Project "small airlines of the Republic of Belarus"

Transaviaexport Airlines

Belarusian cargo airline. On the freight market since 1992. The airline is registered with ICAO, Decision dated June 8, 1993, Doc AN 2/16, with assignment of the three-letter TXC code. Registered in IATA with assignment two-letter code AL and a three-digit prefix code 221...

The aircraft fleet consists mainly of IL-76 aircraft, several Boeing 747s, charter cargo operations are carried out mainly to the African continent. The home airport is the National Airport Minsk.

The plan is based on actual data for 2017-2018.

Included are the model and textures AI Aardvark Boeing 747-300 Transaviaexport EW-465TQ and AI RATS / UTT Ilyushin Il-76 EW-355TH, EW-356TH in WFP livery and also corrected texture EW-78799. Textures from AI United Trafic Team / Russian AI Traffic System Ilyushin Il-76 and AI Aardvark Boeing 747-300. Author of EW-465TQ textures - Godfather007, Author of the original EW-78799textures - Maksim Rudakov, EW-356TH WFP - Marco Wolfsegger

The archive contains both txt files and a compiled bgl file


Correcting the names in the column file Aircraft_TXC2018.txt to the required ones, compile it by yourself, or copy the file

Traffic_TXC2018.bgl in the folder {folder simulator} scenery world scenery, also copy the contents of the folder Aircraft in {simulator folder} / aircraft

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→ Date: 3 months ago (17.02.2019 01:12)
→ Author: Расписание и текстура EW-465TQ - Godfather007, оригинальная текстура EW-78799 - Maksim Rudakov, текстура EW-356TH - Marco Wolfse
→ Uploaded by: Godfather007 (uploaded 14 files )
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