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Landing IL-86 RA-86139 Atlant Soyuz to Vnukovo airport, Moscow-Antalya flight. Kasane was tough on the video sound like things are falling in the cabin! Average quality, duration 2:18
→ Size: 28 MB
→ Date: 11 years ago (12.09.2006 18:35)
→ Author: Beast
→ Uploaded by: Beast (uploaded 9 files )
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
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There is a decrease and approach RІS‹R»RѕR¶Sѓ obzatelno, but they weigh a lot! :) Beast, 11 years ago, #
Yes, the video is good. Apparently it was kozlik. At the time of first touching everything as usual and zahlopali :-) but the second touch is not expected :-) R.S. Beast, buddy, if there is a flight from the interval between the third and fourth, and luchshe to come and Facing, overlaid please. It wants to see your house :-) And have our turn at Vnukovo range of exciting stuff. Bublik, 11 years ago, #
Cool. ЭкзархЪ, 11 years ago, #
Yes, you started early apladirovat. X 15, 11 years ago, #

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