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But do not think that only the Russian drunk and lying around. You Finnish tourists in St. Petersburg saw it? msnvtl, 8 years ago, #
And normal people and not think. So ... all scum ... ilyatim, 8 years ago, #
You do not think that they are sober, just tired of sitting in a chair! in and lay down! gel077, 8 years ago, #
As the train Moscow-Vladivostok Asterix, 8 years ago, #
Well Cho? The normal state of the Russian people)))) - tired - went to sleep, all smooth and no one touches. Now if they debauched then yes, you can reason with them would be as well - no. tired = nap. rest = more drinking)))) Fireworker, 8 years ago, #
redneck is booze, for the country hurt Vladimir_76, 8 years ago, #
Damn, can people just tired from a long flight, ass numb, and they lay down in the aisle)))) ty134, 8 years ago, #
I thought so! gel077, 8 years ago, #
If you're drunk - and the pig ... shame shorter. If you are sober and well formed only in order to stretch out full length, not as a chair, the letter "sic", minus conductors. But do not believe, do not believe that the sober ... Fulcrum83, 8 years ago, #
Well, it certainly is not humor, and my score is not quite a movie, but nothing special in that not every person on earth ever been in a similar situation could not Sun, but in other forms of transport. They simply have not been some very "smart" people off their video ... boring and banal it all. ilyatim, 8 years ago, #
not be compared to itself, but more so to write such nonsense, which you otkommentirovali my assessment. RAID74, 8 years ago, #
You do, of course sorry, but what exactly are crap? If you believe that your words that "you are ashamed that you are Russian, on the basis of only a harmless movie, rather than for, for example, that we have retired people (Russian and not only) on garbage dumps looking for food - cause me and rejection, I reported this izyavil desire to write and write and this is all nonsense, then pardonte ... We're rolling into the abyss of lack of national identity and for me it's sad. ilyatim, 8 years ago, #
Yes blah shame, well at least we have pilots like this here in an airplane is not lying vp-btv, 8 years ago, #
Not adjacent, I felt sorry, and that neither those who do not want to help people? together would have sat on one chair ... Karstar, 8 years ago, #
I do not buy a ticket for that with someone to sit, the more places at all calculated NikTroinik, 8 years ago, #
Ugarayu! Ha-Ha-Ha ))))) You should have your Russian zyanyalis .... Exelletor, 8 years ago, #
On the Russian. "Burned out" when it comes to that. Fulcrum83, 8 years ago, #
If the word "frenzy", it is not in a hurry, as amended. ilyatim, 8 years ago, #
DAM .... and after this I feel ashamed that I'm Russian ... RAID74, 8 years ago, #
Hm ... and after these words I am ashamed that RAID74 called the Russian ... MDA ... ilyatim, 8 years ago, #
and then you will tryndet the whole world: "Why do we all hate!?" Cause These are the laughing-stock BEHOLD! Pigs, for such as they are, for me, the word "Russian" sounds like an insult Singapore, 8 years ago, #
"Russian" with the nickname Singapore - as I understand, you mean those who took off to first movie, and then laid out this video put it? So I support you - this PIG! You are right. ilyatim, 8 years ago, #
What is wrong with that, I like Singapore? I like Europe and America, but my Motherland - Russia and I'm very fond of sime fly on his vast country! But such "person" doing everything to ensure that people who are proud of their country, ashamed and they do it themselves without knowing it is wrong and if they knew that this one was not and we would be the best in the world nation! Singapore, 8 years ago, #
to Singapore: Do not worry, you're proud of. Then you'll think, at school or in college. You live and grew up in Russia? " - Everything! You - our! and everyone who has something against our - in an urn! And ours, even if it is in such condition should be proud! None amerikosovskaya doll (dude) does not lie on the floor plane, even if it will stir up terrible - we wanted to - lay! Vooooot!))) Here is what we are different from biorobots. We are what we want - then do! Fireworker, 8 years ago, #
Fireworker - in terms of "ease" in front of the entire planet - the Americans - if he will want to scratch with his nose - he prodded, wants poorat on the street or neighing loudly in the bus - and will do (this we are Russian with complexes, a whisper in the transport of talk:) . But he will never Sebec look like this to go on and he stumbled ... potmou that self-esteem, we are still poorly developed .. and they and the Europeans - from childhood with mother's milk has absorbed ... RAID74, 8 years ago, #
Ie in your understanding of the word "dignity" - is to write what you feel ashamed for what you RUSSIAN, because of the two migrated and judging by the video is absolutely harmless men lying in the side aisle in the Armed Forces? Or maybe there sitting next to sober official export from "their" country a couple of million dollars he had stolen the old women and old people, or just out of the budget for it you certainly bursting with pride? ilyatim, 8 years ago, #
n * sql * u how funny! Petrosyan detekted! Fully support Reid, I am ashamed vitaminarado, 8 years ago, #
a misunderstanding of the term "humor" seems ... RAID74, 8 years ago, #
but really, another section for this video is not found, but have put no blame, and for those ..... not the answer ... Perhaps this simply had to go to youtube, not here ... RAID74, 8 years ago, #
This is not to laugh at .., wept! Vladimir_76, 8 years ago, #
Vladimir, I'm talking about the same! This is not funny, these 2 people can say disgraced the whole country in the eyes of others, foreign passengers vitaminarado, 8 years ago, #
Do not let cutlets with flies, it's not clever country disgrace completely different people and completely different behavior, you know what. One thing I agree with you, a colleague - it's not humor that would not have said Zadornov, former I respected the man before his forgiveness of the "surface" and its universal shame on ORT channel 1, as is the output when it is lowered and the vile and stinking ekstrementami izpodtishka pitched his opus on the Far East and Siberia ... ilyatim, 8 years ago, #

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