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Khabarovsk Airport "Kalinka" Flight altitude 300 meters.
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→ Date: 13 years ago (03.12.2004 06:41)
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→ Uploaded by: egor-ka (uploaded 13 files )
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Colleagues Paragliding ... Excellent video, but not reviewed what the flights? (model of the dome) Николай КК, 11 years ago, #
2Transmetter: awake! :) Cable can be tightened to 400, no problem. Aerodynamic good quality domes 7 and even 8. So the flight in the fullest sense of the word:) That's a lot of video​hp?id=190 Hercules, 11 years ago, #
Video RѕR±R°R»RґRµRЅRЅRѕRµ. Cable, you can if you want and more "throw". And they catch "termiki" and more:) Strannik, 11 years ago, #
JUST R—R”RћR RћR’Rћ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And how it flies??? Ie as opposed to tandem parachute receives positive "volatility" ????? Engine like no no, well at the start like some acceleration cable received, but it's a maximum of 50 meters and above, how vzabralis??? ?? Flight RѕR±R°R»RґRµRЅRЅS‹R№ - no cabs and no distractions of devices - you parish into the sky and feel the air itself ... This is delicious ... But me, as parachutist concerned how did you got up to 300 meters??? ;) Transmetter, 11 years ago, #

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