Small update for adaptations for P3Dv4 scenarios:
Tbilisi from Beckar​ic/142299-рпи-тбилиси-uggg-fir​/?page=3,
Minsk-2 from RVV1973​narii-83/umms-minsk-2-2014-fsx​-p3dv2-v1-1-55845.html
Sochi from RVV1973​narii-83/urss-sochi-fsx-reload​-v1-1-54530.html

The addition allows you to use animated gates controlled by GSX. Only for owners of the GSX Level2. The order of installation in the README. Tested P3Dv4.5.12 Health in FSX and earlier versions of P3D has not been tested.
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