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Perhaps my final video. The idea was to show the complex navigation, but to put it mildly, did not work. I am not a reporter and was not from prepared texts, without preparing to tell something, shoot something that is needed to count and manage to say is not as easy as it seems. Many things are not shown and not told. It is not shown the work with the clock, and stopwatch works wonders. NOR-50 is not necessary, if actively engaged in reckoning time, etc. Most say not what I want to say I liked with the clock:) At 06:30 I for some reason he turned to the right, but just like the left, right and then corrected. Well, in general, what happened then happened:) Do not kick much. In my dreams I had to shoot a really active work gdenit in the MVZ in the congested area, where one seat in the soap:) But I found opportunities to do this, you need a camera light to build on the headset for example, in the hands of the course in such a atmosphere to keep the camera would be insane .. Well, not removed ... But a lot of audio recordings made hundreds of hours probably would pluck. Ask questions on recording, I recommend to take the card in hand and analyze what happened and what it hollowing out.
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