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Emirates Airbus A380 with new virtual cockpit by Project Airbus (not by Thomas Ruth)!
→ Size: 44 MB
→ Date: 6 years ago (19.08.2011 14:07)
→ Author: Project Airbus
→ Uploaded by: StarwaveX (uploaded 5 files )
→ Approved by moderator: Lenya69
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 25162 time(s)
Sim is not flown) but a question? for that 5 ki for? 1) Morning-evening-night window in 3D is not clear, Kaboud a closed cardboard) 2) 2D converted defaulted, reddish ... uzhs 3) on the 2D panel, some sort of crap on the horns of a similar 4) Cruise on the 3D panel are derived from the 2002 sim? - In general, expect when finish, to assess early. igor_spb, 6 years ago, #
opaque * igor_spb, 6 years ago, #
Do not advertise, but I liked the plane more Zikki, 6 years ago, #
VC is normally the day, but at night asshole! glass paint painted as to include any coverage. Well and what for it is already in default of nado.luchshe than fly so tormented chief78, 6 years ago, #
uh ... no credit default A380! Zikki, 6 years ago, #
Он не про a380 koliuchka, 8 months ago, #
"Horns", by the way, you can remove, 3D like anything, but here's 2D Zadran so that the zero-pitch it seems to degrees of 15-20. Andrey_Ustimenko, 6 years ago, #
Наклон взгляда из 2D панели меняется правкой строчки VIEW_FORWARD_DIR в секции [Views]. Положительные числа опускают взгляд, отрицательные - поднимают. Xeon, 6 years ago, #
EZCA поставь! Amyr1976, 4 years ago, #
So it's another vyperdysh! Ил-76, 6 years ago, #
Просто в фотошопе фон прозрачный сделать - обрезать лассо koliuchka, 6 months ago, #
Неплохо так! Но КАРТОН!!! Что за картон??? Это же чудо, супер чудо, но почему КАРТОНОМ закрыли весь вид! koliuchka, 8 months ago, #
согласен с реверсом и VC реальнее,и заходит на автомате,короче very good! Amyr1976, 4 years ago, #
Начало положено! Спасибо большое! Думаю в течении 2-х лет VC доведут до ума:) Pah, 5 years ago, #
ПРОСТО СЛОВ НЕТ!!!!!!!!!!!
никит, 6 years ago, #
but from what is really the minimum speed it was tu-154b, 6 years ago, #
Shoot not at the A-380 koment added tu-154b, 6 years ago, #
Well not exactly 150 km / h, in the words of the announcer! Zikki, 6 years ago, #
He just nodes with km / h mixed. VLAZ, 6 years ago, #
But usually he flew, like any other. Just when its size is an optical illusion. If at the same speed past the brick flew announcer, he would say that speed is supersonic. :) DIR, 6 years ago, #
It has long been eyeing the products of Project Airbus. Personally, I like it. At no such shoal like Wilco A380, where the reverse is present on all 4 engines. Tim-aero, 6 years ago, #
And what urya then? Vizualka seems great, but when loaded into the sim it "flies". I'm trying to choose the aircraft, there is a black screen and kapets! I do not know what to do with it ... dolich, 6 years ago, #
bl uraaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! cockpit DEMairbus, 6 years ago, #
A BTV is ??????????? DEMairbus, 6 years ago, #
urya! Thank you! малый, 6 years ago, #
honestly if cr from me nerabochaya.vse white ... looks like vobschem 3 малый, 6 years ago, #
Old songs about the main ... 86110, 6 years ago, #
Полное г.....о !Я не настаиваю НО этот лучше​inalnie-samoleti-79/project-ai​rbus-a380-lufthansa-vc-32977.h​tml?action=download&hl= Mercury55, 5 years ago, #
Assessment is not my ... Here PMDG vupustit AirBus 380 then I'll buy it SNICKERS, 6 years ago, #
And most do poorly? 86110, 6 years ago, #
He is developing the Tu-154 for FSX Schrek, 6 years ago, #
Well, yes ... Only now has developed ... VC is but devices have not yet screwed .. since there is no time .. working a lot lately SNICKERS, 6 years ago, #
дайте лучше 134 так хочется...... Amyr1976, 4 years ago, #

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