Quality of course neochen ...
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→ Date: 8 years ago (02.07.2011 11:56)
→ Author: freepilot
→ Uploaded by: FreePilot (uploaded 8 files )
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Someone decided to show off the script ... well, so okay, let A video on the triple! Zorgair, 8 years ago, #
For trying! tenerife, 8 years ago, #
band slipped 24451nvp, 8 years ago, #
NOT skipped))) FreePilot, 8 years ago, #
Someone has a new script Irkutsk obletyvaet? Jealous! msnvtl, 8 years ago, #
Such clips on the site - at ruble bucket. mikuz, 8 years ago, #
In this scenario, the Irkutsk? Glize, 8 years ago, #
What does the script? Written clear landing in Irkutsk. Everything. If the goal was to demonstrate the new script, you then need to be done to blunt explanation that because they say so, pay attention to the new scenario. And then I personally care a whit about these scenarios do not, the fewer, the better FPS. mikuz, 8 years ago, #
After all, all, Michael, everything is good in this prekrastny output. Glize, 8 years ago, #
All have coffee with vodka) but on his own to say about the aircraft that is I like it, because personally, unfortunately, not yet able to fly it, exactly! FreePilot, 8 years ago, #
no video, which flew some:) .. But surely rolled out the script just a masterpiece, beautiful! He pulls himself on video. Where can this take? Glize, 8 years ago, #
Smiled at the expense of the script)))) scaevola, 8 years ago, #
12th flying from the port, it will be necessary to compare))) Pretorian, 8 years ago, #
Compare tell then))) scaevola, 8 years ago, #
er, people who have long been flying with this scenario, specify where he was arrested .. Glize, 8 years ago, #
Nowhere was rolled out, got exactly runway is so even and look for patterns))) FreePilot, 8 years ago, #
Get plenty of camera angles, proportions, place the screen correctly. Aspect Ratio 16:9. Jumpstyler, 8 years ago, #
Well, uchtu! FreePilot, 8 years ago, #
Pleased. Only the angle is small. A quality ... Not every mega-nev .... komputer =) you can understand the author. And what a song, someone tell me? Ravnmm, 8 years ago, #
For such a quality in the section Simulations Vladimir_76, 8 years ago, #
Number for your English name, can not be combined with a Russian plane! And I wonder what in the song? Quality in general ... Ил-76, 8 years ago, #
Well, for the title of judge is not necessary. Everyone has his own fantasy! BoxeWr, 8 years ago, #
In essence of love!)) citrus-94, 8 years ago, #
If the number Duc would not put a banana))) FreePilot, 8 years ago, #
Quality and braking! BoxeWr, 8 years ago, #
Warning said in comments))) FreePilot, 8 years ago, #

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