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Landing B737-500 in UUOB (MSFS Video) Просмотр ZIP-архива

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Посадка В737-500 UUOB (кабина экипажа).avi 19.04.2006 06:31 8 MB
avsim_ru.diz 09.12.2006 17:46 860 B
Итого: 8 MB
I Made it to the traffic AFCAD a / p Belgorod (UUOB). And I think, give treat - try :-) Got Bobik FeelThere c a little back (can not run from me because of his own W2000NT panel) and made a circle. For speed, I almost should not, therefore, and getting beyond the landing and got a fast and smooth. And, the video came out very smooth and dynamic. Of course take it as a benefit is not worth, but those who sima in the eye has not seen, I think can make a strong impression :-)
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→ Date: 13 years ago (19.04.2006 05:48)
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→ Uploaded by: Bublik (uploaded 49 files )
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