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There are different views on the necessity of species from the passenger compartment. I find them, in my opinion, a very practical application. Well, judge for yourself because the pilots did not fly to a favorite, but especially for those people who are used ironically called Pax. " Ie for the majority of us. And, actually it is Pax and skill are paramount appraisers pilot. So, I am almost always doing this or that flight, if there is an opportunity to see a repetition, I try to look at their actions through the eyes of passengers. Personally to me it is very helpful during the execution of maneuvers, especially in shturvalnom mode if you want a more responsible, that it approached piloting to ensure correct results. Naturally, for an objective assessment of aerobatics, there INEM, but as they say, to feel for themselves, their actions, it seems to me, give a good opportunity to the different types of seats. Well, as far as my flight - this time to try and comment you. Reservation only, that is PT Tu-154B-2, with the dynamics 154b_v3_08.air, and we get on it in Kiev, a / p Borispil, WFP 18P.
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