped), as well as C-GKFD and C-GKFT which are both still flying with Kelowna Flightcraft, which has also rebranded to KF Aerospace since.
Enjoy this 20+ minute compilation of DC-10 action!
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Хорошее видео и самолёт, но меня бесит его двигло на киле! В симуляторе один раз полетал и удалил... ZorgsteinKilloo, 1 year ago, #

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