Sunset A-319 on the strip 14L in fog
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Quite gently sat! In automatic mode, sit down? AlexRocker666, 8 years ago, #
Yes, in avtolende sat. VLAD007, 8 years ago, #
Nothing, gently sadit "autoland" in real! AlexRocker666, 8 years ago, #
Among boingovtsev there is a perception that better, more precise and softer Autoland not put ... Fig know is whether or not, but I have yet to Autoland far ... At Airbus, according to the video, Autoland lap considerably stiffer than Boeing ... -=pilone=-, 8 years ago, #
And it is quite ideal pomoemu priter! VLAD007, 8 years ago, #
Excellent =) keymaster, 8 years ago, #
thanks VLAD007, 8 years ago, #
super rybokon2007, 8 years ago, #
And it was terrible?)) I sat in a reallayf times the minimum CAT2 or CAT3 (can not say exactly). Here's waiting-waiting - all in the fog and did not even know you're in the final approach and where .. then bam ground at full speed and port at once! : D q4dez, 7 years ago, #
Ерунду говорите... Django, 5 years ago, #
"Буква Я сказала ;Я-самая заглавная!"Ну а потом все буквы возмутились и поставили в конец алфавита, чтобы не зазнавалась. Abzal, 5 years ago, #
Да да,cat 3 на полной скорости )) там явно не бац ) там погромче будет бац )) смешно.. simxkz86, 5 years ago, #
A319, dzheyseven? Omsk-Maskva? sergan, 8 years ago, #
Please write correctly, you should be ashamed to write the name of our capital with an error? Where are we so roll, it is not clear ... UHWWAviator, 8 years ago, #
A319 in DzheySeven?))) I did not know that instead of juice began to produce aircraft xDDD Yes, and the name of our motherland with a small letter written))) serg09, 8 years ago, #
ahahahaha Airlines J7 airlines began recording passazhirova flight to Musqueam )))))))))))) Arm_O, 8 years ago, #
90% of the film - the fog. Although more time in showing the dashboard. And so skukota. serg1007, 8 years ago, #
RЈS‡S‚Sѓ all comments. All the same first job, and the first pancake is always lumpy. VLAD007, 8 years ago, #
but as always .. More is better:) Alex-RUS, 8 years ago, #

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