LTAC Ankara | Rating: 5!
Airport (LTAC) Ankara Turkey Instead of default.
→ Size: 4 MB
→ Date: 9 years ago (13.07.2009 20:17)
→ Author: Salim Unuver
→ Uploaded by: alex36b (uploaded 86 files )
→ Approved by moderator: omega
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
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thrnk all ilter71, 6 years ago, #
thanks iissmm, 6 years ago, #
thank you for share ozgun_1133, 7 years ago, #
Thank you! BFL096, 7 years ago, #
Andrew88 - please provide at least one sane argument why it is not necessary to spread these scripts! Your argument that this is all there is on such a site is not an argument. At avsim.kome different file library was. And now. And since you said all of the resource reference are 90% there. And this resource will fall .. where everything is taken. If there are no violations for the dissemination of the files - I just support the people that do not propagate lenitsya good on the Internet:) Alex-RUS, 9 years ago, #
Ask this person why he was cut from the package ridmishki after a fire in its copyright infringement, with a package of Istanbul, OK? And your reasoning ... Well, the right word, do not weep! Soon restore avsim and all happiness. Andrew88, 9 years ago, #
Well done you! jeni, 9 years ago, #
How can you guide with vykladyvanii? You think that no one except you will not be able to download these scripts from other sites? Andrew88, 9 years ago, #
Oh, do not need it! If it were not such speech, it is possible to TOR100 now can be found here, and not jump to hundreds of forums to seek livreyki or scenario. IMHO, simmery gentlemen, if you have really good things from the library avsim, is cast here, I do not think that the authors, and the more users will be against it. "bring to Topal" ^ _ ^ AlexZander_D, 9 years ago, #
+1 Evgen01, 9 years ago, #
These things, as you said, not with avsima. This was not thought of? He puller with other sites. And for all the authors you have already decided to have? This is a good thing. But can the authors themselves ask? Andrew88, 9 years ago, #
Well, if you know the source, the R·R°SЃRІRµS‚RyoS‚Rµ me Readme.txt, I will be happy. It is working on ... (silent) and if ... (silent), I see it on simviation, flightsim, etc. just be glad, it means liked it, so appreciated. Drop your SSovskie zamashki as RїR»R°S‚RЅRyoRєRyo appear on the site so nothing voya no, okay Abacus, but when it posted Jeppesen Chart Training my speech just disappeared and probably all ... all in a quiet pump =) AlexZander_D, 9 years ago, #
People are asked to spread my .... what is the problem then? alex36b, 9 years ago, #
Judging by the fact that people are asked to download and ... I do not see any problems! alex36b, 9 years ago, #
Do not worry, all you are doing right (though I did not assess the scene and I never filed FSX). And all these cries ... I do not want to offend anyone, much less the administration of the resource, but like ancient Rome before its fall. Who taught that to understand history. The administration certainly is not to blame, and blame the users may think it's time? Site made something of a resource on the Russian spelling and punctuation. The Forum is only through the "old", which did not send in a search, and meet, lives at the expense of the moderators of the sections who write reviews and Manuals ... Honestly, if I spit on it, I am adherent of another network, but just a shame, I remember buying Shem, as he taught all himself (there was no Ineta) as ordered MSFS Master and I have the first Addons, and then Network and how friendly was Forum. Without the hint, but some of these resources and still to this day, there were new and the people there how much more adequate ( "Russian in the sky", I very much respect for your work) ... Sorry, escaped. AlexZander_D, 9 years ago, #
I repeat for the lazy and blunt. Go to link:​.php choose a country, airport, and download! What is easier?? WHY? Why all the download of here?? All scenes are available for free downloading from other sites! The world is not restricted dead avsim.kom Andrew88, 9 years ago, #
Excellent my friend, you know, this resource and I also know, as people just download simulator (be honest)? It comes in the search engines find this site, it is easier to swing HERE. Administration together with a new user to view advertising "clicks" ... You know, if you honestly, the "bang" would be a local forum, only to leave the FAQ (no RєRѕRјRјRµRЅS‚RѕRІ) and start from scratch and who knows, maybe we would have (those who remembers the old avsim) gladly typed in the address line of your browser. Now I mostly watch this video symposium, unnecessarily himself carried away by this and I am interested in the findings of other authors. AlexZander_D, 9 years ago, #

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