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Historical Felts Field Airport (KSFF) is the GA airport servicing the city of Spokane, WA. Nestled adjacent the river in the scenic Spokane Valley, Felts is the GA hub for the Inland Empire (Inland NorthWest). With three runways (including a water runway), Felts is suitable for all types of simmers including jet flyers. Rich in history, the airport is home to a variety of well-known aviation companies and businesses, including Pemberton & Sons (owners of the oldest flying Boeing, a 1928 Model 40C), Rocket Aviation (who modify the famous Beechcraft Duke into the Turbine Duke), Northwest Airways, Moody's Aviation and many others. Felts also features impressive early 20th-century architecture, including it's famous Art Deco terminal building and old 116th Squadron USAF hanger. Spokane is the second largest in Washington, as well as being the commercial and cultural hub of the Inland Empire. Originally prospering as a stop on the Northern Pacific Railroad, Spokane grew to be one of the most important rail centres in the western US. The downtown area experienced significant growth following the hosting of the '74 World Fair, and many landmarks built at this time are visible in our scenery.
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Насчет оценки 1 пользователя Watto заявляю протест.Оценка ничем не оправдана.Но...тем не менее доля критики за столь пристальное внимание
к закрылку имеет место быть.
aviamax, 1 month ago, #
а что не так с "закрылком"?)) ZorgsteinKilloo, 1 month ago, #
Оригинально!) Gleb_Baikal, 1 month ago, #
Концовка на 5+ я чуть с табуретки не упал.Нежданчик конкретный.Пиндосам конец наши в городе))))))))))) F10, 1 month ago, #
Zorgstein entertaiment - это что ? ~Anonymous~, 1 month ago, #
Ещё один "долгожданный" шлакоблок мегасериала "Просто так, или хроники вида на крыло"!
Описания к роликам тебе удаются особенно )))!
Watto, 1 month ago, #
А почему из самолета не десантировались Российские воины и не захватили штат Вашингтон, патриотичный Вы наш? dionisiy, 1 month ago, #

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