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Ukrainian Traffic Summer 2009 | Rating: 4.7! AI Traffic and AFCADs FS2004
Traffic Ukrainian airlines for the summer of 2009 The package includes: AeroSvit, Donbassaero, Khors Aircompany, Lviv Airlines, South Airlines, UM Air, Windrose

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→ Filename: 22728-Ukrainian-Traffic-Summer-2009.zip
→ Size: 19kb
→ Date: 6 years ago (07.08.2009 01:47 MSK)
→ Author: Maxim Galkov
→ Uploaded by: maxgalkov (uploaded 30 files)
→ Approved by moderator: ReDut
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 1295 time(s)
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6 years ago
 5  Well done to the reals are not theft. Good job!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

6 years ago
 5  Excellent! But where to get the model An-148?
Automated translation from Russian by Google
Flexdfs (6 years ago): There is a model Samborskogo, the truth is not AI. I fly, normally. Of course still has to be liveried Arosvit, which has unfortunately not. *(Google translated)
sib2217 (6 years ago): Guys, wait a further week. Will you trafikovy an148 liveried Aerosvit *(Google translated)
штурмовик (6 years ago): Wait. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 4  Other words: nothing traffic is not bad, really better than nothing. As in the Real, we will never do, unnecessarily in the Ukraine, all want to fly as to which are, indeed, even on different aircraft.
Automated translation from Russian by Google

6 years ago
A 732 AeroSvit will not fly?
Automated translation from Russian by Google
maxgalkov (6 years ago): No. Do not fly. Worth in Borispol. Requires some planning, but Hardly ever, and someone nibut they already do. Do not AeroSvit for money. *(Google translated)
Flexdfs (6 years ago): According to my information he has will stay there permanently. Airplane izzhil your life. What do you think they made An-148? Of course instead of the old 737-200. *(Google translated)

6 years ago
I can not say about reliability, but would very much like to missing liveried especially SAAB, Learjet 60, MD Bukovyna ... R’RѕR±S‰RµRј it would not be bad!
Automated translation from Russian by Google
maxgalkov (6 years ago): On reliability, traffic was created on a schedule with sites of airlines and tour operators and other sources. Partially, in places fully vymyshlen traffic. Thus, for example at the UM Air, that even regulyarku not comply fully. 2 of DC9-50 in Reale has also not fly, though they still have life. We Khors Aircompany Reale in both MD-82 idle in Borispol and sometimes fly over UM Air. All flights to Simferopol and Odessa performing at the SAAB 340. Their Antonov-12, do not know where ... Learjet 60 bizdzhet who flies where and how to hit. And so almost sovsemi. I just do not gloss over a lot of traffic, as well as in real traffic Sime Ukraine looks well, is very scanty. *(Google translated)
sib2217 (6 years ago): He began to shape the traffic, and there was a pile of questions. Are many of the sides of the registration changed? *(Google translated)
maxgalkov (6 years ago): Registration no one has changed. What is the problem? Some beads are changed ownership. Many sides of wet leasing. *(Google translated)
sib2217 (6 years ago): I am guided only by the fact that posted in the livery. Maybe I am wrong .... *(Google translated)
maxgalkov (6 years ago): If it is, rather, RїR»RyoR·. Answer for each board for each company for each registration. number. Just tell them the example problem. *(Google translated)

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