Ice Giants - I link up with my friend Kevin to do some fall flying in his SuperCub. We heard of a lake called Strandline where the water has emptied out and left behind gigantic chunks of ice the size of skyscrapers. We've got to check this out, so we load up and head that way. We're even able to land and explore the ice, up close and personal.
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→ Date: 11 months ago (28.06.2018 15:14)
→ Author: Angle of Attack
→ Approved by moderator: SLAVJAN
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
Думал...чувака засосёт трясина!)) ZorgsteinKilloo, 11 months ago, #
Начал смотреть, и решил всё-таки скачать - это лучше смотреть в телевизоре. Kludde, 11 months ago, #

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