Continuing the series of flights on the favorite vacation spot for Russian citizens :-), spread this video take-off TU-154 AK Aeroflot from a / p LTAI, Antalya. Duration 1 min 10 sec, I hope you will appreciate the quality of picture and sound. For screenshots of the video frames.
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So off he goes to visually turned out beautifully. But where to get this effect it smoke from the engines. kvekeboom, 9 years ago, #
Thank you! And what's this model? Where to download? And where to get those sounds? ValeRo, 9 years ago, #
WeGЎcan pliz ValeRo, 9 years ago, #
Sound RѕR±R°R»RґRµRЅRЅS‹R№. 5! LOKOPhil, 10 years ago, #
Yes, that's how I was carried away record that has forgotten about the headlights ... Severely reprimanded me, or that it relies for that? :-) Bublik, 13 years ago, #
Yes, the sound is even nothing! But headlights are not released and are not included! And suddenly a bird? :) Salin, 13 years ago, #
Stage Antalia 2005​m/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2913 plus all of Turkey for VFR flights​ch.php?DLID=41137&;CatID=fs2004scen Bublik, 13 years ago, #
Excellent video. And for that scenario? Location shook???? Clam, 13 years ago, #
5 +! This is class, and sounds something like a stand near and watch! Real nowhere! Thank you! wylder, 13 years ago, #

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