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The next video from the "Full flight" rubric. At this time we are surfing the spaces of sunny Venezuela, performing the flight Caracas – Merida. Or Maiquetia – Merida. If you like it more :) After all, where Caracas is being, there are Maiquetia, and where Maiquetia is being, there are the main air gateway of Caracas, Simón Bolívar International Airport. So it goes :)
Well, will you fly with me by this route? Come on, for a hour and a half break away the work, settle comfortable in front of the monitor and let's go :) During the flight you will be able to observe in detail all the operations performed by the captain at all stages, from takeoff to landing. And also you will get access to exclusive shots transmitted by an external camera mounted on the fuselage of the aircraft. In-flight for cheer up you often will be accompanied by excellent music by the Venezuelan performers. And one more thing, and this is our new service – in our journey before the plane lands in Merida, we will introduce you to the city itself a little: we'll tell you where it is located, for what is it known, and most importantly, why is approach in Merida airport – this is not easy thing. Actually, Alberto Carnevalli Airport is also a kind of attraction of Merida. Why? You will learn everything if you will fly with us :)
I hope you'll enjoy the flight with the Rutaca Airlines on great Boeing 737-200 ;)
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Мне просто полет понравился... И заставка класс! pavel1981xxx, 5 days ago, #
Замечательный полёт! Спасибо автору за потраченое время и сил!
Побольше бы таких видео в разборах полетов от автра и других!
~Anonymous~, 5 days ago, #
Спасибо! VALIK, 5 days ago, #
Там и тут - 5 Djacoby737, 1 week ago, #
Была такая задумка:сделать видео для 2-х разделов сразу,но увы,Вы опередили,разбили мечту. Сделано шикарно, на отлично по обеим разделам, поздравляю! ~Anonymous~, 1 week ago, #
Отлично! Нормуль так заморочился...инфа, вставки фото и видео! ZorgsteinKilloo, 1 week ago, #

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